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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJPS
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: September 2007; 2(9)

September 2007

Concentrations of residues from organochlorine pesticide in water and fish from some rivers in Edo State Nigeria

The levels of organochlorine pesticide residues in water and fish from some rivers in Edo State were determined. The water samples were extracted with 15% diethyl ether in hexane, the extracts were treated with copper tunings for the elimination of sulphur interference and analyzed using a gas chromatograph fitted with an electron capture detector. In all the water samples analyzed, the organochlorine pesticide residues...

Author(s): Ize-Iyamu, O.K., Asia, I. O. and Egwakhide, P. A.

  • Article Number: 49DC7DD13266

September 2007

Effect of urea formaldehyde viscosity on some physical properties of a composite from reactive blending of urea formaldehyde with natural rubber

In this work, the effect of urea formaldehyde (UF) viscosity on a composite derived from reactive blend-ing of UF with natural rubber (NR) was investigated. Some physical properties of the urea formal-dehyde-natural rubber (UF-NR) obtained at different UF viscosities (2.1-256.3mPa.s) were evaluated. The melting point, refractive index, density and formaldehyde emission were found to increase with increase in UF...

Author(s): Osemeahon, S. A, Barminas, J. T and Aliyu, B. A

  • Article Number: EFDD63C13271

September 2007

Evaluation of soil profile on aquifer layer of three locations in Edo state

This investigation was carried out in three locations (Ekpoma, Irrua, and Uromi) all in Esan central and North-East region respectively of Edo state, Nigeria. The aim was to find out how soil profile depth is related to aquifer layer. Verifying how relief and (physical properties) such as heat, temperature, and resistivity affects the aquifer layer. Result of the study proved that location, relief, and the factors, such...

Author(s): O.M. Alile, W.A Molindo and M.A. Nwachokor

  • Article Number: 3D9701213275

September 2007

Registration of totally aliased signals

In this paper, we present a new method for signal reconstruction from multiple sets of samples with unknown offsets which can be written as a set of polynomial equations in both the unknown signal coefficients and the offsets. The solution can then be computed using Groebner bases. In any practical setting, the samples are corrupted by noise, and then there is no algebraic solution. Thus, the next step is to address...

Author(s): M. El-Sayed Wahed

  • Article Number: C42196513277