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Table of Content: May 2010; 4(5)

May 2010

Tourism & Leisure Research Methods: Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation

Author(s):   Mpiana Kalula PhD.         

May 2010

The influence of dynamic capability on performance in the high technology industry: The moderating roles of governance and competitive posture

  To better understand how high technology firms develop successful strategies, we examine the effects of the dynamic capability for research and development, marketing, and production on performance. Furthermore, we also explore the separate moderating efforts of governance and competitive posture as they impact the dynamic capability on performance. This research examines the panel data of 242 high technology...

Author(s):   Chao-Hung Wangand Li-Chang Hsu        

May 2010

Transfer function and intervention models for the study of Brazilian inflationary process

  In this paper, the dynamics of the Brazilian inflationary process have been investigated using transfer function models in January, 1980 - December, 1993, considering the major determinants of inflation: monetary base, wages, federal debt, rate of interest, and rate of exchange. The effects of these exogenous variables and the intervention variables that represent structural changes and/or external shocks...

Author(s):   Maria Emília Camargo, Walter Priesnitz Filho Angela Isabel dos Santos Dullius and Guilherme Cunha Malafaia    

May 2010

Do economic factors influence stock returns? A firm and industry level analysis

  The objective of this study is to examine the stock returns variation to specific economic variables by applying a multi-factor model. The firms relating to banking and textile sectors were selected for this study on the basis of data availability, profitability and performance on the Karachi Stock Exchange. The data for the selected firms and economic variables obtained for the period of 10 years. GARCH...

Author(s):   Babar Zaheer Butt, Kashif ur Rehman, M. Aslam Khan and Nadeem Safwan    

May 2010

Construction of index weight for organizational innovation in Taiwanese high-tech enterprises

  The objective of this research is to construct Taiwan’s high-tech industries organizational innovation evaluation index weight, in order to evaluate Taiwan’s current level of ability in this area, and to be a guideline for business. In addition, an organizational innovation model was also constructed to act as a foundation for innovation theory. The research methods being employed included...

Author(s):   Chun-Chu Liu, Li-Min Chuang, Chien-Min Huang and Wen-Chia Tsai      

May 2010

Adoption of tax e-filing: A conceptual paper

  E-government is becoming increasingly more important in today’s world due to its effectiveness and applicability in various areas. Tax e-filing is one of the e-government services that have been adopted by many developed countries today where the public has to discharge their responsibility to the government via online tax filing. Despite the rapid adoption of tax e-filing in many countries, researchers...

Author(s):   Anna A. Che Azmi and Yusniza Kamarulzaman      

May 2010

The relationship among survivor qualities –attitude, commitment and motivation – after downsizing

  The psychological well-being of employees who survive organizational downsizing and restructuring remains a contemporary theme in the work environment. This situation has a substantial influence on organizational success. This study examined the relationship among survivor attributes (attitude, commitment and motivation) after downsizing in selected manufacturing organizations. To have a better understanding...

Author(s):   Crispen Chipunza and David. M. Berry    

May 2010

The personal and social motivation of customers’ participation in brand community

  Previous studies of brand community (BC) have not specifically discussed customers’ motivation to identify and integrate into BC. Based on a motivation, opportunity, and ability (MOA) perspective, this study proposes there are two major consumer motivations: self- and social-related motivation. Self-related motivation consists of enjoyment and knowledge, while social-related motivation consists of...

Author(s):   Badri Munir Sukoco and Wann-Yih Wu    

May 2010

Early warning model with statistical analysis procedures in Turkish insurance companies

  In this study, we have developed and tested a statistical early warning model to identify companies experiencing deteriorating financial health by examining 45 insurance companies acting in non-life elementary branches of insurance during the period between 1992 and 2006. We developed the model using data regarding 45 dependent and 17 independent variables and logit model. The present study extends previous...

Author(s):   Isseveroglu Gulsun and Gucenme Umit    

May 2010

Influence of the technological innovation degree on knowledge creation: Evidence from a Brazilian firm

  The aim of this paper is to analyze the process of knowledge creation when developing high technology products in projects having various innovation degrees. The main contribution to the literature is the systematization of an approach to analyze knowledge creation during the product innovation process. Three innovation projects developed by a company specialized in industrial automation systems were...

Author(s):   Juliano Pavanelli Stefanovitz, Marcelo Seido Nagano and Fernando César Almada Santos    

May 2010

Exploring the potential of electronic magazine among internet users

  This preliminary study explores the potential of online magazine or electronic magazine (e-magazine) in the context of Malaysia. Although many well-known  large print-publishers now have their own version of electronic magazines, it is found that most of these publishers are foreign-based, while local-based electronic magazines are virtually none existed. Based on a survey among internet users in...

Author(s):   Yusniza Kamarulzaman, Azian Madun and Anna Che Azmi    

May 2010

Traceability, transparency and assurance (TTA) systems implementation by the Brazilian exporter pork meat chain compared with other countries

  In the last decade, Brazil has been characterized as a new and important player in the world pork meat market. Enlarging its participation and confirming the status of important world competitor will be necessary to observe the international quality standards and to assure the food safety as demanded by foreign consumers, which became still more critical in the last time, after the events related with food...

Author(s):   Edson Talamini and Guilherme Cunha Malafaia    

May 2010

Customer satisfaction and awareness of Islamic banking system in Pakistan

  The concept of Islamic banking is not new. Islamic banking is very easily getting recognition in the financial market. The conventional banking industry is a well established rival for the Islamic banking industry (IBI). Now for this competition, IBI must consider their customer's approach, satisfaction and awareness level towards it. This study analyzes the customer's satisfaction and awareness level...

Author(s):   Naveed Azeem Khattak and Kashif-Ur-Rehman    

May 2010

Ethics as a customer perceived value driver in the context of online retailing

  This study investigated the relationships between the ethics of online retailing and customer perceived value in Turkish retail cyberspace. The data was obtained from the responses of  206 Turkish customers who had purchased at least an item online in the last 4 months. The results revealed that there were significant relationships between the dimensions of the ethics of online...

Author(s):   Gizem Kurt and Gungor Hacioglu        

May 2010

Determinants of intra-ECOWAS trade flows

  Through the use of gravity model, this study endeavours to apprehend factors affecting the importance of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) intra-community trade flows. As expected, it resulted that remoteness and enclosure reduce the volume of intra-community trade while proximity (geographical, linguistic or monetary) increases it. Also, economic and demographic dynamics are sources of...

Author(s):   Afio Zannou    

May 2010

Optimal decision-making for supplier-buyer’s maximum profit in a two echelon supply chain

  Supply chain management (SCM) is becoming extremely important to achieve competitiveness in the current business environment. Moreover, the supply chain partnership between suppliers and buyers in SCM has had a significant impact on supply chain performance. In this study, we developed a quantitative model based on the supply chain partnership under several assumptions. For this purpose, we first proved...

Author(s):   Geon Cho and SoonHu Soh    

May 2010

The effects of teachers’ perception of organizational justice and culture on organizational commitment

  It is believed that the concepts of organizational culture, justice and commitment should be evaluated within different cultural environments and in different countries and the effects of the perceived organizational justice and the organizational culture on organizational commitment should be investigated. Therefore, the present study will investigate the effects of teachers’ perception of...

Author(s):   Mustafa Yavuz    

May 2010

The customer lifetime value in Taiwanese credit card market

  Evaluating customer lifetime value (CLV) is becoming increasingly important in order for firms to identify and invest the limited resources on their different customers. We showed how the publicly available information can be used to estimate the lifetime value of any credit card holder. A comparative analysis is used in this paper to explore the presumable relationship between CLV and shareholder value. And...

Author(s):   Qianpin Li and Chen Chang      

May 2010

The study of current residents’ cognition, place attachment and community sense of tourism impacts towards the casino industry development

  Taiwan has wanted to open up casino for some time. The offshore island of Penghu in particular wants to escape from the difficulty and low prosperity typical of small offshore islands. This study discusses whether or not casino development is related to local residents’ place attachment and community sense. It hopes to evaluate what impact casino may bring from the perspectives of the local residents...

Author(s):   Chih-Yung Tsai and Yih-Chearng Shiue        

May 2010

Tourism marketing information and destination image management

Destination image is commonly accepted as an important aspect in successful tourism management and destination marketing. The information about a specific destination is an important means of promotion for the tourism industry and influences destination image. In this context, the purpose of this paper is to identify those destination features which contribute to build a positive destination image and to analyze the...

Author(s): Arturo Molina, Mar Gómez, David Martín-Consuegra      

May 2010

Obstacles to the growth of new SMEs in South Africa: A principal component analysis approach

  The paper investigated the obstacles to the growth of new SMEs in South Africa using the principal component approach. New SMEs are seen as a significant component of the solution to South Africa’s development issues. However, most new SMEs do not grow; their failure rate in South Africa (75%) is one of the highest in the world. The objective of the study was to investigate the internal and external...

Author(s):   Fatoki Olawale and David Garwe        

May 2010

Welfare and protection model for organizational management: The Islamic perspective

  During the last decade, some incidents shook the corporate world, thereby causing organizations to struggle for their survival and individuals to secure their interests. These events led to the hard debates on organizational commitment towards stakeholders. In response to the growing needs in this sphere, this article aims to provide new dimension to the organizational responsibilities. Although the concept...

Author(s):   Abdus Sattar Abbasi, Kashif Ur Rehman and Sabir Hussain Abbasi        

May 2010

The Africanisation of South African retailing: A review

  The internationalisation of retail businesses has become a global phenomenon as retailers around the world expand their operations beyond national borders. This phenomenon has attracted some academic attention. In Africa, South Africa appears to be more advanced in this regard, with Shoprite at the forefront of the Africanisation of South African retailers. A review of Shoprite’s expansion into the...

Author(s):   Edward A. N. Dakora, Andrew J. Bytheway and André Slabbert    

May 2010

The role of cultural sensitivity on creativity of academic expatriates: The moderating effect of culture

  Call it international assignment; expatriation or working in foreign country, new century is the herald of international movement of work force. Beside the conventional characteristics of an employee such as technical competence, know how, expertise and willingness to contribute to the organizational performance, an expatriate is assumed to be more creative and sensitive to cultural diversification....

Author(s):   Alev Katrinli and Åžebnem Penbek        

May 2010

Comparison of methods for allocation of service departments’ costs to operating departments: A Monte Carlo simulation

  In this paper; the performance of widely used methods for allocation of multiple service departments costs to operating departments, namely direct method and two different applications of step-down method, were compared by using the criteria of deviation of their results from those of reciprocal method which is posited as the most accurate method for allocation. Moreover the conditions under which each method...

Author(s):   Suleyman Yukcu and Hakan Ozkaya    

May 2010

Who gains from EFA – State business of education or private higher education business in developing nations? A study to understand the policy impact in Bangladesh

  Business of state is to provide a decent life to its citizens giving a wider and increased access to the needs. In order to do so, business of state always concentrates to provide a better access to five fundamentals (that is, food, cloth, shelter, education and health) maintaining an increasing curve nationally every year. A testimonial of significant success of business of state is gained when a state can...

Author(s):   Gazi Mahabubul Alam Kazi Enamul Hoque, Gyanendra Kumar Rout and Nibedita Priyadarshani  

May 2010

Towards an analytical framework of organizational innovation in the service industry

  This paper discusses the analytical typology of organizational innovation in service industry. After outlining empirical approaches, this paper offers a new measurement model for empirical and theoretical researches. With the construction of the organizational innovation model, the empirical study concludes that the weights of important dimensions in measuring organizational innovation measurement are:...

Author(s):   Li-Min Chuang, Chun-Chu Liu, Wen-Chia Tsai and Chien-Min Huang    

May 2010

An empirical study of on-line tax filing acceptance model: Integrating TAM and TPB

  This study integrated theory of planning behavior (TPB) and technology acceptance model (TAM) to investigate the determinants affecting taxpayers’ on-line tax filing. According to the Global e-Government Study of Brown University in the United States, Taiwan‘s ranking was the world’s first in 2002. Hence, this study sampled 422 online taxpayers in Taiwan and questionnaire-based empirical...

Author(s):   Cheng-Tsung Lu, Shaio-Yan Huang and Pang-Yen Lo