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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJPS
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 16 December; 7(47)

December 2012

Virtual power plant (VPP) and economic dispatch (ED)

In this paper, general concept of a virtual power plant (VPP) and its model is developed. In the proposed model for the VPP, power system is divided into smaller subsystems, and it is called the power system cells. Each cell is a small network that has a control center and management system. The concept...

Author(s): R. Effatnejad, H. Salmani, M. Amin Salmani and H. Modirzare

December 2012

On regression analysis using modified bivariate ranked set sampling design (BVRSS)

Research on several forms of ranked set samples had been done by many researchers recently for estimating the population mean and other parameters. The results have ascertained that the ranked set samples are proven to be more efficient than the simple random samples in many situations. In this paper, modified bivariate ranked set sample (MBVRSS) was introduced to estimate a simple linear regression model when the...

Author(s): Idowu, N. Badmus , Ayoola, Femi J., Olanrewaju, G. O. and Oyenuga, A. Y.

December 2012

Translation surfaces according to Frenet frame in Minkowski 3-space

In this paper, using non-planar space curves, the translation surfaces were investigated according to Frenet frames in Minkowski 3-space and some properties of these surfaces were given. Furthermore, we calculated first fundamental form, second fundamental form, Gaussian curvature and mean curvature of the translation surface. Also, the Darboux frame of the generator curves of the translation surfaces in Minkowski...

Author(s): Muhammed Çetin, Hüseyin KocayiÄŸit and Mehmet Önder

December 2012

An efficient numerical integration algorithm for single-layer Raster cellular neural networks simulator

An efficient numerical integration algorithm for single layer Raster cellular neural networks(CNN) simulator is presented in this paper. The simulator is capable of performing CNN simulations for any size of input image, thus a powerful tool for researchers investigating potential applications of CNN. This paper reports an efficient algorithm exploiting the latency properties of CNN along with numerical...

Author(s): M. El-Sayed Wahed and O. H. Abdel Wahed

December 2012

Effects of different impregnation chemicals on combustion characteristics and decay resistance of wood

This study was aimed to determine combustion characteristics and decay resistance of Spruce [Picea orientalis (L.)], Fir (Abies nordmanniana), Alder [Alnus glutinosa (L.)], and Iroko (Milicia excelsa) woods impregnated with ammonium tetrafluoro borate (1 to 3%) and the mixture of cement and borax (6% to 9%). The combustion test method was performed in three stages: flame stage, without...

Author(s): Abdi Atilgan, Huseyin Peker and Hatice Ulusoy

December 2012

Dielectric properties of spray pyrolized Aluminum doped Cadmium sulfide (Al-doped CdS) thin films

Spray pyrolysis has been applied to deposit of Cadmium sulfide (CdS) and Aluminium doped Cadmium sulfide (Al-doped CdS) thin films. These films were used in various devices such as solar cells, sensors, and solid oxide fuel cells. Optical and dielectric properties such as transmittance (T%), absorption coefficient (α), real dielectric constant (), imaginary dielectric constant (), and dielectric loss (δ)...

Author(s): A. Hasnat and J. Podder

December 2012

Experimental analysis of hydrophobic characteristics of Silicone rubber (SiR) insulators under different climatic conditions

The electrical performance of polymeric insulators depends on the hydrophobicity of their surfaces. In this study, the contact and / or receding angle of a water droplet at the surface of Silicone rubber insulators is measured under different climatic conditions of Egypt. This paper experimentally investigates the effects of various environmental factors (e.g desert’s dust, cement and fertilizer) on the...

Author(s): E. A. Al-Ammar and B. A. Arafa