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Okafor Samuel Okechi

  •  Received: 06 December 2016
  •  Accepted: 06 March 2017
Societies across the globe have survived in their different environments, through improved and innovated strategies in facing new challenges even before their contact with other external groups. No society is above social challenges or has the ultimate answer to the social challenges which are inevitable in every society as a result of changes in the evolutionary scale rather, the principles of social evolution and cultural diffusionism engender and allow for new challenges and acceptance of cultural elements from external group for improvement and advancement. Leadership is one of the social concepts which cannot be pinned down to one definition and interpretation by any domineering group or ideology. It is a concept which serves each group based on their own interpretation and internal arrangement as a society. In the case of the Igbo as a nation, there had been a leadership system which supersedes the surface knowledge by the foreigners. The concept was only corrupted when the West with their crusade of extermination of other groups and their cultures spread over the African region through the merchants, teleguided missionaries, and the empire builders. Consequently, the concept was re-presented in an invert manner hence the indigenous people of Igbo running into chaos and mistrust as far as leadership is concerned, justifying the error with such derogatory word like…Igbo Enwe Eze. This paper is focused on elucidating the concept of leadership, the pre and post- colonial Igbo society and the consequences of the colonial contact, using Anthropological and Archeological evidences. The paper suggests the actor theorizer attitude among the Scholars as the panacea to the already sustained damage by the Igbo as a nation.

Keywords: Key words: Actor-Theorizer, Colonialism, Decolonization, Igbo nation, Leadership and Neocolonialism.