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Chemical characteristics of precipitation in central Liaoning Province, Northeast China

Houfeng Liu1, Yizhen Chen2, Shanzhong Qi1* and Chunnan Zhang1
1College of Population, Resources and Environment, Shandong Normal University, No. 88 Wenhua East Road, 250014 Jinan, Shandong Province, China. 2Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing 100012, China.
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  •  Published: 27 September 2012


The chemical characteristics of precipitation were analyzed based on the chemical composition of principal ionic within acid rain (from February 2007 to January 2008) of Liaozhong Meteorological Station (LMS) located in Malong Village in central Liaoning Province of Northeast China, meteorological conditions on the corresponding period ground, and variation of several air pollutants concentration. The results indicated that (1) the precipitation of LMS was acidic; average pH of all samples was 4.76; the frequency of acid rain during the observation period was 70.7%; the frequency was 82.8% in summer and autumn; and the acidity was stronger in larger rainfall season; (2) in the chemical composition of precipitation, the primary anions were SO42- and NO3-; the primary cations were NH4+ and Ca2+; the ratio of SO42-/ NO3- was 2.9; and the ratio of Na+/Cl- was larger than 1;(3) all concentration of anions was higher in summer and winter, but relatively low in spring and autumn. This showed that the relationship between regional rainfall acidification and pollution was not significant. The correlation between (∑ anionic / ∑ cationic) and pH was not obvious among the measured 9 kinds of main anions and cations, which explained the main 9 kinds of anions and cations in the current acid rain observation could not completely include precipitation ions composition; and (4) rainwater acidity and near floor gaseous pollution concentration were different from each other, and pH and NOx, CO, NOand Oconcentrations showed significant negative correlation, but was not obvious with SO2concentration. However, the pH and alkaline pollutants, such as particulate, was positively correlative.


Key words: Precipitation, acid rain, chemical characteristics, central Liaoning Province of China.