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Biodiversity and Conservation

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  • ISSN: 2141-243X
  • DOI: 10.5897/IJBC
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: November 2012; 4(14)

November 2012

Determination of the local, national/global status and effect of urbanization on Carnivora mammals in Jammu District and Trikuta Hills of JandK, India

During present study, from 2004 to 2006 in Jammu District and 2006 to 2009 in Trikuta Hills, the impact of urbanization on carnivores was studied. Order carnivora is represented by 5 species. Their local and national/global status was also determined. It was also found that urbanization is taking place by leaps and bounds, which has affected wildlife of the area mostly by habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation and...

Author(s): Rahul Kait, and D.N. Sahi

November 2012

Benefits and access to natural resources influence conservation perceptions and relationship between local people and other stakeholders: The case of Serengeti ecosystem, Tanzania

  Tanzania, like other countries in Africa has adopted collaborative management as one of its conservation and rural development strategies. However, resource use conflicts have been resurfacing among resource stakeholders. This study was carried out to review relationships between local people and government conservation institutions, district councils, and the private investors in Western and Eastern...

Author(s): Iddi M. Mfunda, Tomas Holmern and Eivin Røskaft

November 2012

Bushmeat and food security: Species preference of sundried bushmeat in communities in the Serengeti - Mara ecosystem, Tanzania

  Bushmeat is reported to be an important source of animal protein for people’s diet and income to rural communities around protected areas. Data for bushmeat preferences among local people bordering Serengeti National Park, Northern Tanzania, were collected through various techniques, including a key informant survey, group discussions, meat taste experiments and questionnaires. Multiple responses...

Author(s): Angela Mwakatobe, , Eivin Røskaft and Julius Nyahongo

November 2012

Genetic diversity, population structure and conservation implication of the endemic Sumatran lowland dipterocarp tree species (Shorea javanica)

  Shorea javanica is an economically important dammar-producing tree, endemic to tropical lowland forest in Sumatra and Java, Indonesia. Total population size, however, is very limited and endangered. We sequenced three non-coding regions of chloroplast DNA and three nuclear genes, and genotyped seven microsatellite loci in six populations representing the current species distribution. There was no variation in...

Author(s): Henti Hendalastuti Rachmat, Koichi Kamiya and Ko Harada

November 2012

Determinants of vegetation composition and diversity of a moist forest-savanna boundary in south-eastern Zimbabwe

  Determinants of a forest-savanna boundary were investigated around Chirinda forest, south-eastern Zimbabwe. Vegetation data were collected in 60 plots along ten 200 m-transects demarcated across the forest boundary. Geology, soil properties, physiography and fire were recorded as explanatory variables. Species composition changed significantly across the boundary, with 100% species turn-over between extreme...

Author(s): Isaac Mapaure