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Table of Content: 16 February; 7(6)

February 2012

Antioxidant activities of Solenostemon monostachyus leaf extract using in vitro methods

  Solenostemon monostachyus is an important herb that is native to West and Central Africa. The leaves have been traditionally used for various medicinal purposes however the scientific basis for these effects is scarce. The aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro antioxidant and free radical scavenging abilities of S. monostachyus extract by assessing its hydrogen peroxide...

Author(s):   Tebekeme Okoko and Diepreye Ere    

February 2012

Effect of network hierarchy in a typical campus area network (CAN) of a university

  This paper presents the results of a practical implementation of the hierarchical network design. The aim of this paper is to briefly show the effect of hierarchy in a campus network by taking the case study of a University network that has no hierarchy implemented. We simulated the original network and subjected the network to run for a period of 30 min with all the deployed services fully running to obtain...

Author(s):     S. Zubair , Y. A. Adediran , S. Misra , B. A. Salihu , H. T. Abdulazeez and A. Suleiman     

February 2012

Numerical simulation of dynamic pore water pressure using wave theory concept

  The seismic force on structure causes instability and could overturn or create unacceptable differential settlement. This paper presents and discusses experimental, theoretical and numerical methods for the study and evaluation of interaction between sandy saturated subsoil and embankment in presence of confined sandy dense column. It is very important predicting structure differential settlement due to...

Author(s):   Numerical simulation of dynamic pore water pressure using wave theory concept    

February 2012

An analysis of super-linear speedup for master-slave model

  Recently, large-scale computations have been used in many real application areas. At the same time, there exists more parallel computing technique on cluster in order to meet these demands. In this paper, a speedup analysis of Master-Slave application on heterogeneous cluster is investigated. A task allocation model is set up and its theoretical analysis of execution time is developed. A more accurate upper...

Author(s):   Wu Weining, Sihon Crutcher and Xu Runzhang    

February 2012

Effects of different bamboo densities on understory species diversity and trees regeneration in an Abies faxoniana forest, Southwest China

  Effects of dwarf bamboo, Fargesia nitida, on micro-environments, species diversity and regeneration on the floor were investigated at three conditions, high density (HB), low density (LB) and without F. nitida (UB) in a subalpine Abies faxoniana forest, southwest China. Relative photon flux density (RPFD) on the floor became unfavorable, and physical and chemical features of soil...

Author(s):   Yong-Jian Wang, Xue-Ping Shi and Jian-Ping Tao         

February 2012

Fault tolerant control of induction motor through observer techniques II

  In the design of the control law due to sensor and actuator faults, it is very important to implement the fault tolerant control system. Unknown Input Observers (UIO) can be used in model based fault detection and isolation (FDI) schemes to reduce or almost eliminate the effect of unknown disturbances on the MIMO plant/system. Furthermore, they can be used to generate residuals that are insensitive to unknown...

Author(s):   Khalaf Salloum Gaeid, Hew Wooi Ping, Mustafa Khalid, Saad M.Herdan        

February 2012

Ablation of left posterior fascicular ventricular tachycardia during sinus rhythm under guidance of non-contact balloon mapping

  This paper evaluated the effectiveness and safety of patchy ablation for treating left posterior fascicular ventricular tachycardia (LPFVT) using rapid mapping of diastolic potentials and Purkinje potentials during sinus rhythm under the guidance of the Ensite3000 system. Twelve patients suffering from left posterior fascicular ventricular tachycardia were treated at our center. A three-dimensional...

Author(s):   Hong-jun Zhu, Ji Yan, Jian Xu, Xi-zhen Fan, Xian-lin Sun, Fu-yuan Liu, Chun-sheng An, Hao Su and Min Cheng    

February 2012

The antiviral effect of fullerene-liposome complex against influenza virus (H1N1) in vivo

  Influenza viruses are important pathogens for humans and the discovery of novel anti-influenza drugs with low toxicity deserves great efforts. Fullerenes have attracted considerable attention in different fields of sciences including antiviral activity. We synthesized a fullerene-liposome incorporated compound and investigated its antiviral activity on influenza virus infection in a mouse model. The results...

Author(s):   Chun-Xian Du, Hai-Rong Xiong, Hong Ji, Qiang Liu, Hong Xiao and Zhan-Qiu Yang