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Table of Content: 18 March, 2011; 6(6)

March 2011

Designing buyer and seller intelligent agents in an electronic market based on emergency decision making

  In the recent decade, big suppliers use internet sites for introducing and selling their products. These companies decided to carry out their ordering and reservation operations through these internet sites because they were successful and were welcomed by many internet users. In this article, a model of electronic market for buyer and seller intelligent agents is recommended which introduces an emotional...

Author(s): Mohammad Amiri and Hossein Shirgahi

March 2011

Hill development by Earth architecture

  The aim of this paper is to find better knowledge for earth architecture’s applications as a sustainable architecture. Earth architecture is a research devoted to the architectural uses in shaping the environment of human kind related to human ecology. Earth architecture includes vernacular and historical architecture drawn from many cultures and periods in different countries. Hills to make artificial...

Author(s): Hamed Niroumand, Maslina Jamil and M. F. M. Zain

March 2011

Energy, exergy and economic analysis of an annealing furnace

  Energy efficiency improvements as well as energy savings are the major concern in most of the developed countries all over the world. Furnace is the most common and important part in metal industries. The useful concept of energy and exergy utilization is analyzed to investigate the energy and exergy efficiencies, energy and exergy losses, energy savings and cost benefit of an annealing furnace. The...

Author(s): M. Hasanuzzaman, R. Saidur, and N. A. Rahim

March 2011

3-D numerical analysis of orthogonal cutting process via mesh-free method

  In this paper, the applications of mesh-free SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) methodology to the simulation and analysis of 3-D hard machining process is presented. A Langrangian SPH based model is carried out using the Ls-Dyna software. Classical Lagrangian, Eulerian and ALE methods such as finite element methods (FEM) cannot resolve the large distortions very well. Conventional finite element analysis...

Author(s): Eyup Bagci

March 2011

Adaptive fuzzy control for earthquake-excited buildings with lead rubber bearing isolation

This study examines the feasibility of applying adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control (AFSMC) strategies to reduce the dynamic responses of buildings constructed using a lead rubber bearing (LRB) isolation hybrid protective system. Recently developed control devices for civil engineering structures, including hybrid systems and semi-active systems, have been found to have inherent nonlinear properties. It is thus...

Author(s): Ken Yeh

March 2011

Development of a composite autofocus method for tissue slides using a line scan CCD camera

  This study describes the application of a composite autofocus method, which combines full-trip auto focusing (AF) technology with extended depth of field (EDOF) technology to examine tissue slides, using a line scan CCD camera. We investigated several criteria that serve as appropriate sharpness evaluation methods, for histological images. Examples of such methods include the use of an edge detection filter...

Author(s): Jiun-Hung Yu, Ting-Hsuan Chen, Chih-Wei Liao, Yen-Chung Chen and Fang-Jung Shiou

March 2011

Artificial neural network technique for rainfall forecasting applied to Alexandria, Egypt

  Two rainfall prediction models were developed and implemented in Alexandria, Egypt. These models are Artificial Neural Network ANN model and Multi Regression MLR model. A Feed Forward Neural Network FFNN model was developed and implemented to predict the rainfall on yearly and monthly basis. In order to evaluate the incomes of both models, statistical parameters were used to make the comparison between the...

Author(s): Amr H. El-Shafie, A. El-Shafie, Hasan G. El Mazoghi, A. Shehata and Mohd. R. Taha

March 2011

Comparison of variance component estimation methods for horizontal control networks

  In this study, some well-known variance component estimation methods, called conventional, Helmert, MINQUE, AUE, and Förstner, developed to determine the stochastic model, for the adjustment of geodetic networks, have been compared. In doing so, concrete deciding criteria, using statistical tests, have been defined and the determination of superior model has been studied. For the validation of the...

Author(s): E. Yavuz, O. Baykal and N. Ersoy

March 2011

Using feed-forward back propagation (FFBP) neural networks for compressive strength prediction of lightweight concrete made with different percentage of scoria instead of sand

  Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are the result of academic investigations that use mathematical formulations to model nervous system operations. Neural networks (NNs) represent a meaningfully different approach to using computers in the workplace, and have been used to recognize patterns and relationships in data. In this paper, the compressive strength (CS) of lightweight material with 0, 20, 30, and 50%...

Author(s): Razavi S. V., Jumaat M. Z. and Ahmed H. EI-Shafie

March 2011

An efficient inverter circuit design for driving the ultrasonic welding transducer

  This paper describes a robust circuit design using matching technology to drive the ultrasonic welding transducer with zero voltage switching. A new feedback control method to track the optimal working frequency was practically implemented by a FPGA chip. All analytic results exhibited that the newly designed class-E inverter circuit can be effectively and stably applied on the high power ultrasound welding...

Author(s): Wen-Chung Chang, Sheng-Chien Su and Kai-Hsing Ma

March 2011

Bahar: A new hybrid of GA and auction method for dynamic bandwidth allocation based on EPON networks

  One of the major challenges in the Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPON) technology in providing quality of service for the network users is the optimum and dynamic allocation of bandwidth that has been requested by the users. In this paper, a hybrid method is proposed that is based on the genetic algorithm and the auction theory where the requested bandwidth is calculated precisely with the genetic...

Author(s): Alireza Hedayati, Mehdi N. Feshaaraki, Kambiz Badie and Vahe Aghazarian

March 2011

Comparison of time series methods and neural network in energy cost forecasting

  Different method sets for energy cost, based on neural networks and composition networks, were used for several kinds of time series models and methods based on intelligence system. In this paper, performance and result of several kinds of time series models in energy in synchronic energy markets, were first studied; then in continuance, was used for forecasting and in Spain and California during one...

Author(s): Mehrdad Ahmadi Kamarposhti

March 2011

Effects of geological and hydrological factors on the creation of flooding in Kozlu, Zonguldak, NW Turkey

  The settlement of Kozlu in Zonguldak province located in the Western Black Sea Region of Turkey has experienced flood disasters since 1955 which has caused life losses and property damages. The study area comprises, order of age from the oldest to the youngest, Kozlu, Karadon and Inalti formations, Incigez Detritic member and alluvium. The fact that the Kozlu and Karadon formations are hydrogeologically...

Author(s): Hulya Keskin Citiroglu and Gulseren Baysal

March 2011

Neural network model and geographic grouping for risk assessment of debris flow

  There were 1500 rivers and streams in Taiwan with potential sources of debris flows. Debris flows often occurred after earthquakes and heavy rains, leading to severe damage to human lives and properties. This study aimed to develop an accurate neural network-based risk assessment model of debris flows. The back propagation network was adopted because of its supervised training nature and of its ability to...

Author(s): Jeng-Wen Lin,

March 2011

A depth-averaged two-dimensional model for flow around permeable pile groins

  Results of a comparison between in-situ experiment and numerical modelling for flow around permeable pile groins were presented. The groin sets consisted of porous-fence piles with a diameter of 1.0 m and were conducted in the Laonong River, Southern Taiwan. A numerical model that solved depth-averaged RANS (Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations) and the continuity equation was...

Author(s): Jung-Tai Lee, H. C. Chan, Chin-Kun Huang, Yu-Min Wang and Wei-Che Huang

March 2011

Effect of temperature treatment on the optical characterization of ZnO-Bi2O3-TiO2 varistor ceramics

  The optical band-gap energy (Eg) is an important feature of semiconductors which determines their applications in optoelectronics.  So, it is necessary to investigate the electronic states of ceramic ZnO and effect of doped impurities at different processing conditions.  Eg of the ceramic ZnO + xBi2O3 + xTiO2 where x = 0.5 mol%, was determined using UV-Vis...

Author(s): M. G. M. Sabri, B. Z. Azmi, , Zahid Rizwan, M. K. Halimah, M. Hashim and M. H. M. Zaid

March 2011

Finite element analysis of nonlinear structures with Newmark method

  The Newmark method is an explicit method and the most important aspects of this subfamily are the possibility of unconditional stability for nonlinear systems and second-order accuracy. The possibility of unconditional stability and second-order accuracy allows the use of a large time step, and the explicitness of each time step involves no iterative procedure. To evaluate the numerical properties of the...

Author(s): H. Hashamdar, Z. Ibrahim and M. Jameel

March 2011

Elastic moduli prediction and correlation in soda lime silicate glasses containing ZnO

  Soda lime silicate glass (SLS) containing zinc oxide (ZnO) was prepared and its elastic properties through the principle of Rocherulle’s model were investigated. Different density, dissociation energy and elastic moduli were calculated theoretically for each glass samples containing different weight percentage of ZnO and these values were compared with experimental results by using ultrasonic pulse echo...

Author(s): M. H. M. Zaid, K. A. Matori, L. C. Wah, H. A. A. Sidek, M. K. Halimah, Z. A. Wahab and B. Z. Azmi

March 2011

Physics of flow instability and turbulent transition in shear flows

  Turbulent transition is of great significance in modern sciences and industrial applications. The physics of flow instability and turbulent transition in shear flows is studied by analyzing the energy variation of fluid particles under the interaction of base flow with a disturbance. A simple model derived from physics is proposed to show that the flow instability under...

Author(s): Hua-Shu Dou

March 2011

Schwarzschild-like solution for ellipsoidal celestial objects

  Schwarzschild solution is the simplest solution of Einstein's field equations, but it has not been able to be describe any non-spherical in shape as in the real are existing. Many objects like stars and/or galaxies are in the form of ellipsoidal form and consequently, the gravitational lines around the objects are different in comparison with spherical form. In this paper a line element has been...

Author(s): Bijan Nikouravan,

March 2011

Development and evaluation of multimedia reciprocal representation instructional materials

  In Taiwan, e-learning systems have been widely used in universities and educational institutions, but many related studies pointed out that teaching activity and strategies have not been integrated into most of the curriculum. These systems made students not to have enough motivation to learn with the e-learning and as such, it affected the learning performance. Therefore, this study focused on incorporating...

Author(s): Yuh-Tyng Chen, Tsung-Jen Chen and Li-Yuan Tsai

March 2011

SEAN: Multi-ontology semantic annotation for highly accurate closed domains

  Semantic annotation has gained momentum with the emergence of the current user-generated content paradigm on the Web. The ever-growing quantity of collaborative data sources has resulted in the requirement for efficient approaches to create, integrate and retrieve information more efficiently in an environment where the users ask for accurate information. The main research challenge of the current work is...

Author(s): Juan Miguel Gómez-Berbís, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, José Luis López-Cuadrado, Israel González-Carrasco and Ángel García-Crespo

March 2011

Investigating a round robin strategy over multi algorithms in optimizing the quality of university course timetables

  This paper tackles university course timetabling problems (UCTP) to find a (near) optimal solution (timetable) while satisfying hard constraints (essential requirements) and minimizing as much as possible the violations of the soft constrains (desirable requirements). In this study, we apply three algorithms, that is, Great Deluge, Simulated Annealing and Hill Climbing where the Round Robin algorithm is used...

Author(s): Salwani Abdullah, Khalid Shaker and Hothefa Shaker

March 2011

Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxic assay on human liver carcinoma cells (HepG2) of organodistannoxane dimer complexes derived from alkylaminobenzoic acids

  A total number of five organodistannoxane dimer complexes derivative of alkylaminobenzoic acids have been successfully synthesized and characterized quantitatively and qualitatively. Results of the infrared spectroscopy of the acids and complexes showed that the coordination took place via oxygen atoms from the carboxylate group. This indicated that the carboxylate anions acted as mono- and bidentate ligand....

Author(s): Yip-Foo Win, Siang-Guan Teoh, Sie-Tiong Ha, Lisa Gaik-Ai Ong and Tengku-Sifzizul Tengku-Muhammad

March 2011

Synthesis and characterization of Nickel hydroxide/ oxide nanoparticles by the complexation-precipitation method

  In the present research work, the synthesis of Ni (OH)2 and NiO nanoparticles with narrow size distribution and uniform shape, by complexation-precipitation method using ammonia as complexing agent, was investigated. The reactions were carried out at the temperature about 70°C in the solution and the precipitated nickel hydroxide precursor, in the form of the nanosized soft agglomerates, was calcined...

Author(s): M. M. Kashani Motlagh, A. A. Youzbashi and L. Sabaghzadeh

March 2011

Synthesis and characterization of dehydroannulene carbon allotrope apply for hydrogen fuel storage

  Recent developments focusing on novel hydrogen storage media have helped to focus nano materials as one of the on going strategic research in science and technology. In particular, carbon nano materials and specifically dehydroannulene carbon stand to deliver unparalleled performance as the next generation of base materials for storing hydrogen. The very low boiling point of H2 makes it necessary to...

Author(s): Chaluay Souvakon, Anusorn Vorasingha, Sumrit Mopoung and Akaraphan Vongkunghae

March 2011

Effects of different water, phosphorus and magnesium doses on the quality and yield factors of soybean (Glycine max L.) in Harran plain conditions

  This study reports the effects of magnesium (Mg) and phosphorus (P) fertilizer dosage and different water levels, on the plant growth, yield and quality factors of soybean. The field study used a random block design with three replications and was conducted over two years, 2006 and 2007. Four different P doses (0-4-8-12 kg P da-1) and three different Mg doses (0-4-8 kg Mg da-1) were applied with...

Author(s): Aise Deliboran, Erdal Sakin, Hasan Aslan and Ahmet Mermut

March 2011

Synthesis of various nano and micro ZnSe morphologies by using hydrothermal method

  In this contribution, hydrothermal method was used to synthesize ZnSe nanostructures. Effect of different sources of Zn, Se and cetyl tri-methyl-ammonium bromide (CTAB) (cationic) surfactant on the morphology of ZnSe was studied. The prepared nanostructures were characterized using powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and emission scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The XRD patterns showed that the ZnSe samples...

Author(s): F. Mollaamin, S. Gharibe and M. Monajjemi

March 2011

Bactericidal activity of various brands of cephradine against Staphylococcus aureus

  A retrospective eight-year study (January 1998 to December 1999 and January 2008 to December 2009) was under taken in a Government Hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan to evaluate bactericidal activity of various brands of cephradine against Staphylococcus aureus. The maximum resistance of the bacterium was observed for ampicillin, penicillin and cotrimaxazole. Where as, the minimum resistance was...

Author(s): Kalsoom Farzana, Abdul Hameed, Muhammad Khurram Waqas, Ghulam Murtaza, Qazi Najam-us-Saqib, Amir Waseem, Muhammad Hassham Hassan Bin Asad and Izhar Hussain

March 2011

A new approach of the radial basis functions method for telegraph equations

  This paper represents a new approach of the radial basis functions method for handling a class of the second-order hyperbolic telegraph equation. In this approach, we decompose the domain of the problem to a few sub domains as vertically or horizontally. The proposed approach is capable of reducing the size of calculations and easily overcomes the difficulty of solving complicated algebraic systems...

Author(s): M. Esmaeilbeigi, M. M. Hosseini and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

March 2011

Solutions of nonlinear singular initial value problems by modified homotopy perturbation method

  In this paper we present an efficient modification of the homotopy perturbation method. We apply the method to solve a class of singular initial value problems (IVPs) in the second-order ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Modified homotopy perturbation method (MHPM) yields solutions in convergent series forms with easily computable terms, and in some cases, yields exact solutions in one iteration....

Author(s): M. Jafari, M. M. Hosseini and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

March 2011

Solution of the nonlinear PDAEs by variational iteration method and its applications in nanoelectronics

  In this paper, the system of nonlinear partial differential-algebraic equations is solved by the well-known variational iteration method and the results with high accuracy are obtained by only one iteration. Furthermore, some nanoelectronics models are expressed by partial differential-algebraic equations and one of them is successfully solved by the proposed method. Although solving nonlinear PDAEs is...

Author(s): M. Jafari, M. M. Hosseini, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din and M. Ghovatmand

March 2011

Effects of thermal radiation and magnetic field on unsteady mixed convection flow and heat transfer over a porous stretching surface in the presence of internal heat generation/absorption

  The problem of magneto-hydrodynamic unsteady mixed convective flow and heat transfer of an electrically conducting fluid over a porous stretching surface in the presence of heat generation/absorption and thermal radiation has been investigated. It is assumed that the unsteadiness is caused by the impulsive motion of the free stream velocity and by sudden increase in the surface temperature. The...

Author(s): E. M. A. Elbashbeshy and D. A. Aldawody

March 2011

Some results about log-harmonic mappings

  Let A(α, β) be a subclass of certain  analytic  functions  and H (D) is to be a linear space of all analytic  functions  defined on the open unit disc D = {z| |z| < 1}.  A sense-preserving log-harmonic function is the solution of the non-linear elliptic partial differential equation;  where w(z) is analytic, satisfies  the  condition ...

Author(s): Melike Aydog˜ an

March 2011

Radiation effect on chemically reacting magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) boundary layer flow of heat and mass transfer through a porous vertical flat plate

A mathematical model is presented for a two-dimensional, steady, viscous, incompressible, electrically conducting and laminar free convection boundary layer flow with radiation from a flat plate in a chemically reactive medium in the presence of a transverse magnetic field. The basic equations governing the flow are in the form of partial differential equations and have been reduced to a set of non-linear ordinary...

Author(s): S. Y. Ibrahim and O. D. Makinde