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Table of Content: 23 November; 7(44)

November 2012

Tectonic framework of Lunayyir area, northwest Saudi Arabia through aftershock sequence analysis of 19 May, 2009 earthquake and aeromagnetic data

Permanent and temporary seismic stations that were deployed at Lunayyir area before and shortly after the occurrence of the 19 May, 2009 earthquake swarm (Mw 5.7) have recorded a number great of events. The main objective is to determine the tectonic framework of the area and prepare more representative tectonic model for the area. Through the detailed analysis of aftershock sequence it is clarified that; 1) the...

Author(s): Al-Zahrani, H. A., Fnais, M. S., Al-Amri, A. M. and Abdel-Rahman, K. ,

November 2012

Some oscillating motions of a Burgers' fluid

In this work, the exact analytic solutions for some unsteady oscillating flows of an incompressible Burgers' fluid in a duct of rectangular cross-section are considered. Here, two types of flows, namely, (1) flow due to the oscillating pressure gradient, and (2) flow due to the oscillation of duct parallel to its length, were considered. The exact analytical expressions for the velocity field and the adequate shear...

Author(s): Masood Khan and Asia Anjum

November 2012

A semi-empirical approach to the geometric progression (GP) fitting approximation in estimating photon buildup factor in soft tissue, water, and dosimetric materials

Photon buildup factors for soft tissue, water, and dosimetric materials have been computed in the energy range of 0.2 to 2 MeV using geometric progression (GP) fitting approximation. The results for soft tissue and water have been compared with the values obtained through Monte Carlo code MCNP4C. Data obtained from GP fitting method quite well obey a semi empirical relation which is a function of penetration depth,...

Author(s): D. Sardari and M. Kurudirek

November 2012

Determination of mass attenuation coefficients for concretes containing tincal concentrator waste

This study is concerned with the use of the concrete samples produced by tincal concentrator waste as a gamma radiation shield. The values of mass attenuation coefficients for concrete samples measured at 59.54 (Am-241) and 80.99 (Ba-133) keV photon energies. Gamma rays were counted by a NaI(Tl) detector coupled to multi channel analyzer (MCA) using narrow beam transmission arrangement. Theoretical values...

Author(s): B. Oto and A. Gür

November 2012

Chemical and mineral analyses of Mwea clays

Raw clays from Mwea area, Kirinyaga County, in the Republic of Kenya have been analyzed for their major and minor chemical elements. The clays were analyzed after subjection to different heating temperatures, of between 100 and 550°C, cooling and washing them with mineral acids of different concentrations. The results of the study show that the major components of the raw clays, when expressed as the oxides are:...

Author(s): Muriithi, N. T., Karoki K. B. and Gachanja A. N.

November 2012

Application of response surface methodology for electrochemical destruction of cyanide

This study investigated the influence of experimental factors on the electrochemical cyanide destruction efficiency in a flow-through reactor using response surface methodology. Central composite experimental design was used to obtain the four main operating factors, such as current density, initial cyanide concentration, chloride concentration, and electrolysis time, on the response surface of cyanide destruction...

Author(s): Li-Chun Cheng, Wei-Lung Chou, Cheng-Ping Chang, Yi-Ming Kuo and Chih-Ta Wang

November 2012

Bayesian analysis of two parameter Pareto mixture using censoring

The Pareto distribution is a commonly used model for heavy tailed data. Pareto distribution is a useful modeling and predicting tool in a wide variety of socioeconomic contexts. In the present study, we model heterogeneous population by using two component mixture model and two parameter Pareto mixture is considered for this purpose. The expressions for Bayes estimators and their posterior risks (using squared error...

Author(s): Farzana Noor and Muhammad Aslam

November 2012

The algorithm of Fuzzy C-Means clustering based on non-negative matrix factorization

Clustering analysis is an effective method to discover and identify tumor classes. So, this paper proposes a Fuzzy C-Means clustering (FCM) algorithm based on Non-negative matrix factorization (NMF). Firstly, gene expression profiling (GEP) is simply processed through mean and variance of gene expression, which can then be mapped into a low dimensional space by NMF method. Finally, for discovering and identifying cancer...


November 2012

On-line drill wear monitoring in high speed machining of jute fiber-reinforced composites using virtual instrumentation

Many challenges in machining need to be overcome in replacing fiber reinforced composites. In this work, jute fiber reinforced bioepoxy resin laminates were manufactured, drilled and inspected. The drilling operations were performed on jute fiber reinforced composites by high speed steel (HSS) drill bits. Drill wear state prediction allows the determination of the hole quality as well as tool replacement...

Author(s): S. Rajesh and K. Marimuthu

November 2012

Development of the sugarcane harvester using a small engine in Northeast Thailand

This research presents the developing sugarcane harvester using small engine in order to focus on its appropriateness in sugarcane farming for farmers who are encountering problems of labor shortage and sugar factories lacking sugar cane for producing sugar. It is operated by 180 hp (134.28 kW) at 2500 rpm. Sugarcane was harvested at 12 months after planting with an average-stalk length of 1.8 m, and average-stalk...