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Table of Content: April 2011; 5(4)

April 2011

Effects of Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort) extract on renal function after unilateral ureteral obstruction in rat

Obstructive nephropathy induced by urine reflux due to uroliths, prostatic hypertrophy and other disorders will result in renal interstitial fibrosis and inflammation. Because ofHypericum perforatums (HP) anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the clinical usage of this drug in renal function has been studied. We divided 30 Sprague-Dawley rats randomly into 5 groups: sham group (Sham), untreated unilateral...

Author(s): Mehrdad Neshat, Yadollah Azarmi, Ziaii seyed Mehdi, Yousef Doustar and Ghafour Mousavi

April 2011

The antitumor effects of Araloside A extracted from the root bark of Aralia elata on human kidney cancer cell lines

Aralia elata was used as therapeutic medicine in oriental courtiers a few hundreds years ago. As one important constituent extracted from Aralia elata, Araloside A has been shown to treat gastric ulcers, hepatitis, and arrhythmias. It is not yet known, however, whether Araloside A may induce cell apoptosis in renal cell carcinoma. We therefore examined the antitumor effects of Araloside A on human kidney...

Author(s): Liu Yu, Liu Jinfeng, Liu Zhenhong, Liu Yanju, Liu Mingna, Jiang Jing and Xu Wanhai

April 2011

Antioxidant activities of phenolic components from various plants of Desmodium species

The aim of this study was to examine the antioxidant activities and phenolic components of the crude extracts of 10 Desmodium species from Taiwan. In this study, DPPH free radical scavenging activity, ABTS radical monocation scavenging activity, ferric-reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) and reducing power of the 10 Desmodiumspecies were evaluated for their antioxidant activities. The results...

Author(s): Jen-Chieh Tsai, Guan-Jhong Huang, Tai-Hui Chiu, Shyh-Shyun Huang, Shun-Chieh Huang, Tai-Hung Huang, Shang-Chih Lai and Chao-Ying Lee

April 2011

Antifungal, cytotoxic activities and docking studies of 2,5-dimercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives

A series of 2,5-dimercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives (compounds 1 to 10) were prepared by nucleophilic substitution reaction between 2,5-dimercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole and chloroheterocyclic compounds in methanol and in the presence of potassium carbonate (compounds 1 to 5 and 8) or metallic sodium (compounds 6, 7, 9 and 10) at room temperature. The cytotoxic activity was determined by green fluorescent protein...

Author(s): Weerasak Samee and Opa Vajragupta

April 2011

Antimicrobial activities of phenolic containing extracts of some tropical vegetables

The present study sought to investigate the antimicrobial properties of phenolic containing extracts of Vernonia amygdalina (Va), Ocimum gratissimum (Og) andManihot utilissima (Mu). Phenolic compound was characterized with the aid of a reversed phase HPLC/DAD/MS, and the antimicrobial activities of the extracts was assessed using agar-well diffusion method against some microorganisms, namely;Bacillus...

Author(s): S. O. Salawu, A. O. Ogundare, B. B. Ola-Salawu and A. A. Akindahunsi

April 2011

Cardiovascular drug adverse reactions in hospitalized patients in cardiac care unit

The aim of the present survey was to evaluate different aspects of cardiovascular drug adverse reactions in a cardiac care unit (CCU). All patients admitted to CCU during a 16 months period were recruited into this study. Detection of adverse drug reactions(ADRs) was based on daily chart review and face to face interview with patients. Causality assessment was performed by the World Health...

Author(s): Iman Karimzadeh, Soha Namazi, Gloria Shalviri and Kheirollah Gholami

April 2011

Amelioration of chronic cyclosporine A-induced nephrotoxicity by telmisartan in rats

Nephrotoxicity is a major problem of Cyclosporine A (CsA) treatment, despite its beneficial role in organ transplantation and in a variety of immunologic disorders. This study was undertaken to investigate the potential renoprotective role of telmisartan in amelioration of chronic CsA induced nephrotoxicity. The rats were randomized into 4 equal groups. Group 1 received normal saline (control), group 2 received...

Author(s): Fadhil G. Al-Amran, Najah R. Hadi, Talib H. Kamoona and Zahraa J. Kadhum

April 2011

Anti-oxidative effects of flavonoids enriched Corni fructus extract and the mechanism

We tested to determine if Corni fructus extract has antioxidant activities and explored its potential mechanism in terms of iNOS and COX-II involvement. Anti-oxidative actions were explored by measuring free radical (NO, DPPH) scavenging activity, and TBARS levels. The mechanism of anti-oxidative action of Corni fructus extract was determined by performing Western blot analysis for iNOS and COX-II expression in...

Author(s): Soo-Hwan Lim, Sung Ho Choi, Yun Im Oh and Sung-Jin Kim

April 2011

The effects of gender and exercise on malondialdehyde, nitric oxide and total glutathione levels in rat liver

This study examined the effects of gender, acute exhaustive exercise and endurance training on the levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), nitric oxide (NOx) and total glutathione (GSH) in rat liver. The study was carried out with 12-week-old male and female Wistar rats. Rats were randomly divided into four subgroups: untrained-control, trained-control, untrained-exhausted, and trained-exhausted. Endurance training consisted...

Author(s): Hamdi Pepe

April 2011

Serum leptin level in healthy sedentary young men after a short-term exercise

The effects of an 8 weeks endurance training program on body characteristics and serum leptin concentration were investigated in sedentary young men. The body mass index, body weight and body fat percentage of healthy, sedentary university students were recorded before and after the exercise program and their relationship to serum leptin level was attained. Body fat percentage after training considerably decreased...

Author(s): Necip Fazil Kishali

April 2011

Pharmacological studies of some pyrimidino derivatives

Pyrimidine derivatives, in general, have received significant interest due to their purported biological activities the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-parkinsonism, and anti-microbial activities for five 2[(N-methyl indolyl)-methyl] pyrimidino derivatives 1-5 is reported. Pharmacological screenings showed that these compounds have good anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-parkinsonism, and anti-microbial activities...

Author(s): Saleh A. Bahashwan

April 2011

A study on serum leptin, lipoproteins and glucose levels of judoists and cyclists of Turkey

Fat metabolism is important for judo in weight loss and recovery and for cycling in the energy production and recovery during workouts and competitions. Leptin controls the size of fat stores by inhibiting appetite. The purpose of this study was to compare serum leptin, lipoproteins and glucose levels between male national judoists and cyclists. The subjects of this study consist of totally 61 athletes, including 24...

Author(s): Mehmet Türkmen

April 2011

Bacteriology of burns and antibiogram in an Iranian burn care center

Burn patients face an obviously high risk for infections due to the immunocompromising effects of their injury. This study aimed to detect and identify bacteria isolated from patients and hospital environment in the burn unit and determine their antibiogram pattern in response to commonly used antimicrobial agents; in order to give recommendations for management of bacterial infections and drug-resistance. Materials of...

Author(s): Shahnaz Beheshti and Mohammadali Zia

April 2011

An unusual way to synthesize 1-nitronaphthalene from 1-amino-5-nitronaphthalene

1-nitronaphthalene has unexpectedly been synthesized from 5-nitronaphthylamine using diazotization method and treatment with aqueous copper sulphate solution. Detailed UV-visible, FT-IR spectral analysis in addition to 1HNMR, 13CNMR studies have confirmed the product.   Key words: Nitropolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, 1-nitronaphthalene, 1-amino-5-nitronaphthalene, diazotization, copper...

Author(s): Nitin Srivastava, Madhulata Shukla and Satyen Saha

April 2011

Health related quality of life of pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis patients in Yemen

To compare the health related quality of life (HRQoL) between pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis (PTB and EPTB) patients at pre- and post-intensive phases of treatment. A total of 173 PTB and 160 EPTB patients were selected from the TB centers in Sana’a, Yemen. The patients were given DR-12 questionnaire, measuring three domains: symptoms, life activities and social activities. DR-12 was subjected for...

Author(s): G. Q. Othman, M. I. M. Ibrahim and Y. A. Raja’a

April 2011

Association of E23K polymorphism of Kir6.2 gene with coronary artery disease

The ATP-sensitive potassium (KATP) channels are generally cardioprotective under conditions of metabolic impairment, consisting of pore-forming Kir 6.X (Kir 6.1 and Kir 6.2) subunits in combination with regulatory sulfonylurea receptor (SUR1, SUR2A and SUR2B) subunits. E23K is a missense single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) located in the cytosolic proximal N-terminal tail of the Kir6.2 subunit. We investigated the...

Author(s): Necla Benlier, Mustafa Erdogan, Mehtap Özkur, Oguzhan Yildiz, Muradiye Nacak, Birol Yamak and A. Sükrü Aynacioglu  

April 2011

The use of transient receptor potential (TRP) channel agonist in promoting bone regeneration and anti-osteoporosis

The hypothesis is that the use of transient receptor potential (TRP) channel agonist could be helpful in promoting bone regeneration and anti-osteoporosis.   Key words: Transient receptor potential channel, bone repair, bone regeneration, osteoporosis, pharmacology.

Author(s): Zhao-Gui Zhang, Wan-Chun Wang, Zhi-Hong Li, and Xin-Zhan Mao

April 2011

Serum anti-tuberculous activity of a novel antibiotic

Serum anti-tuberculous activity of a novel antibiotic indicated that the in vivo anti-tuberculous activity of the antibiotic was raised and decreased as time was passing after it was injected into rat body with two activity peaks which were around 1 and 6 h respectively. With in vivo anti-tuberculous activities being promising, the antibiotic could be an anti-tuberculous drug...

Author(s): Chen-Xiaoxi