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  • ISSN: 2006-9758
  • DOI: 10.5897/JPBCS
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: May 2010; 2(5)

May 2010

Multivariate analysis of agronomic and quality traits of hull-less spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

  A study was conducted to characterize a world collection of hull-less barley using multivariate traits. Significant variations were observed among genotypes in grain yield and grain physical characteristics. Genotypic as well as environmental effects were important for the variations occurred in chemical contents. Total phenolic content ranged from 166.0 to 295.0 mg/100 g ferulic acid equivalent. The total...

Author(s): Firdissa Eticha, Heinrich Grausgruber and Emmerich Berghoffer

May 2010

Cry 1Ac levels and biochemical variations in Bt cotton as influenced by tissue maturity and senescence

  Quantification of Cry 1Ac protein in two field-grown Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) cotton hybrids (MECH-184, RCH-2) was performed in relation to tissue maturity. Leaves of upper, middle and lower canopies and in bolls and bracts attached to the plant were chosen. Similar measurements were also made in fully mature tagged leaves attached to plants in the upper canopy and excised leaf discs. The leaf discs were...

Author(s):   S. Poongothai, R. Ilavarasan and C. M. Karrunakaran

May 2010

Genetic variability among forty-three cassava genotypes in three agro-ecological zones of Nigeria

  Forty-three cassava genotypes were evaluated to assess genetic variability for root yield and its components at three locations (Ibadan, Mokwa and Onne) in Nigeria, during 2004 - 2005 cropping season. Data were collected for cassava mosaic disease (CMD), cassava bacterial blight (CBB), sprouting, plant height, root number, root weight, shoot weight and root dry matter. Genotype x location interaction was...

Author(s): M. G. Akinwale, B. O. Akinyele, A. G. O. Dixon and A. C. Odiyi

May 2010

Genotype x environment interactions and heritability of quantitative resistance to net blotch in Tunisian barley

  A doubled-haploid barley population derived from a cross between the Tunisian cultivar ‘Roho’ and the local line ‘90’ was used to assess the genotype x environment interaction, heritability estimates and correlations between disease parameters of net blotch resistance at adult growth stage in three environments. Net blotch reaction was evaluated using the mass disease index, the area...

Author(s): M. Cherif, S. Rezgui, P. Devaux  and M. Harrabi

May 2010

Genetic diversity and linkage disequilibrium of two homologous genes to maize D8: Sorghum SbD8 and pearl millet PgD8

  Yield and yield stability of sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] and pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br.] are highly influenced by flowering time andphotoperiodic sensitivity in the arid to semi-arid regions of West and Central Africa.Photoperiodic sensitivity is the key adaptation trait of local landraces because it assures flowering at the end of the rainy season,...

Author(s): Yongle Li, Sankalp Bhosale, Bettina I. G. Haussmann, Benjamin Stich, Albrecht E. Melchinger and Heiko K. Parzies

May 2010

Correlation and path coefficient analyses in sunflower

  Correlation and path coefficient analysis were studied in twenty four diverse genotypes of sunflower in order to understand the relationship and contribution on eight characters towards the grain yield. The yield kg per plant exhibits highly significant and positive correlation with number of seeds per head, head length in diameter and 1000-seed weight at both genotypic and phenotypic level. Path coefficient...

Author(s): Abrar Yasin B and Shubhra Singh