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Table of Content: 18 April; 6(8)

April 2011

The characterizations of constant slope surfaces and Bertrand curves

  In this paper, we give some characterizations of constant slope surfaces and Bertrand curves in Euclidean 3-space. We find parametrization of constant slope surfaces for spherical images of tangent indicatrix, principal normal indicatrix, binormal indicatrix and the Darboux indicatrix of a space curve. Furthermore, we investigate Bertrand curves corresponding to constant parameter curves of constant slope...

Author(s): Murat Babaarslan and Yusuf Yayli

April 2011

Analytic functions defined by a certain integral operator

  In this paper, some new classes of analytic functions, involving a certain integral operator, are introduced. Inclusion relationships, a radius problem and some other interesting properties are investigated. However, some applications of these results are also discussed.   Key words: Univalent, starlike, convex, integral operator, convolution.

Author(s): Khlaida Inayat Noor, Muhammad Aslam Noor, and Eisa Al-said

April 2011

Decompositions of fuzzy continuity by fuzzy strongly pre-I-continuous function

  Recently, El-Naschie has shown that the notion of fuzzy topology may be relevant to quantum physics in connection with string theory and E-infinity space time theory. In this paper, we introduce fuzzy strongly pre-I-open sets and fuzzy strongly pre-I-continuous function in fuzzy ideal topological spaces, and obtain several characterizations of fuzzy continuous functions by this function.   Key...

Author(s): Bin Chen

April 2011

Higher-order iterative methods free from second derivative for solving nonlinear equations

  In this paper, we suggest and analyze some new higher-order iterative methods free from second derivative for solving nonlinear equations. Per iteration, these new methods require three evaluations of the function and two of its first-derivative with efficiency index =   Convergence of their methods is also considered. Several numerical examples are given to illustrate the efficiency and...

Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor, , Waseem Asghar Khan, Khalida Inayat Noor and Eisa Al-said

April 2011

Investigating (Ochadamu) silica sand, clay and local oils for foundry core

  In this investigation, the Ochadamu silica sand was analyzed and used as base sand for the Ochadamu clay- sand mixture in an attempt to improve and develop an efficient foundry core. The mechanical properties of the sand, clay, and local oil mixture were determined. The fitness number, total coarse fraction, and the total fine fraction of Ochadamu silica sand were found to be within the best range...

Author(s): O. S. I. Fayomi, O. I. Ojo and A. P. I. Popoola

April 2011

Performance and exhaust emission characteristics of a diesel engine running with LPG

  This paper investigates the effects of LPG injection during air inlet period on emissions and performance characteristics. The engine has been modified to determine the best LPG composition for dual operation in order to improve the emissions quality while maintaining high thermal efficiency in comparison to a conventional diesel engine. An electronic controlled LPG injection system has been developed for...

Author(s): Vezir Ayhan, Adnan Parlak, Idris Cesur, BariÅŸ Boru and Ahmet Kolip

April 2011

The effects of support size on the vibration of the point supported plate

  The fundamental frequencies of plate are important for engineering designs. Freevibration characteristics of isotropic rectangular plates with point, spring and viscoelastic supports have been studied by several researchers. However, the practical implementation of these boundary conditions in...

Author(s): C. Demir and S. Burak Izmirli

April 2011

Effects of QUV accelerated aging on surface hardness, surface roughness, glossiness, and color difference for some wood species

  The surface hardness, surface roughness, glossiness, and color difference were determined for wooden materials produced from three commonly used species - two native of Turkey and one exotic - treated with one- and two-component water-based varnishes and exposed to different amounts of radiation to mimic accelerated aging using a QUV aging device. One- and two-component...

Author(s): Nevzat Çakıcıer, Suleyman Korkut, Derya Sevim Korkut, Ahmet KurtoÄŸlu and Abdullah Sönmez

April 2011

Suitability of local binder compositional variation on silica sand for foundry core-making

  The use of local oils, namely groundnut oil, cotton seed oil and palm oil with Nigeria local clay and silica sand for the production of foundry cores has been investigated on varying composition. Addition of cassava starch, local clay, oil and moisture to sand are used to produce strong and efficient core. These oils were tested and it was found that the three could be used to produce foundry cores. The best...

Author(s): O. S. I. Fayomi, O. O. Ajayi and A. P. I. Popoola

April 2011

Flight path PID controller for propeller-driven fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles

  The world of the future will be filled with intelligent unmanned aircraft employed to autonomously perform tasks and substituting human efforts in applications where human operation is dangerous, inefficient and/or impossible. Towards this goal, an autonomous flight path state holding for a fixed-wing propeller-driven unmanned aircraft is developed. The development is based on the utilization of a...

Author(s): B. M. Albaker and N. A. Rahim

April 2011

An investigation of the applicability of a swelling wave simulation using maritime information for disaster prevention

  Recently disasters caused by swells are often occurring around the coastal areas of South Korea. Swells are accompanied with high waves that are approximately 10 m high and these come without particular warning. Thus, it is important to predict swells properly in order to prevent sudden coastal disasters. A systemic method to predict swells has not been established up till now. In this study, we simulated...

Author(s): Woo-Seok Bae, Sung-Duk Kim, Ho-Jin Lee and Hyon-Seung Dho

April 2011

A state of art review of peat: Geotechnical engineering perspective

  Peat is a type of soft soil composed of high contents of fibrous organic matters and is produced by the partial decomposition and disintegration of mosses, sedges, trees, and other plants that grow in marshes and other wet place in the condition of lack of oxygen. These soils are geotechnically problematic as they show high compressibility and low shear strength. In this paper, the origin of peat and its...

Author(s): Sina Kazemian, Arun Prasad, Bujang B. K. Huat and Maassoumeh Barghchi

April 2011

Using linear goal programming in surveying engineering for vertical network adjustment

  In engineering, especially in Surveying Engineering, network adjustment is made to find out the definite values of the unknows and the measurements. Generally Least Square method is used for vertical network adjustment. By using Linear Goal Programming method, as opposed to the Least Squares method used in network adjustment, similar results are reached. By this study, Linear Goal Programming method, proposed...

Author(s): Selçuk Alp, Erol Yavuz and Nihat Ersoy

April 2011

State of an art review of peat: General perspective

  Peat can be defined as the accumulation of 100% pure organic material which contains at least 65% organic matter or less than 35% mineral content. The distribution of peat deposits is extensive. It constituents 5 to 8% of the earth land surface and nearly 60% of the wetlands of the world are peat. The composition of peat differs from location to location. This is due to the reasons such as the origin fibre,...

Author(s): Bujang B. K. Huat, Sina Kazemian, Arun Prasad and Maassoumeh Barghchi

April 2011

Performance of artificial neural network and regression techniques for rainfall-runoff prediction

  Different types of methods have been used in runoff prediction involving conceptualand empirical models. Nevertheless, none of these methods can be considered as a single superior model. Owing to the complexity of the hydrological process, the accurate runoff is difficult to be predicted using the linear recurrence relations or physically based watershed. The linear recurrence relation model does not attempt...

Author(s): A. El-shafie, M. Mukhlisin, Ali A. Najah and M. R. Taha

April 2011

Using secondary additives to enhance the physicochemical properties of kaolinite

  The adsorptions of various electrolytes namely; CH3COONa, H3PO4, Na2Sio3, Na2Co3, CaCl2, and Al2(SO4)3, onto kaolinite from aqueous solutions were investigated using zeta potential test. Based on zeta potential results, 36 different binders were designed using Na2Sio3 as well as H3PO4 as main stabilizers mixed with CaCl2 and Al2(SO4)3 as secondary additives at various electrolytes....

Author(s): Hossein Moayedi, Afshin Asadi, Fatemeh Moayedi, Bujang B. K. Huat and Sina Kazemian

April 2011

Crucial components in toll-like receptor signaling network as key regulators for immunological disorders

  The toll-like receptor (TLR) signaling network is the main part of the mammalian immune system. It is activated by the pathogenic ligands producing immunological responses. Here, we present a detailed analysis of the system level properties of the TLR signaling network aiming to decipher the complex network structure for drug target identification in immunological disorders. The network of molecular...

Author(s): Saliha Ece Acuner Özbabacan, Saliha DurmuÅŸ Tekir and Kutlu Ö. Ülgen

April 2011

Source, characteristics and some geological features of the thermal waters of Hidirbeyli Region, Aydin, Turkey

  The metamorphic units belonging to Menderes Massif occur in the area as basement rocks. These rocks are predominantly formed during Paleozoic. At the top of these rock units, there are some Miocene and Paleocene aged sedimentary rocks, which are covered by Quaternary aged alluviums. The Menderes block (often described as Menderes Massif was elevated due to compressional tectonic forces from south and north...

Author(s): Ali Riza Sögüt

April 2011

Mauth: A fine-grained and user-centric permission delegation framework for web services

  Mashups are a new breed of interactive web applications that aggregate and stitch together data retrieved from one or more sources to create an entirely new and innovative set of services. The paradigm is not limited to social networks and many enterprises are redesigning their business processes to create interactive systems in the form of mashups. However, protecting users' private data from...

Author(s): Masoom Alam, Muhammad Ali, Quratulain Alam, Tamleek Ali, Sajid Anwar, Awais Adnan and Mudasser Ali,

April 2011

Trivial model for mitigation of risks in software development life cycle

  Software development is the art of developing the software in an appropriate manner by using the software development life cycle, regardless of the fact that which model is used for the development. The development is a dynamic activity and requires a lot of rational thinking during the analysis, design, coding, testing and maintenance phases of software development. As the development of software is becoming...

Author(s): Basit Shahzad, Yousef Al-Ohali and Azween Abdullah

April 2011

Re-heat simulated annealing algorithm for rough set attribute reduction

  Attribute reduction deals in finding all possible reducts by egesting redundant attributes while maintaining the information of the problem in hand. This paper aims to investigate an alternative approach to find the minimal attribute from a large set of attributes. Towards this goal, a reheat simulated annealing (Reheat-SA) is proposed to solve an attribute reduction problem in rough set...

Author(s): Salwani Abdullah, Laleh Golafshan and Mohd Zakree Ahmad Nazri

April 2011

Heavy metals Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu and Zn in human hair samples using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis

  This paper presents the results of analysis of energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) applied on the human hair. We determined the concentrations of heavy metals Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu and Zn of 29 hair samples of sanitation workers and 5 samples of students were assumed to be environmentally healthy group. The accuracy and precision of the method for the elements were evaluated through the analysis of a...

Author(s): Jauharah Md Khudzari, Husin Wagiran, Md. Imam Hossain, Noorddin Ibrahimand Mohd Arif Agam

April 2011

X-ray interactions with potassium carbide

  Soft X-rays are produced owing to high intensity pulsed lasers irradiating solid targets. This project report centres on the interaction of soft X-rays with a multi-electron atom potassium carbide (K2C2) in which absorption index,, and the refractive index decrement, , of potassium (K), carbon (C) and potassium carbide (K2C2) are calculated.  Reflectivties of each material over a range of X-ray...

Author(s): Dikedi P. N.

April 2011

Study on abaca (Musa textilis Nee) fibre reinforced high impact polystyrene (HIPS) composites by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)

  In this research, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was used to measure the amount and rate of change in the weight (weight loss) of abaca fibre reinforced high impact polystyrene (HIPS) composites as a function of temperature. The function determined the composition of abaca fibre reinforced HIPS composites on predicting the thermal stability. The optimum composites designed with composition of...

Author(s): E. H. Agung, S. M. Sapuan, M. M. Hamdan, H. M. D. K. Zaman, U. Mustofa

April 2011

Malignancy and abnormality detection of mammograms using DWT features and ensembling of classifiers

  Breast cancer detection and diagnosis is a critical and complex procedure that demands high degree of accuracy. In computer aided diagnostic systems, the breast cancer detection is a two stage procedure. First, to classify the malignant and benign mammograms, while in second stage, the type of abnormality is detected. The classifier ensemble optimization is a method that can be applied to increase the...

Author(s): Nawazish Naveed, Tae-Sun Choi M. and Arfan Jaffar

April 2011

Wave-like interaction, occurring at superluminal speeds, or the same, de Broglie relationship, as imposed by the law of energy conservation: Gravitationally bound particles (Part II)

  Previously, merely based on the law of energy conservation, we have demonstrated that, the gravitational motion depicts a “rest mass variation”, throughout. The same applies to a motion driven by electrical charges; this constituted the topic of the preceding article (Part I of this work). One way to conceive the rest mass variation phenomenon in question is to consider a “jet effect”....

Author(s): Tolga Yarman

April 2011

Distribution and conservation significance of endemic plants in the Düzce province

  When considering the conservation status of endemic plants, their traits must be taken in land use systems, since endemics population ranges and sizes, and durability of natural habitats. In this paper, we present the global assessment of the conservation status of the endemic plants from the Düzce province, by applying IUCN criteria and categories, together with the distribution patterns of...

Author(s): Necmi Aksoy and Osman Uzun

April 2011

Agricultural waste as a low cost adsorbent for heavy metal removal from wastewater

  Biosorption was carried out in a batch process to test the suitability of Amaranthus hybridus (African spinach) stalk and Carica papaya (pawpaw) seed for removal of Mn (II) and Pb (II) ions from aqueous solution. The amount of metal ions removed from solution depended on the metal ion-substrate contact time, ion concentration and ion type. The contact time was 90 min for both substrates....

Author(s): J. N. Egila, B. E. N. Dauda, Y. A. Iyaka and T. Jimoh

April 2011

Comparison of physical properties of sutures in medical liquids

  In this study, some physical properties of natural and synthetic absorbable sutures are compared. Normal catgut and poly (glycolide-co-caprolactone) sutures were used due to their monofilament structures. Advantages and disadvantages of these sutures were experimentally observed. Knotted and unknotted suture samples were individually put into different liquids such as; medical solutions, distilled water and...

Author(s): Ä°smail Tiyek, Remzi Gemci and Sami TürkoÄŸlu

April 2011

Contextualization of science knowledge: A case study of Malaysian and Nigerian serving and pre-service teachers

  This study was meant to ascertain how well Malaysian and Nigerian university science education undergraduates and their counterparts (already on the field) contextualize science concepts they are learning or have learned and how well they can help the students they teach connect science with real-life in their teaching. The designs employed in the study were survey and causal comparative. The sample consisted...

Author(s): Kunle Oke Oloruntegbe, Gazi Mahabubul Alam, Sharifat Norul Akmar Syed Zamri, Christopher Kalu Okwun, Talukder Golam Rabby and Salami Dada Kareem