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Biodiversity and Conservation

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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJBC
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: April; 6(4)

April 2014

Plant species diversity of homegarden agroforestry in Jabithenan District, North-Western Ethiopia

Homegarden agroforestry is believed to be more diverse due to the combination of crops, trees and livestock. The aim of this study was to assess plant species composition and diversity of homegarden agroforestry in Jabithenan district, North-western Ethiopia. Two sites purposively and two villages randomly from each site were selected. Plant species diversity inventories were carried out for 48 homegardens. All woody...

Author(s): Ewuketu Linger Mekonnen, Zebene Asfaw and Solomon Zewudie

April 2014

Biodiversity of the Bharathiar university campus, India: A floristic approach

A total of 335 vascular plant species represented by 222 genera belonging to 67 different families were recorded, of which only one species was represented by gymnosperms. The Poaceae, Fabaceae, Mimosaceae, Caesalpiniaceae and Amaranthaceae were the dominant families of the vascular floristic composition of the study region. The occurrence of invasive alien species is detrimental as they have started invading the campus...

Author(s): Rajendran, A., Aravindhan, V. and Sarvalingam, A.

April 2014

Effect of salt stress (sodium chloride) on germination and seedling growth of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) genotypes

The impact of salt stress under different salinity level (0, 50, 100, 150, 200 mMol of NaCl) on ten genotypes of durum wheat namely: Werd Bled, Hmira, Bidi, Arbi, INRAT 69, Agili, Derbassi and Bayatha, Karim and Maali was conducted. Germination rate were recorded daily using radicle extrusion as a criterion. Morphological studies root length, shoot length, fresh weight and dry weight of root and shoot were also...

Author(s): AYED Sourour, RASSAA Neila, CHAMEKH Zoubeir, BEJI Saddreddine, KAROUI Feker, BOUZAIEN Themir, MRABIT Mayada and BEN YOUNES Mongi

April 2014

Ethnomedicinal studies on Bondo tribe of Malkangiri District, Odisha, India

Ethnomedicinal studies revealed the use of 34 angiospermic species by the Bondo tribe of Malkangiri district of Odisha. The traditional medicinal uses were observed to be wide spread and prevalent over modern medicine in the study area. In the present paper, plants for various diseases have been discussed togrther with dosage and mode of administration. Concurrently, correct name, family, local name are also provided...

Author(s): Suchitra Rout, Sitaram Prasad Panda and Hemant Kumar Patra

April 2014

Assessment of birds of the Arid water bodies in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

The ornithological role of lake Hashengie and 10 selected reservoirs have been studied from January to February, 2012 in Tigray, Ethiopia. Birds were surveyed using total and Block count methods from suitable vantage points. Bird species diversity, dominance, and vegetation cover were estimated. A total of 22,845 birds of 67 species belonging to 19 families were recorded. Maximum numbers of species were recorded in Lake...

Author(s): Kiros Welegerima, Tsegazeabe Hadush Haileslasie, Solomon Kiros, Mokonen Teferi, Kibrom Fitwi and Meheretu Yonas

April 2014

Assessment of downstream impact of Bahir Dar tannery effluent on the head of Blue Nile River using macroinvertebrates as bioindicators

A study was conducted to determine the downstream impact of Bahir Dar Tannery wastewater on the head of Blue Nile River using macroinvertebrates as bioindicators. Four sampling sites (one upstream and three downstream) were selected along the river and samples were collected from October to March, 2010/11. Macroinvertebrates were collected using standard dip net based on the Rapid Bioassessment Protocols for use in...

Author(s): Assefa Wosnie and Ayalew Wondie

April 2014

Amphibian diversity and distribution in Courtallam, South Western Ghats Foothills, India

An amphibian survey was conducted in Courtallam at the foothill of Southern Western Ghats and a total of 584 sightings of amphibians belonging to 17 species, six families and 14 genera were obtained between January and December 2012. Cluster analysis and multi dimensional scaling (MDS) analyses revealed diversity pattern(s) of similarity among group and between groups of amphibians in Courtallam.   Key...

Author(s): K. Vasanthi, K. Chairman A. J. A. Ranjit Singh and A. John Koil Raj