Khartoum University Journal of
Management Studies

  • Abbreviation: Khartoum Univ. J. Manage. Stud.
  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 1585-8069
  • DOI: 10.5897/KUJMS
  • Start Year: 1994
  • Published Articles: 35

KUJMS - Instructions for Authors

The Khartoum University Journal of Management Studies is a refereed, semiannual Journal published by the School of Management Studies at Khartoum University. The journal is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of theoretical and applied knowledge, through promoting scholarly research in the areas of Accountancy, Finance, Management, Economics, Marketing, Management Information Systems and related disciplines. For the research manuscript to be considered for publication the research topic should provide valuable insight into matters of interest to the readership and of broad intellectual and practical concern to the business and academic community.
Full length research
Short communications
Each paper is reviewed and screened by the editorial board and, if it is judged suitable for publication in the Journal, it is then sent to two referees for double blind peer review. Based on their recommendations, the editorial board then decides whether the paper should be accepted as is, revised or rejected. The editor makes every effort to convey the decision on manuscripts to the contributors as soon as possible.
1. Manuscripts may be submitted electronically via our manuscript submission portal:, [email protected].
2. A cover letter should be sent to the editor along with the manuscript. It should contain a statement that the manuscript has not been published and is not, nor will it be, under publication elsewhere while being reviewed by the journal.
3. Manuscripts should not exceed 25 pages (including all tables and figures).
4. The cover page of the paper should list the name, title, affiliation, telephone number(s) and complete address of each author. To assure an anonymous review, authors should not identify themselves directly or indirectly elsewhere in their manuscripts.
General rules:
- Articles submitted to the journal should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time.
- Authors submitting articles for publication warrant that the work is not an infringement of any existing copyright and will indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty.
- Published articles reflect opinions of their authors alone.

- Manuscripts should be in English and of a professional style and quality for clarity of presentation

- Spelling should be consistent throughout the paper.

- Manuscripts should be double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font using Microsoft Word.

- When presenting their manuscript authors are requested to follow this order: Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract, Main, text, Appendices, References, Figure Captions and then Tables. The corresponding author should be identified with an asterisk and footnote.

- The title of the paper, names of authors and their address should be on a separate page

- Wherever possible, authors should arrange the main text of the research in well-defined sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Analysis, and Conclusions and Implications.

- Abstract Page of not more than 150 words in English describing the objectives, methods and findings of the study must accompany the article on a separate sheet.

- Notes or Endnotes should be used only if absolutely necessary and must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers and listed at the end of the article.

- Figures, Tables, and Illustrations should be planned to fit the journal’s page size which is 12 by 18cm. Each figure, table or illustration should be kept on a separate page. The author should indicate the approximate placement of each by inserting a statement such as “Insert Table 1 about here “in a separate line.

- Appendices if necessary should follow the body of the paper, before the references.

- References:

References are to be identified in the text by including in parentheses the last names of the authors and date of publication [i.e. (Smith, 2004)]. At the end of the paper, presented under the heading, ‘References’ the cited literature should be listed alphabetically by the last name of a sole author, a first author or an editor or by the name of a corporate author (e.g. Bank of Sudan) or periodical (Academy of Management Journal). If years of publication are the same differentiate entries by adding small letters (a, b, etc) after the years.

Books: write last names, initials, year, title, city, and publisher:

Estrada J (2005). Finance in a Nutshell. London: FT Prentice- Hall.

ECS,  Resnick B (2004). International Financial Management. Boston: McGraw- Hill.

Jones P, Peppiatt E (1996). Managing perceptions of waiting times in service queues. International Journal of Service Industry Management 7(5):47-61.

Myers SC (1977). “Determinants of Corporate Borrowing”. Journal of Financial Economics 5:147-175.
Chapter in a book:
Tushman ML, Romanelli E (1985). Organizational Evolution: a metamorphosis Model Convergence and Reorientation. In Cummings L. and Staw BM (Eds.) Research in Organizational Behaviour, JAI Press Greenwich, Connecticut.
Book Reviews
The journal publishes reviews of recent books of relevance to researchers and practitioners in the developing countries.
The journal publishes abstracts of M.Sc. and PhD theses recently awarded by the School of Management Studies and other universities. The abstract should not exceed 3 pages.
The journal welcomes reader’ views and comments on its published articles. The comments submitted for publication are screened by three referees including the author of the article. Once the comments are approved, the author has the right of response.
Conference and seminar reports:
The journal welcomes brief reports on conferences, seminars and workshops recently attended, which are of relevance to its areas of interest.
Authors are issued an Acceptance Certificate for manuscripts that have been reviewed and accepted for publication by an editor.
After a manuscript is accepted by an editor, the abstract of the manuscript will be placed in the journal’s Articles in Press page pending when the article is fully published. Published manuscript will be removed from Articles in Press after publication. 
Once a manuscript has been accepted, the corresponding author will be invoiced to make the necessary payment of the manuscript handling fee. Kindly note that on the manuscript management system, the payment option is only enabled for manuscripts that have been accepted for publication. Therefore, payment cannot be made except the manuscript is accepted for publication.
Prior to publication, a proof is sent to the corresponding author. Authors are advised to read the proof and correct minor typographical or grammatical errors. Authors should promptly return proofs to the editorial office.
Once proofs are received at the editorial office, the manuscripts are usually included in the next issue of the journal. The article will thereafter be published on the journal’s website
After the article is made available on the journal’s website, a publication notice is sent to the corresponding author with links to the issue and article.
Editorial Office: [email protected]
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Helpdesk: [email protected]