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Article in Press

Determination of Correlation Coefficient Values for VES Surveys at the Minna Local Basement Complex, North-central Nigeria

Jonah, S.A

  •  Received: 10 June 2021
  •  Accepted: 03 August 2021
Over the course of two years, two separate studies comprising first a single-mode vertical electrical sounding (VES) survey and then a dual vertical electrical sounding-induced polarisation (IP) survey were completed in the first and second seasons at contiguous locations of the 8 km2 extent of the Gidan Kwano Campus (GKC) Phase II Development, Federal University of Technology, Minna. The extent of the single-mode VES study was twice that of the dual VES-IP study, but their southernmost segments coincide; there were eleven transverse traverses for the single-mode VES study and six transverse traverses for the dual VES-IP study. Essentially, the dual VES-IP study was a validation of the single-mode VES study in intercalation mode. Some locations identified as good groundwater prospects for these two separate studies correlated fairly well in this intercalation mode, and thus a unique parameter called the “correlation coefficient” was defined for this study to quantify this correlation. It is observed that a “correlation coefficient” value of 0.3 was identified for the first transverse traverse, a value of 0.1 was identified for the second transverse traverse, and zero was identified for the third, fourth, and fifth transverse traverses. Since the first transverse traverse is the most southernmost segment of the area of study (the second transverse traverse is located 200 m north of the first segment and so on northward for every 200 m interval), it follows that the groundwater locations identified for the single-mode VES study and that of the dual VES-IP study for the first transverse traverse have the greatest potential for increased yield because of their relatively high “correlation coefficient” value. Essentially, these groundwater locations would be the perfect “sinks” for subsurface fault-traces.

Keywords: Correlation; VES; IP; intercalation; coefficient; fault-trace; sink