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Table of Content: 16 May 2012; 7(18)

May 2012

Gastroprotective effects of Dicranopteris linearis leaf extract against ethanol-induced gastric mucosal injury in rats

  Dicranopteris linearis is a medicinal plant commonly used traditionaly in the treatment of many aliments. This study was performed to evaluate the gastroprotective effect of ethanolic extracts of D. linearis leaf extract (DLELE) against ethanol-induced gastric mucosal injury in experimental rats. The rats were divided into four groups respectively pre-treated orally with...

Author(s): Jamal Hussaini, Nurul Asyikin Othman, Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Nazia Abdul Majid, Halabi Mohd Faroq and Salmah Ismail

May 2012

Introducing slag powder as drag reduction agent in pipeline: An experimental approach

  Main by product in ore smelting from tin production in Malaysia has become a trigger for this investigation. Slag waste can be categorized as suspended solid. Utilization of this waste in fluid transportation can reduce the pressure drop in pipelines. Experimental works had conducted in order to test slag waste in a closed loop of turbulence water flowing system with water and fuel as the transport liquid....

Author(s): Hayder A. Abdulbari, Siti Nuraffini Bt Kamarulizam, Rosli M. Y. and Arun Gupta

May 2012

Available transfer capability and least square method

  In deregulated power industries, accurate and fast calculation of Available Transfer Capability (ATC) for seller in the electricity market is required. In this paper, deterministic ATC will be calculated using algebraic equation and linear optimization by Least Square (LSQR). Probabilistic ATC is also calculated by considering time varying load and load margin. The proposed method will be tested on IEEE 30...

Author(s): Mojgan Hojabri, Mohammadsoroush Soheilirad and Mahdi Hedayati

May 2012

Seasonality of non-timber forest products (NTPFs) in the Kupe mountain area of South West Cameroon

  Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are economically-important commodities, especially in the humid and semi-humid regions of many sub-Saharan countries. However, in many of these countries, there is little information on the seasonality characterising their availability and collection, rendering difficult the development of meaningful packages for their sustainable use and valorisation. A study was therefore...

Author(s): Ngane B. K., Ngane E. B., Sumbele S. A., Njukeng J. N., Ngone M. A. and Ehabe E. E.

May 2012

Adaptive message size routing strategy for delay tolerant network

  Delay tolerant network (DTN) is a kind of computer network that suffer from the frequent disconnections, network partitioned and unstable network connectivity, therefore maintaining an uninterrupted route from source to destination is not possible. Therefore, the transmission of message is achieved via intermediate nodes by adopting a novel transmission mechanism called store-carry and forward where node...

Author(s): Qaisar Ayub, M. Soperi Mohd Zahid, Sulma Rashid and Abdul Hanan Abdullah

May 2012

Length-weight relationships, relative condition factor and relative weight of three fish species from beach seine fishing grounds Iranian coastal waters of Caspian Sea

  The aim of this study is to record the length-weight relationship, relative condition factor (Krel) and relative weight (Wr) for three fish species in Iranian coastal waters of the Caspian Sea. Fish sampling was carried out in the beach seine fishing grounds in autumn and winter seasons for two years (2007 and 2009). 14104 specimens were measured and weighed. The values of the exponent b in the length-weight...

Author(s): Moradinasab, GH., Raeisi, H, Paighambari, S.Y., Ghorbani, R and Bibak, Z.

May 2012

Design and development of standalone DSP prototype for QT interval processing and monitoring

  This paper describes the development of stand alone DSP hardware for QT interval monitoring and assessment. The QT interval has been known to be an important indicator prior to Myocardial Infarction (MI) and it is important to observe and monitor any changes in the period of the QT interval. The system consists of three units. The first unit includes floating point digital signal processor, TMS320VC33 which...

Author(s): Goh Chun Seng, Sh-Hussain Salleh, J. M. Najeb, I. Kamarulafizam, Mahyar Hamedi and Alias Md Noor

May 2012

Effective techniques in drilling to improve the recovery process of hydrocarbons in oil and gas sector

  The purpose of this research is to use effective method of drilling to improve the recovery process of hydrocarbons in oil and gas sector. Hydrocarbons are present in large amount beneath the earth. By using exploration geo physics, the reservoir of hydrocarbons below the earth can be located with more precision and accuracy. The first step consists of the geological and the seismic survey to obtain the image...

Author(s): Shafqat Hameed and Muhammad Abbas Choudhary