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Table of Content: 11 May, 2013; 8(18)

May 2013

Characteristics of duckweed and its potential as feed source for chickens reared for meat production: A review

  With the high cost of the conventional protein required in producing meat and its products to meet demand by the ever-increasing population, it is imperative that other cheaper alternatives be explored. One such protein source is duckweed. This paper focuses on the attributes that duckweed has which make it a special contender as a protein source for chickens. The paper also focuses on the challenges...

Author(s): Marizvikuru Mwale and Francisca Rumosa Gwaze

May 2013

Characterisation of two kaolin facies from Ediki, Southwest Cameroon

  Sand-rich (ESR) and sand-poor kaolin (ESP) facies from Ediki, Southwest (SW) Cameroon, have been mineralogically and geochemically characterised in order to elucidate on their emplacement and degree of kaolinization. The mineralogical assemblage comprised quartz, kaolinite, muscovite, microcline, goethite and anatase. ESP registered a sharp peak at 3620 cm-1 and two weak inflections between the doublets...

Author(s): M. L. DIKO, and G. E. EKOSSE

May 2013

Spatial and temporal variability of windborne dust in the Sahel-Sahara zone in relation with synoptic environment

  Windborne dusts have been recognised as climatic indicators in the Sahel region, because of their ability to cause reduction in horizontal visibility. These phenomena have intensified after the exceptionally drought periods in the 1970s over the Sahel region. In this work, we have analysed the spatial and temporal evolution of visibility reduction in the Sahel-Sahara zone between 1957 and 1987. The results...

Author(s): Siélé SILUE, Abdourahamane KONARE, Arona DIEDHIOU, Véronique YOBOUE, N&#;Datchoh E. TOURE, and Paul ASSAMOI

May 2013

Screening for antimicrobial and antimalarial activities of longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour) seeds

  The aims of this study were to evaluate methanolic extract of longan seed for antibacterial, antimalarial (antiplasmodial) activity and conducted with cytotoxicity test by using sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay with Vero cells (African green monkey kidney cell line). The methanolic extract was tested for antimicrobial activity with five strains of pathogenic bacteria including Staphylococcus...

Author(s): Yuttana Sudjaroen