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Table of Content: 30 January, 2012; 7(5)

January 2012

Peristaltic flow of a Prandtl fluid model in an asymmetric channel

The peristaltic flow of a Prandtl fluid in an asymmetric channel has been investigated both analytically and numerically. This is the first article describing feature of Prandtl fluid model in peristaltic literature. The governing equations for the proposed Prandtl fluid model are derived in Cartesian coordinates system. Asymmetric channel have been taken into account for the present analysis. Longwave length and...

Author(s): Noreen Sher Akbar, S. Nadeem and Changhoon Lee      

January 2012

The effect of Hubbard potential on effective mass of carriers in doped Indium oxide

Structural and electronic properties of pure In2O3 and its alloys with Sc, Y, La and Ac including the band gap, the effective mass and the effect of dopant ionic radius have been investigated using density functional theory (DFT). The full potential linearized augmented plane wave (FL-LAPW) method was used with the local density approximation (LDA+U). The calculated results indicated that, substituting indium atoms...

Author(s): H. A. Rahnamaye Aliabad, H. Arabshahi and A. Hamel Aliabadi      

January 2012

Dye sensitized solar cell using natural dyes extracted from red leave onion

Extracts from red leave onion (Allium cepa) were used as natural sensitizers of a wide band-gap semiconductor (TiO2) in photoelectrochemical solar cells. The natural dye, adsorbed onto the semiconductor surface, absorbs visible light and promotes electron transfer across the dye/semiconductor interface. Photogenerated current density and voltage as high as 0.85 mAm-2 and 0.65 mV, respectively were obtained and...

Author(s): Kelvin Alaba Aduloju and Mohamed Basiru Shitta      

January 2012

Fracture behaviour of adhesively bonded single lap joint with 45° ply oriented four layered symmetric and antisymmetric adherends

In aerospace and many types of civil infrastructure applications, the use of adhesive-bonded composite joints have been constantly increasing. In this study, fracture behaviour of adhesively bonded single lap joint (SLJ) with pre-existing damage at the interface of free edge of the top adherend and adhesive along the width of the joint is studied by strain energy release rate (SERR) approach using virtual crack closure...

Author(s): R. Venkata Kiran Kumar, V. Bala Krishna Murthy and J. Suresh Kumar      

January 2012

Optimized proportional integral derivative (PID) controller for the exhaust temperature control of a gas turbine system using particle swarm optimization

In this paper, the particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique is used in optimising theproportional integral derivative (PID) controller parameters for the exhaust temperature control of a gas turbine system. The performance of the PID controller whose parameters are tuned based on the PSO method (PSO-PID) is compared with the conventional PID (CPID) controller that employs the Ziegler-Nichols method. A new...

Author(s): Ali Marzoughi, Hazlina Selamat, Mohd Fua’ad Rahmat and Herlina Abdul Rahim      

January 2012

The reduction of perchlorate anions in tap water using a fluidized bed bioreactor

The compounds that mainly interfere with perchlorate reduction in contaminated tap water, nitrate and dissolved oxygen (DO), were reduced using a fluidized bed bioreactor. Nitrate was reduced to below the maximum level of contamination adopted by the United StatesEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA), 10 ppm, and the percentages of nitrate were 90, 84 and 80% for concentrations (conc.) of 25, 50 and 100 ppm...

Author(s): Bilal A. Wasmi, Abdul Amir H. Kadhum, Ahmed A. Al-Amiery, Abu Bakar Mohamad and Rakmi Abdul Rahman  

January 2012

The alleviation of salinity induced stress with applications of silicon in soilless grown Lactuca sativa L. ‘Eish!’

The effects of 30 and 60 mM NaCl on Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. ‘Eish!’), grown in soilless culture, with additions of 0, 1, 2 and 4 mM Si was evaluated. Height, leaf number, weight, chlorophyll content and elemental analysis of plants were examined. Fresh root and shoot weight significantly increased with additions of 2 mM Si compared to that of the 60 mM NaCl control, with notable...

Author(s): Milne C. J., Laubscher C. P. and Ndakidemi P. A.      

January 2012

The alternative -expansion method with generalized Riccati equation: Application to fifth order (1+1)-dimensional Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon equation

In this paper, abundant travelling wave solutions of the Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon (CDG) equation have been obtained in a uniform way by using the alternative -expansion method wherein the generalized Riccati equation is used. The solutions obtained in this article may be imperative and significant for the explanation of some practical physical phenomena. It is shown that the alternative -expansion method together...

Author(s): M. Ali Akbar, Norhashidah Hj. Mohd. Ali and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din      

January 2012

Symbolic computation of multisoliton solutions to generalized sixth-order KdV equation (KdV6)

One, two and three soliton solutions are formally derived for a generalized version of the sixth-order KdV equation (KdV6) by using the Cole-Hopf transform. A comparison with particular cases of recently discovered completely integrable KdV6 equations are considered to illustrate the results obtained.   Key words: Sixth-order KdV equation, , exact travelling wave solution, one soliton solution,...

Author(s): Alvaro H. Salas, Orlando García Hurtado and Roberto Manuel Poveda Chaves    

January 2012

Study on three-dimensional flow of Maxwell fluid over a stretching surface with convective boundary conditions

Three-dimensional flow of non-Newtonian fluid induced by a stretching surface has been studied. The constitutive equations of Maxwell fluid are used. The surface possesses convective boundary conditions. Computations have been carried out for the non-linear problem. Convergence of the obtained solutions is discussed. Impact of the influential parameters involved in the heat transfer analysis is emphasized. Comparison...

Author(s): T. Hayat,  S. A. Shehzad and A. Alsaedi      

January 2012

Learning automata based multicast routing algorithm for wireless mobile ad-hoc networks

A wireless mobile ad-hoc network is a set of wireless mobile nodes that forms a temporary network with the capability of reconfiguration. Nodes in these networks can move freely and without dependence on any fixed connecting infrastructure. Due to their independence from a fixed structure as well as their easy reconfiguration, these networks have various applications in everyday life. Multicasting plays an important...

Author(s): Parastoo Jameshourani, Javad Akbari Torkestani, Mohammad Reza Meybodi      

January 2012

An enhanced acceptance model for exploring user intention towards virtual reality environment: Partial least squares (PLS) statistical method

As technology advances, virtual reality (VR) technology is widely used in many areas such as medicine, entertainment, engineering and education training. Teachers adopt VR system in their teaching courses increasingly. Good teaching and learning can lead to better learning results for students. Students should have better learning outcomes by combining VR’s characteristics with teaching. This study...

Author(s): Bih-Yaw Shih, Chen-Yuan Chen, and Ciou-Lian Chen        

January 2012

The mental workload judgment in visual cognition under multitask meter scheme

In this study, a multitask dynamic testing measure concerning meters was developed using the virtual meter design software GL Studio in order to measure mental workload under multitasks. We recorded subjects’ electroencephalogram (EEG) and analyzed their brain electrical data using spectrum methods, brain maps, independent component analysis (ICA), and Lempel-Ziv complexity (LZC) calculation. The experimental...

Author(s): Jun Hong, Xiaoling Li, Feng Xu, Ying Jiang and Xiaohu Li    

January 2012

Speckle noise reduction methods in cardiac cycles

Speckle noise is omnipresent in imagistic and is an important problem in imagistic because it is the main source of noise in echography and echocardiography images and it should be reduced without affecting the image features. In spite of wider study dealing to speckle noise removal, until now there is no comprehensive method that covers all the constraints. In this study, three techniques were used for despeckling in...

Author(s): Simona Moldovanu, Luminita Moraru, Essaid Zerrad and Anjan Biswas         

January 2012

Effect of macro algae Ulva fasciata on concrete structures

Ulva fasciata is a common chlorophyceae found on all coastal structure. Puducherry, India is a coastal region in Bay of Bengal where the growth of U. fasciata (Delile) is very abundant on all marine structures. Though, it causes secondary deterioration, its significance is often underestimated. To know its effect, the basic mechanism by which U.fasciata deteriorates concrete structures...

Author(s): Jayakumar, S. and Saravanane, R.      

January 2012

Changes in cosmic ray fluxes improve correlation to global warming

In this study, it was found out that ion chamber measurements of cosmic ray fluxes during the last solar cycle ending in 2009 differ essentially from neutron measurements. The ion chamber measurements utilizing geomagnetic aa index as proxy for the years between 1868 and 1936 produced excellent correlation to the global temperature changes for the period of 1868 to 2009. These results indicate that solar activity...

Author(s): A. Ollila    

January 2012

Effect of the influence of heat and moisture changes of desert area around the Euphrates on the recent dust storms in Iran using Landsat satellite images processing

In the last few years, the dust storms which head from Iraq to Iran have become a bio-environmental problem for the residents in West and South West Iran. Apparently, the temperature changes in the study area trigger these dust storms, and in the meantime, the decrease in the water level of Euphrates river and its adjacent lakes are the main culprits that intensify the storms. This assumption was investigated using...

Author(s): Jamil Amanollahi, Shahram Kboodvandpour, Ahmad Makmom Abdullah and Parinaz Rashidi      

January 2012

Leachability of phosphorus in soils after application of burned and unburned poultry litter

Release of phosphorus (P) from terrestrial environments undermines water quality by contributing to eutrophication in lakes and rivers. Soil amendment is considered one of the best management practices to reduce P loss from sandy soils. Laboratory leaching experiments were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of different soil amendments in reducing P leaching from a typical sandy masa soil in Japan. Burned and...

Author(s): Ullah Faridullah, Amir Waseem, Muhammad Irshad, Qaisar Mahmood, Muhammad Amjad Sabir and Arif Alam    

January 2012

Optimisation of immobilised cellulase onto carbon nanotubes using response surface methodology

Although, the cellulase enzyme can work with high catalysis under mild condition, however, it does not fulfil the industry requirement. In this study, cellulase obtained from the fermentation of sewage treatment plant (STP) sludge by Trichoderma reesei RUT C-30 was covalently immobilised on functionalised multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). Statistical optimisation using the Plackett-Burman design (PBD)...

Author(s): Rasha Mohammed Abd and Abdurahman Hamid Nour