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Table of Content: 23 April, 2012; 7(15)

April 2012

Lignocellulolytic enzymes from tropical fungi: Types, substrates and applications

  Lignocellulolytic enzymes constitute a large group of mainly extracellular proteins including ligninolytic enzymes (peroxidases and oxidases) and hydrolytic enzymes (cellulases, hemicellulases, pectinases, chitinases, amylases, proteases, esterases, and mannases). These enzymes have attracted a wide range of industrial and environmental applications including pulping, de-inking, decolourization and...

Author(s):   Godliving Y. S. Mtui      

April 2012

Residential satisfaction and construction

  The failures of many housing projects stems from lack of knowledge on the determinants of Residential Satisfaction (RS) concept. This paper has utilized archival methodology for the past 13 years starting from 1997 until 2010. It aimed to compile existing definitions of RS in order to determine the core and principle of those various definitions. It was found out that RS is a subjective dependent...

Author(s):   Mehdi Sam, Muhammad Fauzi Bin Hj Mohd Zain and Omidreza Saadatian        

April 2012

DTC torque ripple minimization based on PSO-PID controller

  In conventional direct torque controlled (DTC) induction motor drive, there is usually undesired torque and flux ripple. The given torque is the speed output regulator; therefore, it necessary continues tuning for adjusting parameters Kp, Ki. In conventional proportional- integral (PI) speed controller, the performance of motor may differ over time that may cause unexpected torque disturbances, causing...

Author(s):   Hassan Farhan Rashag, S. P. Koh, Ahmed N. Abdalla, Nadia M. L. Tan, K. H. Chong and S. K. Tiong        

April 2012

Breed, gender and anatomic location-specific expression patterns of the porcine insig-1 and insig-2 genes

  The insulin-induced genes (insig-1 and insig-2) played important roles inadipocyte differentiation and lipogenesis. To determine the breed, gender and anatomic location-specific expression patterns of insig-1 and insig-2, we measured their mRNA abundances in different adipose tissues from male and female pigs for leaner and fatty breeds using a qRT-PCR approach. In accordance with the well-characterized role...

Author(s):   Liu Yingkai, Li Mingzhou, Guan Jiuqiang and Li Xuewei      

April 2012

The antiurolithiasic and hepatocurative activities of aqueous extracts of Petroselinum sativum on ethylene glycol-induced kidney calculi in rats

  Forty-eight (48) male Wistar rats were randomly assigned into 6 groups and treated for 30 days. Group A served as normal control and group B ethylene glycol (EG) control received 1% EG in drinking water. Groups C, D, E and F received 1% EG from day 0 and were used as the treatment subjects. Rats in groups C and D received 200 and 600 mg/kg body weight (BW) of aerial parts aqueous extract, respectively and...

Author(s):   Saeidi Jafar, Lotfi Mehri, Bozorgi Hadi and Mehrzad Jamshid        

April 2012

Tillage-induced compaction: Effects on physical properties of agricultural loamy soils

  Soil compaction due to agricultural tillage practices is a global concern and has profound implications on soil conservation and management with consequent effects on soil productivity. To assess the influence of tillage induced compaction on physical properties, we carried out a comparative study in agricultural loamy soils under tillage and no till manipulation by determining physical properties. Soil...

Author(s):   Olebile Sekwakwa and Oagile Dikinya        

April 2012

Synthesis and Characterization of Al, Cu, Zn, Mg-Kapok carbon fiber composites

This research was conducted to characterize the properties of the metal–carbon fiber composites. The metal-carbon fibers composites were synthesized from the metal salt of Al or Cu or Zn or Mg and kapok fiber by pyrolysis at 400 to 700°C. The composites products were characterized by FTIR, XRD, SEM and EDS. Generally, it was found that the crystalline of all metal-carbon composites have been reduced as the...

Author(s):   Wanvilai Singse, Sumrit Mopoung and Anchalee Sirikulkajorn        

April 2012

Toxicological studies on the leaf extract of Aloe ferox Mill. (Aloaceae)

  Aloe ferox is renowned for, amongst others, its antihelminthic properties in livestock. However, there is dearth of information on toxicity of A. ferox in livestock. Therefore, toxicity effects of A. ferox were evaluated through acute, sub-acute and chronic toxicity tests. For each test, twenty-five rats were randomly grouped into five groups of five rats. Group 1 (control) was orally...

Author(s):   Marizvikuru Mwale and Patrick J. Masika        

April 2012

Biosorption of Cd2+ and Pb2+ ions onto mango stone and cocoa pod waste: Kinetic and equilibrium studies

Mango stone (DMS) and cocoa pod (CPC), two agricultural waste materials evaluated for the removal of toxic cadmium ion Cd2+ and Pb2+ ions from aqueous media in batch adsorption mode. Adsorption variables such as the nature and composition of electrolyte, pH, adsorbent dose and equilibration time were optimized for the maximum accumulation of the metals to the biosorbents. The optimum contact time of 15 min for...

Author(s): Olu-owolabi, B. I., Oputu, O. U., Adebowale, K. O., Ogunsolu, O. and Olujimi, O. O.        

April 2012

Prediction of geometric defects in the cold embossing of AA6061 aluminum alloy by finite element analysis

The precision of near-net shape manufacturing processes such as cold forging is crucial. Defects may affect the assembly accuracy and thus cause decreased system performance. Therefore, these defects must be predicted and minimized as early as possible before proceeding to the manufacturing stage. This paper aims to study the geometric defects in the cold embossing pin head. The defects can be measured based on the...

Author(s):   A. B. Abdullah, S. M. Sapuan, Z. Samad, H. M. T. Khaleed and N. A. Aziz