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Table of Content: September; 4(9)

September 2009

Biotechnology research, development, applications and management in Zimbabwe: Review

  Information on the nature, trend and quality of biotechnology research, development, applications and management in a country is generally needed to improve policy decisions, guide future research and cooperation, civil society and general public knowledge, technology development agencies and to support public sector implementation of biotechnology research. However, there has been to date no comprehensive...

Author(s): Wilson Parawira and Esther Mpandi Khosa

September 2009

Stability analysis of pile-slope system

  An accurate estimation of the lateral force is an important key point for the stability analysis, because the lateral force influences both pile and slope stabilities. Therefore, overestimation of the lateral forces on the pile will naturally lead to conservative pile design and un-conservative slope stability design and vice versa. This is because the estimated lateral loads are used as extra resisting...

Author(s): Seyhan Fırat

September 2009

History of ordinal variables before 1980

  It is common to see statistics that apply only to interval or ratio scales applied to ordinal data. The origin of this is very old and unique in that methods based on less than adequate research conclusions continue to be used. This paper explores the origin of scales purported to measure attitudes and the various arguments that have ensued over the years for and against the use of statistical measures. The...

Author(s): Justin R Chimka and Harvey Wolfe

September 2009

The study of cow dung as co-substrate with rice husk in biogas production

  The co-digestion of cow dung with rice husk for biogas production at laboratory scale was the subject of this investigation. The study was carried out at room temperature that is, 26 - 29°C for a period of 52 days with a total solid concentration of 8% in each sample (fermentation slurry). The biogas produced was collected by water displacement method which was subsequently measured. Sample A (50 wt % cow...

Author(s): Elijah T. Iyagba, Ibifuro A. Mangibo and Yahaya Sayyadi Mohammad

September 2009

Using of generalized additive model for model selection in multiple poisson regression for air pollution data

  Multiple Poisson regression analysis is one of the most widely used statistical techniques in analysing air pollution data. It is a powerful tool when its assumptions are met, including that the relationships between the predictors and the response are a function such as straight-line, polynomial, or exponential. In many applications, however, the reliance on a defined mathematical function is difficult. Many...

Author(s): Y. Terzi and M. A. Cengiz

September 2009

The use of expanded microteaching for reducing pre-service teachers’ teaching anxiety about mathematics

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of expanded microteaching on the pre-service mathematics teachers’ teaching anxiety in teaching practicum course. There were 43 pre-service mathematics teachers divided into 2 groups, experimental and control groups, involved in the study. The experimental group contained 21 (12 females and 9 males) and control group contained 22 pre-service...

Author(s): Murat Peker

September 2009

Impact of charcoal production on woody plant species in West Africa: A case study in Togo

  In Togo, fuel wood and charcoal account for more than 80% of total householdenergy requirements. Charcoal production results in a high pressure on the commonly used woody species. This study was carried out to assess the impact of charcoal production on the vegetation. Surveys involving 310 charcoal producers from 4 production areas were carried out. In each production area, density, diameter, height and...

Author(s): Kokou Kouami, Nuto Yaovi and Atsri Honan

September 2009

Interaction profile for As, Cd, Cr and Pb in tissues of fishes (Tilapia gallier, Clarias lazera and Heterotis niloticus)

  The levels of Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr) and Lead (Pb) referred to as the quaternary heavy metals (QHMs) were investigated in fish tissues (gill, stomach, intestine and liver) of Tilapia gallier, Clarias lazera and Heterotis niloticuscaught from Lake Alau, Nigeria with the aim of presenting the QHMs interaction profile and hence provide further supportive information to existing...

Author(s): G. A Dimari and S. S. Hati

September 2009

Agroforestry training at postgraduate level in sub-Saharan Africa: Solutions to challenges in curriculum delivery

  In 2005, the African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE) supported a survey of postgraduate programmes in Agroforestry (AF) at 20 selected universities in sub-Saharan Africa. The objective was to assess the AF content and delivery challenges, and work out strategic solutions with stakeholders. We surveyed five, six, three and six universities in Southern...

Author(s): S. Chakeredza, A. B. Temu and A. Drame-Yaye

September 2009

An application of modified Smeed, adapted Andreassen and artificial neural network accident models to three metropolitan cities of Turkey

  Traffic accident prediction models are used for transportation safety studies. This study proposes 2 analytical models and an artificial neural network (ANN) model to estimate the number of deaths resulted from traffic accidents in 3 metropolitan cities of Turkey utilizing historical data between 1986 and 2005. The first analytical model is a modified form of the Smeed accident prediction model and the second...

Author(s): Ali Payıdar Akgüngör and Erdem DoÄŸan

September 2009

An experimental investigation into the buckling of GFRP stiffened shells under axial loading

  The results of an experimental study on the buckling behavior of thin-walled GFRP cylindrical shells are presented. The specimens were fabricated from continuous glass fiber using a specially-designed filament winding machine. The buckling behaviors of unstiffened shells and stiffened shells with lozenge, triangular and hexagonal grids were then studied under quasi-static axial loading at room temperature....

Author(s): Mojtaba Yazdani, Hossein Rahimi, Akbar Afaghi Khatibi and Saeed Hamzeh

September 2009

Towards a successful packaged water regulation in Nigeria

  The importance of locally sourced, low-cost alternative drinking water schemes in contributing to increased sustainable access in developing nations cannot be over-emphasized. One of such initiatives in Nigeria, where public drinking water supply is endemic is packaged drinking water sold in sachets. Packaged water if improved upon has been suggested as alternative water provisions that could allow...

Author(s): C. A. Dada

September 2009

Examinatıon of durablity of high performance concrete (hpc) that has been subjected to MgSO4 and NaCI corrosıon against freezing and thawing

  In this study, freezing and thawing effect over four different high performance concrete (HPC) (0P15Z “0% Pumice + 15% Zeolite”, 5P10Z, 10P5Z and 15P0Z) which has been waited in three different cure medium (H2O, MgSO4 and NaCI) for two years was examined. For this reason, four type of High Performance Concrete(HPC) was produced to substitute for, instead of cement. The produced concretes...

Author(s): KürÅŸat Yıldız and Latif Onur UÄŸur