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Table of Content: 16 September 2013; 8(34)

September 2013

Structural health monitoring and damage assessment Part I: A critical review of approaches and methods

Aging and deterioration of existing structures and the need for rapid assessment and evaluation of these structures for hazard mitigation have significantly expanded the research efforts in the field of structural health monitoring (SHM). SHM involves monitoring of a structure using periodically sampled measurements, extraction of damage sensitive features from these measurements, and assessment of the current health...

Author(s): Burcu Gunes and Oguz Gunes

September 2013

Singulo oscillatory – stiff rational integrators

In this paper, we derive a general singulo oscillatory – stiff rational integrator of order (S+3) for s = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,… for the solution of initial value problems in ordinary differential systems that are singular, oscillatory or stiff. We compared our integrators with certain maximum order second derivative hybrid multi-step methods, certain Tau and Euler methods, the adaptive implicit and classical...

Author(s): Elakhe O. A. and Aashikpelokhai U. S. U.

September 2013

Effect of dielectric constant on energy losses in lead sulphide thin films grown by solution method at room temperature

Thin films of lead sulphide (PbS) were deposited using chemical bath deposition (CBD) at different lead ion concentrations. A mixture of  sodium hydroxide, varied concentrations of lead nitrate, triethanolamine (TEA), ammonia solution, thiourea, di-ionized and distilled water were used. A dip time of 120 min and pH of 9 at room temperature were maintained. It was found out that dielectric constants of the films...

Author(s): Mosiori, Cliff Orori

September 2013

Second-order kinetic model for the adsorption of divalent metal ions on Sida acuta leaves

The removal of metal ions from effluents is of importance to many countries of the world both environmentally and for water re-use. A comparison was made of the linear least-squares method of the widely used pseudo-second order kinetic model for the sorption of some divalent metal ions onto Sida acuta leaves. Four pseudo-second order kinetic linear equations were used for this study. The results obtained from...

Author(s): Oboh I. O., Aluyor E. O. and Audu T. O. K.

September 2013

Influence of fuel in the microwave assisted combustion synthesis of nano α-alumina powder

Microwave assisted combustion synthesis is used for fast and controlled processing of advanced ceramics. Single phase and sinter active nano crystalline alpha alumina powders were successfully synthesized by different fuel-to-oxidant molar ratios using aluminium nitrate as an oxidiser, glycine as a reducing agents and millipore water as a solvent by microwave assisted combustion synthesis. Thermodynamic modelling of the...

Author(s): Ramesh G., Mangalaraja R. V., Ananthakumar S. and Manohar P.