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Table of Content: October 2006; 1(1)

October 2006

An environmental analysis of existence: The past, the present and the future

  Man, as a “being” with the unique capacity to think and reason, has always been curious about his end as well as the end of the known universe. Perhaps, that is the ultimate thing he can think about beyond which nothing exists. Not only in the religions, in science also, there are lots of queries and theories about the END, the total extinction beyond which it is the unimaginable...

Author(s): Babu J. Alappat and Anil Kumar Dikshit

October 2006

The significance of Candida infections of medical implants

  Infection of medical implants is acquired at the time of instrumentation or surgery. It is an early complication of this intrusive procedure. Biofilm formation on implanted implants such as dentures, catheters or a prosthetic heart valve may lead to Candida infections.  Factors affecting the biofilm formation and the risk factors associated with the implantation of the various medical devices...

Author(s): INABO, H. I.

October 2006

Live birth by fallopian tube sperm perfusion in hyperprolactinemic woman after failed in vitro-fertilization

  The case presented describes a live birth following treatment of a 35-year-old woman with fallopian tube sperm perfusion (FTSP) using donor sperm after three-repeated unsuccessful courses of In-vitro fertilization (IVF) with Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA), Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE), and donor sperm. The indication of FTSP is hereby explored and discussed.   Key...

Author(s): Adesanya O.A., Shittu L. A. J., Oyewopo A. O., Babalola O. S., Jewo I.and Ashiru O. A.,

October 2006

The differential impact of various assessment parameters on the medical students’ performance in the professional anatomy examination

  This study was designed to assess the convergent validity of the professional anatomy (a multifaceted examination) with other markers of success (the various interactive assessment components of the curriculum) in determining the overall performance of third-year medical students. The aim was to isolate area of academic weakness among the students and to readjust the curriculum content to balance the...


October 2006

Biotechnology and intellectual property

  Through out the decades, biotechnology has emerged as research area which requires the understanding of the biological intricacies of nature. Much of the scientific knowledge has been imparted to transfer beneficial genetic traits from one species to another to enhance or protect an organism. In the field of medicine, these tasks have ranged from the production of proteins, such as insulin, to selective...

Author(s): Saima Amin Daneshyar, Kanchan Kohli and Roop K. Khar

October 2006

Phaeocedus is a new genus of ground spider (Araneae, Gnaphosidae) in Turkey

  The spider genus Phaeocedus belonging to family of Gnaphosidae is recorded from Turkey for the first time. The characteristic features are described and illustrated, and data on distribution are given.   Key words:  Gnaphosidae,  Phaeocedus,  Turkey.

Author(s): Osman SEYYAR, Hakan DEMÄ°R, Aydın TOPÇU and Abdulkadir TAÅžDEMÄ°R