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  • DOI: 10.5897/JCAB
  • Start Year: 2007
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Full Length Research Paper

Effect of macroclimatic factors on milk production and reproductive efficiency of Holstein Friesian × Deoni crossbred cows

Zewdu W.*
  • Zewdu W.*
  • Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Debre Markos University, Debre Markos, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia.
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B. M. Thombre
  • B. M. Thombre
  • Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science, College of Agriculture, Marathwada Agricultural University (MAU), Parbhani- 431402 (M.S) India.
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D. V. Bainwad
  • D. V. Bainwad
  • Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science, College of Agriculture, Marathwada Agricultural University (MAU), Parbhani- 431402 (M.S) India.
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  •  Received: 06 February 2014
  •  Accepted: 11 March 2014
  •  Published: 30 April 2014


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