11th Annual National Conference of the Association for Encouraging Quality Education in Nigeria

Concentration level of phosphate and nitrate in Ikpoba River of Edo State, Nigeria

Water is vital to the existence of all living organisms, but its value is increasingly being threatened as human populations grow and demand more water of high quality for various activities. This has led to water deterioration in quality and quantity for consumption by humans and has also impacted in the aquatic ecosystem. The aim of this paper is to access the vulnerability of Ikpoba River to eutrophication through...

Author(s): Omoruyi C. I. and Oghuvwu P. O.

  • Proceeding Number: 7E01D2

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Assessment of rainwater quality of Bichi Local Government Area of Kano State, Nigeria

The physiochemical and bacteriological quality of rain water in Bichi Local Government Area of Kano State was studied using standard method of analysis. The result obtained indicated that the mean and standard deviation of temperature, pH, turbidity, total alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium were found to be 25.03 ± 0.82°C, 6.08 ± 0.34, 3.13 ± 0.64 NTU, 22.85 ± 6.45 mg/l, 5.76 ±...

Author(s): Emmanuel Bernard

  • Proceeding Number: 5A3D279

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of new mannich base 1-((4-chlorophenyl)(2,5-dioxopyrrolidin-1-YL) methyl) urea

A new mannich base 1-((4-chlorophenyl)(2,5-dioxopyrrolidin-1-yl)methyl) urea has been synthesized from the condensation of succinimide, 4-chlorobenzaldehyde and urea. The compound has been characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, FTIR, 1HNMR 13C NMR, and Mass spectroscopy. The compound was tested for its antimicrobial activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus niger  and...

Author(s): M. R. Abdullahi and S. Rajeswari  

  • Proceeding Number: 1106B56

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Assessment of physicochemical properties of clay samples obtained from Ashaka, Potiskum and Tango (NIGERIA) and a commercial bentonite obtained from Kofar Ruwa Market

Samples of clays suspected to be bentonite were obtained from Ashaka, Tongo and Potiskum, Nigeria and a commercial bentonite obtained from Kofar Ruwa market, Kano State were investigated for some of their physicochemical properties. These determinations were carried out on the wet beneficiated clay samples. The results were compared with results obtained from other studies on bentonite clays. The moisture content, pH,...

Author(s): Abdullahi S. L. and A. A. Audu  

  • Proceeding Number: 4AF7158

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Nanotechnology and implementation in natural products green chemistry processes

Nanotechnology, already showing great potential for application in environmental protection has been suggested to be able to provide green and effective alternatives for the management of insect pests in agriculture and post harvest processes. This is in an effort to reduce the hazardous effects of previously used non-biodegradable substances on humans and the environment. The paper will discuss emerging...

Author(s): M. M. Adeyemi, P. E. Omale, O. A. Olawuyi, A. Ngokat and A. Bhattacharya  

  • Proceeding Number: E287F60

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Characterization of beach water and its effect on nearby groundwater quality in Eti-osa and Ibeju-lekki local government areas, of Lagos State, Nigeria

Groundwater in Eti-Osa and Ibeju-Lekki local government areas of Lagos state were investigated for the effects of beach water influence on adjacent aquifers. Beach water and Borehole samples at distances of 40-50 m and 100-150 m from adjacent beaches in the study areas were taken and analysed for pH, Temperature, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Salinity, Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+, HCO3- , NO3-, Cl-SO42-,...

Author(s): V. E. Agbazue and B. U. Ukazu  

  • Proceeding Number: 2A7A362

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Production of methylester (biodiesel) using melon seed oil as a raw material

The production of the methyl ester was carried out using raw melon seed oil as a raw material through the process of transesterification. The most important variable which influences the transesterification reaction time and conversion were put into consideration.   Key words: Biodisel, transeterification, methyl ester.  

Author(s): Agbo I. U. and Onyezeka E.G.  

  • Proceeding Number: 044D564

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Sorption kinetics of methylene blue on adsorbents derived from Delonix regia seed pods and Vigna subterranea fruit hulls

Kinetics of methylene blue adsorption on adsorbents prepared from Delonix regia seed pods (DRSP) and Vigna subterranea fruit hulls (VSFH) were investigated. Characterization of the adsorbents indicated that the points of zero charge (PZC) of DRSP and VSFH are 5.30 and 4.80 respectively. Optimum removal efficiencies of methylene blue by DRSP and VSFH occurred at pH of 8.00 and 11.00 respectively. For both DRSP and VSFH,...

Author(s): L.K. Akinola, Ali Ibrahim and Mohammed Mohammed

  • Proceeding Number: A371B66

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Groundwater qualityin Okitipupa township of Ondo State, Nigeria

This study was conducted to assess the quality of groundwater in Okitipupa (Okpa), the head quarter of Okitipupa local government area of Ondo State, Nigeria. Physico-chemical parameters were determined using standard methods while metals were determined using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. The pH range (Mean ± SD) are 8.5- 11.2 (10.1 ± 0.9), the Electrical Conductivity range are 1095- 1932 (1503...

Author(s): Ayedun H. and Ediagbonya T. F.  

  • Proceeding Number: 3EACE68

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Isolation and characterization of 2, 4-dihydroxycinnamic acid from the stem bark of Adina microcephala Delile

Adina microcephala which belongs to the family Rubiaceae is widely distributed in Africa. It is used in African traditional medicine for the treatment of diarrhoea and other stomach or digestive tract problems. A microcephala stem bark was collected, identified, dried and pulverized. The pulverized plant material was subjected to Soxhlet extraction using petroleum ether (60-80°C), chloroform, ethyl acetate and...

Author(s): S. G. Ayo, J. D. Habila, J. I. Achika and O. O. Akinwande  

  • Proceeding Number: 47BCC70

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis of leaf, stem-back and root extracts of Alstonia boonei

Medicinal plants have had a crucial role in human culture and civilization. Alstonia boonei De Wild is a medicinal plant commonly found in West African and is popularly known as God's tree. The plant parts have been traditionally used for painkiller, antimicrobial, antimalarial and antidiabetic which have also been proved scientifically. Previous studies revealed little information on phytochemcial components of A....

Author(s): Babatunde O., Godwin R. E. and Wahab N. O.  

  • Proceeding Number: 9E02872

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Kinetics of the photocatalytic degradation of chlorendic acid (flame retardant) in aqueous TiO2 suspension

Kinetics of the Photocatalytic degradation of chlorendic acid [1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7-hexachlorobicyclo-(2, 2, 1)- hept-5-ene-2, 3-dicarboxylic acid], a flame retardant found in the environment, has been investigated in aqueous heterogeneous solutions using TiO2 (Degussa P-25) powder in the presence of artificial ultraviolet radiation and oxygen. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with detector set at 221 nm was...

Author(s): Boisa N. and Obunwo C. C.  

  • Proceeding Number: 3597E74

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Low cost/waste catalyst for fatty acid methyl ester production

Non-edible crude karanj (Pongamia pinnata) oil (CKO) with high free fatty acid (FFA) content was used as effective renewable feedstock for fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) production. Calcium feldspar clay, a rare compositional variety of plagioclase clay, a low cost, abundant earth resource, containing over 90% CaO and belonging to the class of anorthite clay was used as heterogeneous catalyst in direct conversion of...

Author(s): M. O. Ekeoma, P. A. C. Okoye and V. I. E. Ajiwe    

  • Proceeding Number: 2AEBF76

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Levels, spatial distribution and ecological risk assessment of Cadmium and Lead in surface soil of Nsukka industrial cluster areas, South-East Nigeria

Surface soil samples collected from four Industrial work sites in Nsukka Urban Industrial cluster areas, South- East Nigeria were investigated for levels, spatial distribution and ecological risk of Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb). A total of 200 samples were analysed using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) following wet digestion using 65% Nitric acid. The results revealed Cadmium and lead concentration levels...

Author(s): N. R. Ekere, B. U. Ngang, J. N. Ihdioha and P. O. Ukoha

  • Proceeding Number: 24C6F77

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Delonix regia extracts as non – toxic corrosion inhibitor for acid corrosion of mild steel in HCl solution

The corrosion inhibition properties of Delonix regia leaf extract (DLE), flower extract (DFE) and seed extract (DSE) in 0. 5 M HCl solutions were studied using weight loss technique. D. regia extracts inhibited the corrosion of mild steel in HCl solution. The inhibition efficiency increased with increasing concentration of the extracts at 30°C. The seed extract (DSE) was found to be more effective than both the leaf...

Author(s): Olusegun   K. Abiola, Abdulraman O. C. Aliyu and Suleiman Muhammed

  • Proceeding Number: 8666D54

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Effect of advance organizers in the teaching of Chemistry in secondary schools: A case study of Anambra State

This study examined the effect of advance organizers on secondary school students' academic achievement in chemistry and their scientific attitude. It used the pre-test post-test control group quasi-experimental design with eighty-four senior secondary 2 (SS2) chemistry students as subjects selected from two sampled schools. Chemistry Achievement Test (CAT) and Scientific Attitude Questionnaire (SAQ) were the...

Author(s): Enekwechi E. E.  

  • Proceeding Number: 8A18281

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Extraction and characterization of magnesium chloride from different brackish water sources in Rivers state

Magnesium chloride, an important source of magnesium, chlorine and other related products was extracted from brackish water obtained from Kaa, Eagle Island, Opobo and Iwofe water fronts in Rivers State using conventional methods. This involved the concentration of the sea water from 10 L to below 1 L before reacting with CaO to precipitate Mg(OH)2.The precipitates were washed, filtered and dissolved in 200 ml of 1.0 M...

Author(s): Konne J. L., Ujile A. A. and Ogolo J. J.  

  • Proceeding Number: 279EA83

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Petrochemicals: Upstream to plastic industry using ideas, methods, developments and procedures in developing countries

Plastic still remains today the real driving force of the petrochemical industry. Petrochemical is a branch of Chemistry that employs hydrocarbons, Oil and Gas as raw materials. This scientific research work clearly reveals that the petrochemical industry produces polymers (Plastics, Synthetic Fibres and Rubber), Detergents, Fertilizers, Fine Chemicals as well as alternative fuels. It dwells extensively and specifically...

Author(s): Ogodo Aemurerhimen Dickson  

  • Proceeding Number: 0721C85

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of potassium trisoxalatoferrate(iii) by permanganate ion in aqueous hydrochloric acid medium

The kinetics and mechanisms of the oxidation k3[Fe(C2O4)3].3H2O by permanganate ion in acid solution has been studied. The data are consistent with the rate law: d[Fe(C2O4)3-]/dt (a + b [H+])[Fe2(C2O4)3[MnO4] with a = 0.12 s-1 and b = 1.35 dm6 mol2 s-1, at T = 27.0±1.0°C,[H+] = 0.2 mol dm-3, I= 0.2 mol dm-3 (NaCl), and ëmax = 420 nm. There is evidence for the formation of an intermediate complex of...

Author(s):   B. O. Ogori, Y. N. Lohdip and J. N. Egila  

  • Proceeding Number: D940687

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Studies on the molar ratios of optimal interactions of NR-PVC blend using IR spectroscopy

Blends of Natural Rubber (NR) and poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC) were made by the liquid-liquid technique. The analytical study was carried out by the means of Infra- Red spectroscopy. The aim of the research is to locate blend compositions of optimal interaction, between the components. Using frequency method the functional groups of optimal interactions were; C-Cl, C=C, and CH3. The result obtained for establishing the...

Author(s): Okoye O. N. N. and Eboatu A. N.

  • Proceeding Number: B121D89

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Synthesis and evaluation of substituted benzimidazole motifs for preliminary antimicrobial drug target

Benzimidazole scaffolds are structural isosteres of naturally occurring nucleotides which allows them to interact with the biopolymers and enzymatic sites of living systems. The aim of this present work is to synthesize selected 2-alkanamino-benzimidazole derivatives in order to investigate their antimicrobial efficiency for possible future drug development. The series of targeted compounds were conventionally...

Author(s): Olayinka O. Ajani, Damilola V. Aderohunmu, Shade J. Olorunshola, Bamidele M. Durodola and Olatunde M. Ogunleye

  • Proceeding Number: 3131C91

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Chemical constituents of sandbox tree (Hura crepitans Linn.) and anti- hepatotoxic activity of the leaves and stem bark extracts

The use of natural products derived from plants for therapeutic purpose is as ancient as human civilization. Sandbox tree, Hura crepitans L. (Euphorbiaceae) is one of such plant and has been reported to have many ethnomedicinal applications especially as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antihepatotoxic effects. This recent study was designed to determine the anti-hepatotoxic activity of the ethylacetate soluble...

Author(s): Ganiyat K. Oloyede, Oluwatosin A. Adaramoye and Mutairu B. Olatinwo  

  • Proceeding Number: FFCA793

WANNPRES Conference 2018

Preliminary investigation of the anti-inflammatory activity of Harungana madagascariensis leaf extract Lam.Expoir (Hypericaceae)

The anti-inflammatory activity of Harungana madagascariensis (Hypericaceae) leaf was evaluated using formaldehyde-induced acute edema and arthritis respectively, and cotton pellet granuloma in rats. The leaf extract was obtained by cold maceration in methanol:dichloromethane (1:1) for 72 h. The extract was also subjected to acute toxicity test and phytochemical analysis. Acute toxicity test revealed that the extract had...

Author(s): Medewase, J. O and Ezike, A. C.    

  • Proceeding Number: 0D49695

9th iSTEAMS Cross-Border Conference Ghana 2017

Impact of Albizia lebbeck Benth (rattle tree) on soil nutrient status and crop yield under agroforestry system (Alley cropping)

This experiment was conducted to evaluate the impact of Albizia lebbeck Benth (its green manure and N2 fixing ability of its tree rows) on soil nutrient status (physical and chemical properties) under alley cropping (an agro-forestry system) with Irish potato (Solanum tuberosum L). The experimental design was a randomized complete block design (RCBD) comprising five treatments and three replicates. Soil sample analyses...

Author(s): Kareem I. A.  

  • Proceeding Number: E408496

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Heterogeneous catalytic efficiency of silica sulfuric acid toward the synthesis of substituted pyrimidin-2(1H)-one derivatives

Pyrimidine template is a highly privileged motif for the development of molecules of biological and pharmaceutical interest due to its prebiotic nature to life. This present study deals with the synthesis of pyrimidin- 2(1H)-one derivative from chalcones by the action of silica supported sulfuric acid (SSA) or conventional refluxed in concentrated hydrochloric acid. The chemical structures were confirmed by analytical...

Author(s): Olayinka O. Ajani, Taiwo F. Owoeye, Ifedolapo O. Olanrewaju, Adebusayo E. Adedapo  and Christiana O. Ajanaku  

  • Proceeding Number: 3E0B999

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Synthesis, characterization and corrosion inhibition of Co (II), Ni (II), Cu (II), and Zn (II) complexes derived from nicotinic acid hydrazide

Metal complexes formed by the reactions of nicotinic acid hydrazide (NAH) with copper (II), cobalt (II), nickel (II), and zinc (II) sulphate ions were prepared and characterized by their infrared, electronic, magnetic moment, elemental analysis, solubility, molar conductivity, and melting point as well as their corrosion inhibition properties using the weight loss method (WLM).   Key words: Ligand, Metal...

Author(s): O. W. Salawu, R. A. Wuana and J. T. Ashimom  

  • Proceeding Number: D0B3A101

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometric analysis of methanolic leaf extract of Blighia sapida

Blighia sapida is a medicinal plant whose fruits and leaves possess therapeutic properties. This research is aimed at identifying the phytochemical constituents present in the leaves. The plant leaves were extracted with n- hexane and methanol. Phytochemical screening was carried out on both extracts while only the methanolic extract was subjected to gas chromatography-mass spectrometric (GC-MS) analysis. The...

Author(s): Theresa I. Edewor and Nimotalai O. Kazeem  

  • Proceeding Number: D75A8103

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Assessment of some metals in roadside dust from Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria

Roadside dust samples were collected from commercial and residential areas in Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria for the determination of Cr, Pb, Cu, Fe, Ni, Co, Mn, Cd, As and Zn. Sample preparation and digestion were carried out using standard procedures. The samples were determined using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry after digestion with aqua regia. The levels of Cr, Pb, Cu, Fe, Ni, Co, Mn, Cd, As and Zn were...

Author(s): Zaynab Muhammed Chellube, Joseph Clement Akan and Emmanuel Mshelia

  • Proceeding Number: AD14654

WANNPRES Conference 2018

Effect of methanol extract of Synsepalum dulcificum pulp on some biochemical parameters in albino rats

Synsepalum dulcificum is believed to have medicinal and nutritional potentials. The objective of this study was to determine the beneficial effects of the methanol extract of the plant on some biochemical parameters such as liver function tests (alanine aminotransferase (ALT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), aspartate transaminase (AST), total bilirubin, total protein, albumin and globulin), blood glucose levels and...

Author(s): Nkwocha, Chinelo Chinelo, Nworah, Florence Nkechi, Nwagwe, Ruth Onyinyechi and Njoku, Obioma Uzoma  

  • Proceeding Number: E78B526

11th Egerton University International Conference and innovation Week

Promising environmental education practices at primary schools: Study reflections from Geography primary teachers and pupils

Environmental education continues to be a crucial component of curricula at all levels of education. Waste management remains a serious challenge in our communities and schools, which must be addressed in school and in extra curricula activities in order to reduce waste accumulation and its undesirable effect on human life. This paper describes a study that tested a model to stimulate the teaching and learning of...

Author(s): Johaiven Kashaigili and Kalafunja Mlang’a Osaki

  • Proceeding Number: B2CCF2

10th Egerton University International Conference and Research Week

Prediction modelling of academic performance with logistic regression: A case of rural primary school students in Kenya

Every year, when the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results are released, the same story of mass failure in rural schools is repeated. Academic performance prediction modelling could provide an opportunity for learners' outcomes to be known early, before they sit for final examinations. This would be particularly useful for education stakeholders to initiate intervention measures to help...

Author(s): Mvurya Mgala and Audrey Mbogho

  • Proceeding Number: A82C94

2nd International Conference on Strategies and Implication for Education and Technological Advancement

Heavy metals concentrations in roadside soil collected from various points along three major roads in Benin City

Road construction materials and vehicular emissions have been found to constitute the major sources of soil and air pollution. This study attempts to investigate the influence of road furniture and vehicular emissions on the accumulation of heavy metal in some of the roadside soil of Benin City, Edo State. The objective of this study was to determine the concentration of heavy metals such as Zn, Pb, Mn, Cr, Cd, Cu, and...

Author(s): Oghuvwu P. O.  

  • Proceeding Number: 0CD0E6

11th Egerton University International Conference and innovation Week

Label-free surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic detection of HIV-1 infection in blood and plasma adsorbed on conductive silver pasted glass substrate

This study reports on application of conductive silver paste smeared glass slides as Raman spectroscopy sample substrates for label-free detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen in blood plasma. It showed that the same substrates can be applied in Raman spectroscopic screening of blood plasma for presence of HIV. The characteristic Raman spectrum of HIV-1 p24 antigen displayed prominent bands that were assigned to Ribonucleic...

Author(s): Ben Otange, Zephania Birech, Ronald Rop and Julius Oyugi  

  • Proceeding Number: ABC268

1st International Conference Nigeria Statistical Society

A sensitive survey model for HIV seroprevalence research

Sensitive questions like HIV status may cause biased estimation of unknown population parameters as well as increase in the variance of the estimates due to evasive responses. The randomized response techniques (RRT) can be used to avoid the concealment of information or evasive answers. The RRT guarantees the anonymity of respondents in surveys aimed at determining the frequency of stigmatic, embarrassing or criminal...

Author(s): Aliyu Usman, Muhammed Baba and Saddam Damisa  

  • Proceeding Number: DA0A410

WANNPRES Conference 2018

Effects of aqueous extract of kuding leaves on cyanide-induced toxicity and packed cell volume (PCV)

Cyanide poisoning occurs when a living organism is exposed to a compound that produces cyanide ions (CN−) when dissolved in water. Kuding leaves are Chinese leaves used for weight control. Aqueous extract of kuding leaves was assessed for its effect on cyanide-induced toxicity and packed cell volume (PCV) in Wistar rats. Group A was administered 1% Tween-80 at 5 ml/kg. Group B was not induced but received 400...

Author(s): Obiajulu Christian Ezeigwe, Christopher Onyemeziri Alisa and Josephine Ezekwesili-Ofili

  • Proceeding Number: 3518D12

1st International Conference Nigeria Statistical Society

Fitting of seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average to the Nigerian stock exchange trading activities

This research work was set to examine the activities of the Nigerian Stock Exchange using the All-Share Index monthly data published between the year 2000 and 2015. Based on the plotted ACF graph of the original series, it was observed that the series was non-stationary and also exhibited some elements of seasonality which necessitated the series to be differenced to attain stationarity as well as reducing the seasonal...

Author(s): Nureni Olawale Adeboye and Idowu Fagoyinbo

  • Proceeding Number: 0227914

WANNPRES Conference 2018

Promotion of wound healing in mice using a formulation of Ficus sur Forssk aqueous leaf extract

Injuries from accidents are frequent occurrences. In most developing countries, patronage of alternative medicines to treat such injuries is common. Ficus sur Forssk (Moraceae) leaves are used for wound management in alternative medicine in Northern Nigeria. This study aimed at determining the effect of a formulation of the aqueous extract of F. sur on wound healing. A decoction of powdered leaves of F. sur was prepared...

Author(s): Lucy B. John-Africa, Christianah YIsimi, Medina Abbas and Aisha Daburi  

  • Proceeding Number: B60E616

11th Egerton University International Conference and innovation Week

Alternative strategies against malfunctioning Criminal Justice System in ensuring security in Kenya

Crime control in any country though primarily a mandate of the government should be a responsibility for all people, and an engagement of several agencies. This is because crime which is the main source of insecurity has many negative impacts. At the individual, family and neighbourhood levels, effective crime control lies in ensuring that one does not become a victim. However, in some countries like Kenya, provision of...

Author(s): Omboto John Onyango

  • Proceeding Number: E28D618

9th iSTEAMS Cross-Border Conference Ghana 2017

Impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) in telecommunications on Nigeria’s economic growth: A descriptive analysis

An effective telecommunications system, in one way or the other, enhances development as it also boosts investor confidence and promotes business transactions. Thus, the importance of telecommunications development to economic growth and development especially in the developing countries cannot be understated. This study examines the impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in telecommunications on economic growth. The...

Author(s): Ajala, Olufunmilayo Adekemi and Adesanya, Teniola Abosede  

  • Proceeding Number: E89C920

WANNPRES Conference 2018

Effects of n-Hexane fraction of Gongronema latifolium on some biochemical parameters in alloxan-induced diabetic albino Wistar rats

Diabetes mellitus is a burden affecting both developed and developing countries of the world and it has been known to be associated with hyperglycaemia, lipid disorders and cardiovascular complications. This work was undertaken to ascertain the effects of the n-Hexane leaf fraction of Gongronema latifolium as an anti-diabetic agent using standard methods. The results indicated a significant percentage increase...

Author(s): Grace Sylvester Effiong, Grace Emmanuel Essien, Adedayo Adedoyin Tologbonse and Danladi Ngyan Bala

  • Proceeding Number: D259622

9th iSTEAMS Cross-Border Conference Ghana 2017

Fingerprint recognition system using multiple representations

Recent advances in automated fingerprint recognition systems coupled with the growing need for reliable and efficient identification system have resulted in an increased deployment of fingerprint biometric technology in many broad applications. The system has been adjudged one of the most publicized biometrics across the globe as it offers reliable means of personal identification because of its uniqueness and...

Author(s): Aranuwa, F. O.  

  • Proceeding Number: 24A7324

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Antibacterial and antioxidant activity of Justicia spicigera extracts: Activity enhancement by addition of metal salts

Justicia spicigera was screened for its phytochemicals. The results showed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, phenols, saponins and steroids. Extracts of J. spicigera prepared with solvents of different polarities (n-Hexane, Chloroform, Methanol, and Ethyl acetate) was used to analyze the antibacterial properties in the absence and in the presence of metal salts. The antioxidant activity was analyzed using...

Author(s): Ohenhen O. N., Njoku P. C. and Igara C. E.  

  • Proceeding Number: B06A952

WANNPRES Conference 2018

Effect of Senna mimosoides leaf aqueous extract on the lactase activity, total protein and the electrolyte-inducing potentials of carbon tetrachloride induced hepatoxicity in Wistar albino rats

Aqueous extract of Senna mimosoides leaves (ASML) (a common weed in Savannah region of the African Continent) has been used in management of lactose intolerance and breast toxicity by locals. This study evaluated phytoconstituent of the aqueous extract of S. mimosoides leaves and the effect on lactase activity and subsequent electrolyte-inducing potentials. Thirty female albino rats were used for this study and were...

Author(s): NWORAH Florence Nkechi, NKWOCHA Chinelo Chinenye and NWACHUKWU Justus Nmaduka

  • Proceeding Number: EBB6428

9th iSTEAMS Cross-Border Conference Ghana 2017

Sustainable health in view: Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of cobalt complex of thiosemicarbazide and 4-aminoquinoline mixed ligand

In the present study, complex of cobalt(II) with mixed ligand of thiosemicarbazide and 4-aminoquinoline was reported. The complex was characterized by physical and spectral analysis. Antibacterial activity was carried out on the complex against Salmonella typhi, Shigella species, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella species, Staphylococcus auerus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The complex of the type ML1L2...

Author(s): Adekanmbi, T. O. and Daramola, B. E.  

  • Proceeding Number: F245730

WANNPRES Conference 2018

Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory activity of the Commelina ascendens J.K Morton (Commelinaceae) aerial part extract

This study evaluated the anti-inflammatory effect of Commelina ascendens using experimentally induced inflammatory models in rats. Oedema was induced on the rat hind paw by the injection of 0.1 mL of undiluted fresh egg albumin (phlogistic agent) into the subplantar surface of the right rat paw. Oedema was assessed in terms of volume of distilled water displaced by the paw. Tissue granuloma was induced in the rats by...

Author(s): Akachukwu Marytheresa Onwuka, Chukwuemeka Sylvester Nworu, Ikechukwu Emmanuel Peter, Florence Nwakaego Mbaoji, Bonaventure Chukwunonso Obi, Azubuike Collins Onyeto, Ifeoma Amarachukwu Nwabunike, Ogechukwu Nnanyelugo Isiogugu, Nneoma Martha Ofokansi, Ogbonnaya Charles and Peter Achunike Akah

  • Proceeding Number: 86EA232

11th Egerton University International Conference and innovation Week

Challenges facing technical training institutes’ student mothers, coping mechanisms and support accorded

Education is central to development as it empowers people, strengthens nations, and is thus critical to Kenya’s attainment of Vision 2030. Investment in education benefits the individual, society and the world as a whole. Teenage pregnancies have become more rampant among technical training institutes student in Kenya. This study highlights the challenges, coping mechanism and support accorded to student mothers...

Author(s): Wambu Charles

  • Proceeding Number: BC98534

WANNPRES Conference 2018

Effects of Monodora myristica (Gaertn, Dunal.) (Annonaceae) root bark on acute and chronic inflammation

Several researches have established the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities of the seeds and stem bark of Monodora myristica while scientific data on the pharmacological activities of the roots is sparse. Hence, this work evaluated the effects of methanol extract of the root bark of M. myristica on acute and chronic inflammation. The root bark was extracted by cold maceration in methanol to yield...

Author(s): Ogechukwu Nnanyelugo Isiogugu,  Adaobi Chioma Ezike,  Ikechukwu Emmanuel Peter,  Akachukwu Mary Onwuka,  Bonaventure Chinonso Obi,  Uche Collins Abonyi  

  • Proceeding Number: 7724C36

9th iSTEAMS Cross-Border Conference Ghana 2017

Reality of human decision-making: A leadership and management platform

Decision-making as an essential leadership and management is an inescapable part of life whether done deliberately or intuitively. A few researchers have embraced the idea of discernment in primary leadership. As it were, the procedure of what is central in leadership and management ought to be legitimate regardless of the coveted result. As a rule, be that as it may, the balanced procedure might not factor in...

Author(s): Ojo Emmanuel Ademola  

  • Proceeding Number: 75C1938

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Using index models for heavy metal pollution estimation of sediments from Bomu and Oginigba rivers

Sediments collected from Bomu and Oginigba rivers were treated according to recommended standards and subsequently analyzed for heavy metals and further tested with index models. The results showed that all the metals examined were higher than the recommended upper limits in sediments by China and USEPA except lead in the Oginigba River and cadmium in both rivers. In both rivers, all the metals, copper (Cu), nickel...

Author(s): Marcus, A. C. and Edori, O. S.  

  • Proceeding Number: BF1DB40

39th CSN Annual International Conference

Characterization and distributions of aliphatic and polyaromatic hydrocarbons in soils of oil sand deposits area of Ondo State, Nigeria

The concentration, distribution profile and possible sources of n-alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the soil of oil sand deposits in Ondo Southwest Nigeria were investigated to determine the present level of contamination prior to exploitation of the oil sand deposits. Surface soil samples (0-15 cm) were collected from Ilubinrin, Agbabu and Oloda communities. The level and distribution of polyaromatic...

Author(s):   T. A. Adedosu, O. K. Adeniyi and O. H. Adedosu  

  • Proceeding Number: 4DB0442

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