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Table of Content: 4 January 2010; 5(1)

January 2010

Using advanced technology in automotive sector and relationship of technology management

In respect of organizations, it is possible to maintain their manufacturing efficiently and productively by making right decisions at the right times. And, they should realize their investments related to advanced technologies to respond to customer needs and expectations and sustainable competition. The process connected with these investments which have high cost is complex and have many unknowns. The comprehension of...

Author(s): Suleyman Semiz

January 2010

Effects of agricultural activities in Seyfe Wetland

Seyfe Lake is one of the most important wetlands of Turkey and it is classified among “first-class wetland areas” according to international criteria. The protection of the lake is assured at an international level after its inclusion in the Ramsar Agreement in 1994. Because of wrong water management practices and drought, Seyfe Lake has shrunk since 2004 in terms of both the area and the length of duration...

Author(s): Emine Olhan, Sema Gün, Yener Ataseven and Hasan Arisoy

January 2010

Teaching magnetic properties of matter: Discovery labarotary approach

The aim of this study was to construct a laboratory activity about magnetic properties of matter based on Discovery Laboratory Approach (DLA) and to investigate its effectiveness based on student opinions and observations. The study was conducted with sixteen freshman students in primary science education department. The study was utilized the case study approach and document analysis methods, in this process...

Author(s): Hakan Åževki Ayvaci

January 2010

The susceptibility of different maize varieties to post-harvest infestation by Sitophilus zeamais (MOTSCH) (Coleoptera: Cuculionidae)

Nine maize varieties collected at IITA were investigated for their relative susceptibilities to attack by Sitophilus zeamais MOTSCH, an important insect pest of stored maize. The results obtained were summarized using an index of susceptibility which took into account both the F1 progeny developing during the tests and a measure of the average development period of this progeny. The varieties arranged in...

Author(s): N. Makate

January 2010

Ionic and water relations of Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.)

The aim of this study was to assess the growth response of Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) (a halophyte) to various NaCl concentrations and hence determine how it is adapted to grow optimally under saline conditions. S. portulacastrum was grown hydroponically in various NaCl concentrations (that is, 0, 100, 200, 400 and 600 mol m-3 NaCl). It was found to exhibit a growth pattern typical of...

Author(s): B. Moseki and J. C. Buru

January 2010

Dichlorvos concentrations in locally formulated pesticide (Ota-piapia) utilized in Northeastern Nigeria

Samples of locally formulated Ota-piapia utilized in northeastern Nigeria were investigated for concentration levels of dichlorvos aimed at specifying the preponderant active pesticide ingredient in the local formulation from this region. Gas chromatography-Flame Ionization detection (GC-FID) technique was used for the determination. Results indicated that all Ota-piapia samples studied showed...

Author(s): Umar Musa, Stephen S. Hati, Abdullahi Mustapha and Garba Magaji

January 2010

Effect of irrigation management on yield and quality of tomatoes grown in different soilless media in a glasshouse

Global warming and resulting drought is the most important constraint affecting plant production in the Mediterranean Region. Therefore, effective management of scarce water resources is of paramount importance in this region. This research was conducted to determine the optimal irrigation strategy for drip irrigated fresh market tomato grown in different soilless culture in a glasshouse in the Mediterranean Region...

Author(s): S. Metin Sezen, Gülendam Celikel, Attila Yazar, Servet Tekin and Burcak Kapur

January 2010

The use of remote sensing in the protection and management of archaeological sites: a case study of the Anastasian wall

Approximately 30 km from the center of Istanbul, is a Byzantine or Late Roman period wall, constructed and reconstructed from approximately 500 - 600 C.E. by a variety of Byzantine emperors. The majority of the wall was constructed apparently during the reign of Anastasias (491 - 515 C.E.), hence the name ‘Anastasian Wall’. It was approximately 50 km long stretching from the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea. The...

Author(s): Michael Andrew McAdams, Sinan Kocaman and Fatih Kara

January 2010

Further study on molecular biological effects of CD4 D1 inhibitor J2 on allografts following corneal transplantation in mice

Our previous experiments have revealed that a non-peptide organic ligand of CD4 D1-J2 as a potential inhibitor of CD4 D1 can inhibit corneal allograft injection and prolong the corneal allograft survival. The present study aimed to further investigate molecular biological effects of J2 treatment on allografts following corneal transplantation in mice. Allogeneic orthotopic penetrating keratoplasty was performed using...

Author(s): Da-Jiang Wang, Han Zhang, Guo-Jiang Chen, Li-Qiang Wang, Ruo-Nan Xu, He Xiao, Ren-Xi Wang, Ming Yu, Yan Li, Song Li and Yi-Fei Huang

January 2010

Biochemical changes induced in rats by aqueous and ethanolic corm extracts of Zygotritonia croceae

Zygotritonia crocea is a medicinal plant that belongs to the plant family of Iridaceae. It is well known traditionally in the Western Nigeria for treatment of intestinal disorder associated with typhoid, diarrhoea and dysentery, and as component of anti-tuberculosis recipes. In this present study, the biochemical changes occasioned by the oral administration of aqueous and ethanolic corm extracts of the plant were...

Author(s): T. T. Adeniyi, G. O. Ajayi, M. A. Akinsanya and T. M. Jaiyeola

January 2010

An experimental model to study pneumothorax in Rats

Researchers have used various techniques to form pneumothorax in animals, but to date, no standard method or rate of pneumothorax has been defined. We tried to develop a standard and a safe method of pneumothorax model in this study. 12 female Wistar Albino rats weighing 200 - 220 g were used. Two groups (6 rats in each) were formed. Open pneumothorax was formed by 0.5 cm incision through the right, 5th intercostal...

Author(s): M.D Yucel Akkas, Ekber Sahin, Burcin Celik, Aydin Nadir, Sule Karadayi, Cesur Gumus, Ziynet Cinar and Melih Kaptanoglu

January 2010

An experimental study of steel fibre reinforced concrete columns under axial load and modeling by ANN

Concrete is a construction (building) material of which its usage in different fields has become widely spread by growing due to some of its effectiveness such as being easily shaped, resistance against physical and chemical outer effects, economical and having convenience in production. As a result of being widespread, it has been understood that concrete will serve more effective than the expected classical quality of...

Author(s): Ulku Sultan Yilmaz,  Ismail Saritas,  Mehmet Kamanli and Mevlut Yasar Kaltakci

January 2010

An assessment of outdoor recreational behaviors and preferences of the residents in Istanbul

The purpose of this study was to understand outdoor recreational behaviors and preferences of the residents in Istanbul. The findings of the study are based on a survey which was conducted among 1,400 residents in 32 districts of Istanbul in 2006 and 2007. As the study revealed, about one third of the residents participate in recreational activities in their spare time in Istanbul. Having a picnic, walking, and playing...

Author(s): Fatih Kara and Ali Demirci

January 2010

Efficient DNA isolation from Emblica officinalis for effective PCR

Emblica officinalis is a medicinal plant and distributed throughout the lower ranges of Himachal Pradesh. Its ph is low and has high amount of polysaccharides, polyphenols several pigments and other secondary metabolites. A slight modification of Warude et al. (2003) protocol for DNA isolation yielded good quality high molecular weight DNA free of contaminants from eight plants taken for analogy using RAPD as a...

Author(s): Vishal Bharmauria, Vivek Verma, Navjyoti Narang and Shalini Sharma

January 2010

Overview of synoptic conditions over West Africa and North Atlantic before cyclogenesis

The objective of this study is to describe the large scale conditions over West Africa and the Atlantic Ocean before the occurrence of a cyclogenesis over the North Atlantic by comparing synoptic conditions of a 3 day average before the genesis days of all cyclones (269 cyclones given by the National Hurricane Center; NHC) with the mean Aug-Oct climatology from 1980 to 2004. Over West Africa, the mean synoptic pattern...

Author(s): Arona Diedhiou, Moctar Camara and Amadou Gaye