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Table of Content: 19 November, 2012; 7(45)

November 2012

Digitaria exilis (acha/fonio), Digitaria iburua (iburu/fonio) and Eluesine coracana (tamba/finger millet) – Non-conventional cereal grains with potentials

Traditional African cereal grains, acha (Digitaria exilis Stapf), iburu (Digitaria iburuaStapf) and tamba (Eluesine coracana) though poorly studied have received an increasing attention by scientists within the last decade as revealed from the literature. They have potential to contribute significantly to whole grain diets, wellness, economic status improvement, and play important role in food security in...

Author(s): Jideani I.  A.

November 2012

Correlation of birth and placental weights amongst Hausa parturients in Kano

The aim of this study is to establish the relationship of birth weight to the placental weight of our ethnic community which until now is to our knowledge unavailable. All the studied 500 live births and their placentas were products of single gestation at term. This is a prospective study of 500 healthy term placentae of the Hausa ethnic group parturients. Each of the placentas was cleansed of blood clots and...

Author(s): SALEH Muhammad Sagir and ANAS Ibrahim Yahaya

November 2012

Effectiveness of control flow test coverage criteria using mutation analysis: An experimental study

Empirical studies play an important role in measuring the effectiveness of software testing methods and coverage criteria. This has led us to develop an experimental research to study four major test coverage criteria based on the Control Flow Graphs extracted from the source code of programs. In this study, different implementations of an industrial problem are selected as subject programs and the effectiveness of...

Author(s): Hossein Keramati and Seyed-Hassan Mirian-Hosseinabadi

November 2012

Clustering of mortality rates in Greece’s prefectures

The purpose of this paper is to present of the geographical variation of mortality rates in the 51 prefectures of Greece per gender in 2001 and 2006. The database consisted of the mortality rates of 65 causes of mortality for all 51 prefectures of Greece in two different time periods: 2001 and 2006. All rates were calculated using the “direct method of standardization” procedure and were selected from...

Author(s): Georgia Pistolla, Poulicos Prastacos, Nikos Tzanakis and Anastas Philalithis  

November 2012

Design optimisation of dome structures by enhanced genetic algorithm with multiple populations

The design of dome structures is optimized by a genetic algorithm methodology with multi populations. In order to increase the convergence degrees of optimal designs obtained, exploitation and exploration capacities of the genetic algorithm methodology are enhanced. In this regard, a radial basis neural network and a new design strategy based on provisions of LRFD_AISC V3 specification are implemented into the...

Author(s): Tugrul TALASLIOGLU

November 2012

Some properties of a generalized class of prestarlike functions

In this article, we introduce the class of prestarlike functions of order  which generalizes the concept of prestarlike functions. We study here some interesting properties such as inclusion results, invariance under convolution and convex hull properties. Finally, a conjecture from our results which can be considered for future work is presented.   Key words: Convolution, test set,...

Author(s): Muhammad Arif, Khalida Inayat Noor and Janusz SokóÅ‚

November 2012

Exploration of wild plants wealth with economic importance tolerant to difficult conditions in Khulais Governorate, Saudi Arabia

The present work studied the flora of Khulais region, west Saudi Arabia, with reference to its potential use. Results revealed that the region considers a hot-spot in the Kingdom in term of plant diversity and more diverse region compared with other well studied regions in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. A total of 251 plant species belonging to 160 genera and 50 families were identified. The major plant...

Author(s): Emad A. Alsherif, Ahmad M. Ayesh, Ayed S. Allogmani and Sayed M. Rawi

November 2012

Double traveling wave solutions for some nonlinear partial differential equations in mathematical Physics

In this article, we construct the double soliton exact solutions for some nonlinear partial differential equations in mathematical physics via (2+1)-dimensional Painleve integrable Burgers equations, (2+1)-dimensional breaking soliton equations and (2+1)-dimensional Nizhnik-Novikov Veselov equations. We obtain many new types of complexiton soliton solution, that is, various combination of trigonometric periodic function...

Author(s): E.M.E. Zayed, Khaled A. Gepreel, and Fawziah M. Al-Otaibi

November 2012

Prediction of grout penetration length into the jointed rock mass using regression analyses

In this paper, new relations are proposed to predict the gout penetration length into jointed rock mass by means of multivariate linear and non-linear regressions. Numerical analysis was used to obtain the grout penetration length into the rock mass by considering all effective rock and grout properties. The results of numerical analysis were in a good agreement with analytical methods. As a case study Bakhtiary dam and...

Author(s): Omid Saeidi, Rahman Torabi, Mohamad Ataei and Hakan Stille