9th iSTEAMS Cross-Border Conference Ghana 2017

Reality of human decision-making: A leadership and management platform

Ojo Emmanuel Ademola
  • Ojo Emmanuel Ademola
  • BCS and CMI Subject Matter Expert Principal Consultant Power-Age, United Kingdom
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  • Article Number - 75C1938


Decision-making as an essential leadership and management is an inescapable part of life whether done deliberately or intuitively. A few researchers have embraced the idea of discernment in primary leadership. As it were, the procedure of what is central in leadership and management ought to be legitimate regardless of the coveted result. As a rule, be that as it may, the balanced procedure might not factor in individuals' choice. For a few reasons, individuals might settle on nonsensical choices regardless of the thought of sanity. In this paper, author conceptualised decision-making as a leadership and management platform where an individual could settle on an unexpected outcome.


Key words: Humans, decisions, leadership, management and platform.