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Table of Content: 8 September; 6(19)

September 2011

Antimicrobials, chemotherapeutics or antibiotics?

    Antimicrobials are the broad classes of substances acting against microorganisms. As there is a need for stability and consistency within Science, this must also be applied to the business of defining the different categories of antimicrobials correctly. This is of special importance, since various compounds known for activities outside this field of interest are now also...

Author(s):   Marleen M. J. Maartens, Chantel W. Swart, Carolina H. Pohl and J. Lodewyk F. Kock

September 2011

A study of the effects of slab gaps in buildings on seismic response according to three different codes

    In the Turkish Earthquake Code (TEC) for buildings built in earthquake zones, it is stated that slab gaps greater than 1/3 of the gross area of the storey should be avoided, and that otherwise there will be A2 type irregularity on the plan due to slab irregularities and that the slabs should be taken to be not functioning as rigid diaphragms. In such buildings in 1st and 2nd...

Author(s):     Turgut Öztürk

September 2011

Overview of the methods of modeling and analyzing for the medical framework

    This article presents briefly the famous methods of modeling and analysis used for the medical framework. Some methods present hiatuses and they are neither precisely coherent nor complementary for modeling the functional system and decisional of an enterprise. Indeed, the use of these methods is an important step within the medical framework which is concerned with the...

Author(s):     M. N. Lakhoua and F. Khanchel

September 2011

Effect of elastic boundary conditions on free vibration of laminated composite plates

    Laminated composite plate with high mechanical strength forms one of the main parts of the plane. These laminated composite plates get vibrated free or forced during their use. In this study, three different kinds of composite plates are used to determine the effect of elastic boundary conditions on the free vibration of the plates. The classical finite element method is used...

Author(s):     Ihsan Küçükrendeci and Ömer K. Morgül  

September 2011

Acid and alkali burns of the esophagus: An experimental study

    The purpose of the study was to evaluate esophageal burn in a rat model using varying concentrations of acid and alkali substances commonly used in daily life. Wistar Albino rats were used in this experimental model (n = 35). One control group and four working groups were designated with 7 animals in each. The control group was given serum physiologic into the esophagus;...

Author(s):   Ozgur Katrancioglu, Aydin Nadir, Ekber Sahin, Sema Arici, Yucel Akkas and Melih Kaptanoglu

September 2011

Socio-economic impacts of a micro-hydropower plant on rural livelihoods

    Electricity is one of the key determinants for economic growth of a nation. Although the benefits of rural electrification are immense, more than 44% of the people do not have access to electricity in Nepal. Micro-hydropower (MHP) scheme is considered the most feasible decentralized renewable energy option for providing reliable and affordable electricity to the remote and...

Author(s):   Anup Gurung, Ian Bryceson, Jin Ho Joo and Sang-Eun Oh

September 2011

A study for allocating resources to research and development programs by integrated fuzzy DEA and fuzzy AHP

    A decision model is developed to help managers select the most appropriate sequences of plans for product research and development (R&D) projects under strict constraints on budget and resources. In recent years, many organizations have changed from discipline-oriented to focusing on integrated programs and related outcomes. For a decision-maker of these high-profile...

Author(s):     Chun-Chu Liu

September 2011

Investigation on different mulch materials and chemical control for controlling weeds in apple orchard in Turkey

    Five different applications of mulching, consisting of a cover of black plastic cover(polyethylene = 0.15 mm thick), a sand stratum with a thickness of 2 cm, a layer of sand with a thickness of 4 cm, cardboard (1.5 mm thick), wheat stem (5 cm thick) and glyphosate acid active substance herbicide (post-emerging), respectively were used for weed control in apple orchard...

Author(s):   Tamer Ustuner and Menderes Ustuner

September 2011

The Turkish real time kinematic GPS network (TUSAGA-Aktif) infrastructure

    The concept of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Network has become popular throughout the world since the beginning of 2000s. The RTK Network server collects satellite observations from the RTK Network, performs calculations and sends RTK corrections to the rover. Thus, these RTK Networks eliminates the need for post-processing GPS observations; instead the users in the field...

Author(s):   Cetin Mekik, Omer Yildirim and Sedat Bakici

September 2011

Achieving design guidelines of neighbourhood open spaces through user’s characteristics in different times

    The importance of open spaces to our environment and quality of life is increasingly recognized. Open spaces include public parks and recreation grounds, non-roofed-over urban land and undeveloped natural landscape, and neighbouring spaces between buildings. User surveys are significant sources of data to help the planning, design and management processes of urban open spaces...

Author(s):   Mohsen Faizi, Seyed Bagher Hosseini and Saeid Norouzian Maleki

September 2011

Enviromental, socio-cultural and economical effects of ecotourism perceived by the local people in the northwestern Turkey: Kiyiköy case

    In the study, examining the ecotourism opportunities in Kiyiköy town of Vize district of Kirklareli province situated on the northwestern Turkey, the awareness of the local people and their role-expectations in this subject have been determined and the perceptions of the local people towards the environmental, socio-cultural and economical effects of ecotourism have been...

Author(s):     TuÄŸba KÄ°PER, Gülen ÖZDEMÄ°R and Canan SAÄžLAM

September 2011

Planning step-stress life tests with type-ii censored data

    This study discusses the point and interval estimations of two-parameter Gompertz distribution under partially accelerated life tests with Type-II censoring. Also, the study considers the optimal design problem in the case of time step-stress model. The maximum likelihood estimators and approximate confidence intervals of the model parameters are derived. Also, optimum test...

Author(s):     Ali A. Ismail

September 2011

Forecasting stock price using artificial neural networks: A multi-layer perception model - Iranian evidence

    In recent years, steel manufacturers have been playing a great role in economic growth, bringing about large amounts of stock exchange transactions in this industry. In the current study, we try to design a model to forecast stock price of steel industry, using artificial neural networks. To design the model, we used a three-layer network (five neurons in input layer, twelve...

Author(s):   Mahdi Salehi, Vali Khodadadi and Hakim Abdolkhani

September 2011

Grouting applications of grout curtains in Cindere dam and hydroelectric power plant

Grouting is one of the most popular methods used to control water leaking in fill dam constructions. Geological and geotechnical properties of the rock/soil to be grouted are important parameters influencing the design of the grouting. In this study, geotechnical properties of Cindere dam’s base rock and the grouting procedure have been investigating view of suitability to grouting. Detailed investigations of the...

Author(s):   Devrim ALKAYA and Burak YEŞİL

September 2011

Genetic relationships of poplar species in section Tacamahaca based on cpDNA and ISSR

    A molecular investigation on the species of Populus belonging to sectionTacamahaca was undertaken with the aim of inferring genetic relationships within the section. The ISSR and cpDNA RFLP-based UPGMA analyses were performed for seven Populus species, with 50 specimens representing 10 accessions from southeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China. The...

Author(s):   Ke Chen, Xiuqing Jia, Peng Ren and Jianqing Liu

September 2011

Low cost biosorbent banana peel (Musa sapientum) for the removal of heavy metals

    The efficacy of the banana peel (Musa sapientum) biomass was tested for the removal of lead, copper, zinc and nickel metal ions using batch experiments in single and binary metal solution under controlled experimental conditions. It is found that metal sorption increases when the equilibrium metal concentration rises. At highest experimental solution concentration used (150...

Author(s):   Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Abdul Wajid, Karamat Mahmood, Mohd. Jamil Maah and Ismail Yusoff

September 2011

Thermal comfort of multiple-skin facades in warm-climate offices

    A multiple-skin facade is an envelope construction that consists of two transparent surfaces separated by a cavity. The extra skin can reduce both cooling demand in summer and heating demand in winter. Solar radiation entering through the outer skin on the south face of the building will heat the air in the cavity. Depending on whether there is a demand for heating or cooling,...

Author(s):   Halil Z. Alibaba and Mesut B. Ozdeniz

September 2011

Box-Muller harmony search algorithm for optimal coordination of directional overcurrent relays in power system

    Directional overcurrent relays are used to protect interconnected power systems and looped distribution systems. The problem is modeled as a constrained nonlinear optimization problem in which the decision variables are the devices that control the act of isolation of faulty lines from the system without disturbing the healthy lines. Time dial setting (TDS) and plug setting...

Author(s):   Abdolvahhab Fetanat, Gholamreza Shafipour and Farrokh Ghanatir

September 2011

Statistical convergence of sequences of dual numbers

    When      and  are real numbers, the combination  is called a dual number and such numbers are considered as polynomials in  together with the multiplication rule In this work, some basic concepts such as statistical convergence and statistical boundedness of sequences in the set of dual numbers are defined by...

Author(s):   AyÅŸe Nur GÜNCAN

September 2011

Analysis of design criteria in authored wineries

    This article makes an analysis of 21 “authored wineries” which combine the most advanced wine-making techniques in the production of quality wines with impressive architectural images which give added value to the brand. A comparison is made between European countries and new wine-producing countries. It takes into account two types of characteristic: functional...

Author(s):   Carlos San-Antonio-Gómez, Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro and José Ignacio Rojas-Sola

September 2011

Determination of promising native Feijoa (Feijoa sellowiana Berg.) genotypes from Sakarya Region in Turkey

    This study was conducted to determine Feijoa genotypes grown within seedling population in Sakarya region. In the study, approximately 300 Feijoa plants were surveyed. In these plants, 28 genotypes were labelled and evaluated. Phenological and pomological researches on these genotypes were made for two years. As a result of this study, 16 Feijoa genotypes were selected...

Author(s):   Omer Beyhan and Sadiye Peral Eyduran

September 2011

Relationship between somatic cell count and catalase activity in raw milk of Anatolian buffaloes

    The objective of this study was to determine the relationships between somatic cell count (SCC) and catalase (CAT) activity of milk samples of Anatolian buffaloes. The data were collected in two smallholder farms of Samsun Province, Turkey. A total of 64 samples of bucket milk was analyzed for SCC and CAT during October to November 2008. SCC analyses were performed using...

Author(s):   Savas Atasever, Huseyin Erdem and Ertugrul Kul

September 2011

Equilibrium, thermodynamic and kinetics of reactive black 5 biosorption on loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) seed

    Biosorption is an alternative process for uptake of reactive dyes from aqueous solution. In the present study, the biosorption of  reactive black 5 (RB 5) from aqueous solution was investigated by using loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) seed biosorbent in a  batch adsorption technique as a function of contact time (0.5 min to 3 h), initial dye concentration (50 to 200...

Author(s):   Handan UCUN

September 2011

An extended TOPSIS method for the multiple attribute group decision making problems based on intuitionistic linguistic numbers

    With respect to the multiple attribute group decision making problems in which the attribute weights are unknown and the attribute values take the form of the intuitionistic linguistic numbers, an expanded technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) method is proposed. Firstly, the definition of intuitionistic linguistic number and the...

Author(s):     Yan Du and Jia Zuo

September 2011

Growth conditions of mycelium medicinal mushroom Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegl. in the substrate colonization phase

    Apart from the status of nutrients within the substrate, the level of inoculum and virulence, major factors relevant for the infection occurrence are temperature and pH necessary for wood colonization process. The impact of these factors on the growth and production of mycelial mass of Lentinus edodes was investigated under laboratory conditions. The aim of the...


September 2011

The effects of heat treatment on the microstructure and microhardness of explosive welding

    An AISI 304 type of austenitic stainless steel and low carbon steel were cladded by explosive welding in this study. Four explosive loading rates were used with the range of 1 and 2.0. Stand-of distance (s=t) was also used as a welding parameter. Cladded materials have been subjected to heat treatment at 250°C for times of ranging from 1 to 4 h. Effect of heat treatment on...

Author(s):   Fehim Findik, Ramazan Yilmaz and Tolga Somyurek