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  • Start Year: 2010
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Full Length Research Paper

Genetic variability and heritability among durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L.) accessions for yield and yield related traits performance

Zewdu Tegenu
  • Zewdu Tegenu
  • Haro Sebu Agricultural Research Center, P. O. Box 10 Haro Sebu, Ethiopia.
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Dagnachew Lule
  • Dagnachew Lule
  • Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, P. O. Box 81256, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
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Gudeta Nepir
  • Gudeta Nepir
  • Department of Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Ambo University, Ethiopia.
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  •  Received: 23 December 2020
  •  Accepted: 14 June 2021
  •  Published: 31 October 2021


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