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Table of Content: 15 September, 2013; 7(34)

September 2013

A prospective study of drug consumption and wastage during anaesthesia in a tertiary hospital

The aim of this study was to estimate the amount of anesthetic drug consumption and wastage during elective surgical procedures in a tertiary hospital. This is a prospective observational study. Using convenient sampling, data was generated on all the drugs provided to the patients included in the study. The amount of drugs administered was documented, and the leftover in syringes/ampoules and unopened anaesthetic drugs...

Author(s): Amucheazi Adaobi O., Onuora C. E., Ajuzieogu Obinna V., Ezike H. A. and Moghalu C.

September 2013

Formation of polymeric films containing supersaturated levonorgestrel contraceptive drug by transdermal metered dose aerosol

Due to the benefits of transdermal sprays, formulation of levonorgestrel as a transdermal metered dose aerosol was studied in this work. Simultaneously, super-saturation was evaluated as an effective method to increase the transfer of active ingredients to the skin. By using anti-nucleant polymers and solvent evaporation...

Author(s): Hoseini F, Vatanara A, Moazeni E, Ahmadi F, Darabi M, Gilani K and Rouholamini Najafabadi A  

September 2013

Antihyperglycemic and antioxidant potential of oil from Arachis hypogaea L. in streptozotocin-nicotinamide induced diabetic rats

In this investigation, antihyperglycemic and antioxidant potential of oil of seeds of Arachis hypogaea (AHO) in streptozotocin-nicotinamide (STZ) induced type 2 diabetic rats was observed along with gas chromatography flame ionization detector (GC-FID) analysis. AHO was orally administered to diabetic rats to study its effect in both acute and chronic antihyperglycemic study. The body weight, oral glucose...

Author(s): Manoj Kumar, Sunil Sharma and Neeru Vasudeva

September 2013

Formulation and evaluation of aceclofenac ophthalmic gel

This study deals with ophthalmic gel of aceclofenac which is potent non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and was formulated using polymers hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) (15) cps with methyl cellulose (40) cps and HPMC (15) cps with Carbopol (940). The gels (HP with MC) and (HP with CB), were sterilized and assessed for various parameters like clarity, pH, physical appearance, physical stability,...

Author(s): Pooja and Gupta Ashok Kumar

September 2013

Evaluation of spermicidal and antiandrogenic activities of aqueous extract of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) stem

Control of population is very important in these years. A wide variety of synthetic contraceptive agents are available, but these cannot be used continuously due to their side effects. Thus the present study was undertaken to evaluate the antifertility effect of aqueous extract ofTinospora cordifolia stem studied in male Albino Wistar rats. Male rats were orally administered with aqueous extract of T....

Author(s): Sibi P Ittiavirah and P. K. Habeeb Rahman

September 2013

Anticonvulsant activity and neurotoxicity of the enantiomers of DL-HEPP

DL-3-hydroxy-3-phenylpentanamide (DL-HEPP) is an anticonvulsant with a broad profile of activity. In order to study if there exists differences in biological activity between its enantiomers, we resolved the racemate from the (-) brucine and (-) 1-phenylethylamine salts of the acids. The optically active acids were then esterified with diazomethane and reacted with ammonia to give (+)-3-hydroxy-3-phenylpentanamide...

Author(s): Sergio E. Meza-Toledo, José G. Cervantes-Espinoza, Eugenia Vargas-Fernández, Amelia de la Cruz-Marín, José G. Buendía-Pazarán, Germán Chamorro-Cevallos and Javier Peralta-Cruz

September 2013

Antiosteoporotic effect of Coelatura aegyptiaca shell powder on ovariectomized rats

The efficacy of Coelatura aegyptiaca shell powder (CES, 500 mg/kg BW) was evaluated as a calcium supplement in ovariectomized (OVX) rats for ten weeks of treatment. The biochemical components and the antioxidant properties of the shell powder were determined.The bone mineral density (BMD), bone mineral content (BMC), calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) contents in serum and bone, serum total alkaline...

Author(s): Amany A. Sayed, Amel M. Soliman, Sohair R. Fahmy and Mohamed Marzouk

September 2013

Potentially inappropriate prescribing of Thai older adults in an internal medicine outpatient clinic of a tertiary care hospital

Potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) are a common problem in older adults and are associated with negative outcomes. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the prevalence of and the factors associated with the use of PIMs by elderly patients in an outpatient setting of the tertiary care hospital. A retrospective medical record audit was randomly reviewed in 308 elderly patients in 2010. Beers criteria...

Author(s): Panita Limpawattana, Nada Kamolchai, Ampornpan Theeranut and Jiraporn Pimporm

September 2013

Substandard rifampicin based anti-tuberculosis drugs common in Ugandan drug market

Tuberculosis (TB) is an important curable infectious disease in Uganda; its treatment however is facing a challenge of increasing drug resistance. Although rifampicin containing fixed-dose combination (R-FDC) drugs are a mainstay in TB treatment, about one fifth is reportedly substandard in the global drug market.  The aim of this study was to determine the quality of R-FDC and rifampicin single formulation anti-TB...

Author(s): Ocan Moses, Vudriko Patrick, Ntale Muhammad, Ogwal-Okeng Jasper and Obua Celestino