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  • Start Year: 2009
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Full Length Research Paper

Biochemical and physiological constituents and their correlation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes under high temperature at different development stages

H. R. Ramani
  • H. R. Ramani
  • Department of Biochemistry, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh-362001, Gujarat, India
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M. K. Mandavia
  • M. K. Mandavia
  • Department of Biochemistry, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh-362001, Gujarat, India
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R. A. Dave
  • R. A. Dave
  • Department of Biochemistry, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh-362001, Gujarat, India
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R. P. Bambharolia
  • R. P. Bambharolia
  • College of Agriculture, Navsari Agricultural University, Waghai-394730, Gujarat, India
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H. Silungwe
  • H. Silungwe
  • Department of Food science and Technology, University of Venda, Limpopo province, P/bag X5050, Thohoyandou 0950, South Africa
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N. H. Garaniya
  • N. H. Garaniya
  • Department of Biochemistry, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh-362001, Gujarat, India
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  •  Received: 04 November 2015
  •  Accepted: 05 July 2016
  •  Published: 30 April 2017


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