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Table of Content: 18 January 2010; 5(2)

January 2010

Undertaking loss reduction measures to prevent slope failures

Landslides or slope failure has slowly become a major concern in Malaysia due to the rapid development of rural areas. Despite advances in science and technology, these events continue to result in human suffering, millions in property losses and environment degradation. It is a fact that with continuous population increase the economic development becomes more complex, while the economic and societal costs of...

Author(s): Saravanan Mariappan, Faisal Ali, Ashaari bin Mohamad, Che Hassandi Abdullah, Nik Ramalan Nik Hassan, Steven Chong and Low Tian Huat

January 2010

Modeling technology transfer for petroleum industry in Libya: An overview

The purpose of this study was to review and criticize the accessible literature of technology transfer (TT). To reduce the literature to convenient proportions, the focus would be on literature on modeling of technology transfer in the diverse industry sectors. The foremost purpose of the paper was to put forward an appropriate conceptual TT model in the context of Libyan oil industry. Uncertainly, foreign companies...

Author(s): A. S. Mohamed, S. M. Sapuan, M. M. H. Megat Ahmad, A. M. S. Hamouda and B. T. Hang Tuah Bin Baharudin

January 2010

Effect of the grape seed proanthocyanidin extract on the free radical and energy metabolism indicators during the movement

In order to explore the mechanism of grape seed proanthocyanidin extract (GSPE) against exercise-induced fatigue, the mice movement model was used, and the free radical and energy metabolism indicators during movement were measured. The results show that grape seed proanthocyanidin extract can improve the activity of antioxidant enzymes such as SOD and GSH-Px in the liver in exercised mice, and lower the MDA content,...

Author(s): Ying Shan, Xiao-hang Ye and Hui Xin

January 2010

Engineering properties of improved fibrous peat

  Depending on the soil type, different types of binder have been used to stabilize soft soils nowadays. An essential criterion in the selection of suitable binder is its capability of achieving the desirable soil stabilizing function. For peat soil, it was evident that the engineering properties of the soil can be improved with Portland cement and ground granulated blast furnace slag with siliceous sand acting...

Author(s): Faisal Haji Ali, Wong Leong Sing and Roslan Hashim

January 2010

Determining visual beauties of natural waterscapes: A case study for Tortum Valley (Erzurum/Turkey)

Water is one of the most important landscape element of urban and rural ecosystem. Water included in natural and cultural elements of the landscape, attracts and bewitches humans together with meeting their basic needs. The purpose of this study is to reveal the visual quality of diverse water landscapes in a valley by displaying different water forms. In this study, visual quality assessment method was used and six...

Author(s): Zöhre Bulut, Faris Karahan and Işık Sezen

January 2010

Urban flora and ecological characteristics of the Kartal District (Istanbul): A contribution to urban ecology in Turkey

For years, ecologists who have been trying to understand the relationship between the organisms with each other and/or their environments, have carried out their researches sometimes far from civilization, sometimes on a desolate island or in a tropical rainforest. Today, about half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Therefore, most of the ecological problems have been brought to these areas....

Author(s): Volkan Altay, Ä°brahim Ä°lker ÖzyiÄŸit and Celal Yarci

January 2010

Needs and preferences of adolescents in open urban spaces

The aim of this study was to determine the factors to be taken into consideration while planning urban open spaces that are beneficial and appropriate for adolescents. It was targeted to determine the needs and demands of adolescents and the relationship of such needs and demands with open urban spaces. In the scope of the study, it was aimed to determine psycho-social needs of adolescents, which outdoor places they use...

Author(s): Tugba Duzenli,   Elif Bayramoglu and Ali Özbilen

January 2010

Bacterial contamination of lettuce and associated risk factors at production sites, markets and street food restaurants in urban and peri-urban Kumasi, Ghana

There is increasing evidence that urban grown vegetables in developing countries can be contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms. This is particularly true when wastewater is used in irrigation. The microbiological quality of wastewater grown lettuce on farms, markets and at street food vendor sites were evaluated for thermotolerant coliforms, enterococci and Salmonella using standard methods. Farm...

Author(s): F. Amponsah-Doku, K. Obiri-Danso, R. C. Abaidoo, L. A. Andoh, P. Drechsel and F. Kondrasen

January 2010

Effects of holes placed on perforated finned heat exchangers at different angles on the Nusselt and Reynolds numbers

In this study, 6 mm diameter holes were opened on each circular fin on a heating tube in order to increase convective heat transfer. This is different from other studies in the literature. These holes were placed on the circular fins in such a way as to follow each other at the same chosen angle. The holes created turbulence in a region near the heating tube surface on the bottom of the fin. Experiments were performed...

Author(s): Gulay Yakar and Rasim Karabacak

January 2010

Misconceptions of cell division held by student teachers in biology: A drawing analysis

The purpose of this study was to identify biology student teachers’ misconceptions of cell divisions using drawings and interviews. Data were collected from 124 biology student teachers. An analysis of drawings and interviews suggested that biology student teachers have a series of significant problems and misconceptions regarding cell division and structuring of concepts in a meaningful manner. These problems...

Author(s): Musa Dikmenli