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Physical Sciences

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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJPS
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 23 August; 7(32)

August 2012

Myocardial ischemia diagnosis by pulse wave derived form factor analysis

  Pulse wave analysis with computerized diagnosis was used for myocardial ischemia patients. Novel feature derived from form factor of pulse signal was investigated. Form factor is estimated from variance of pulse signal waveform. Pulse waves were measured using newly developed three-axis sphygmography. Three groups participated in this study: 16 patients diagnosed with myocardial ischemia (positive), 19...

Author(s): Kang-Ming Chang, Shing-Hong Liu and Chu-Chang Tyan

August 2012

Investigation of strain rate and temperature effects on mechanical behavior of functionally graded steels (FGSs) under hot compression

  Hot deformation behavior of functionally graded steels (FGSs) has been investigated via conducting hot compression tests at different temperatures and strain rates by the researchers. FGSs are a group of functionally graded materials (FGMs) consisting of ferrite (α), austenite (γ), bainite (β) and martensite (M) phases placed over each other in different configurations and produced...

Author(s): Seyed Ali Sadough Vanini, Mohammad Abolghasemzadeh, Abbas Assadi and Youness  Alizadeh

August 2012

Collapse settlement behaviour of remoulded and undisturbed weathered quartzite

  The behaviour of semi arid residual soils derived from the weathering of Johannesburg quartzite are difficult to predict because of their heterogeneous particle constitution and weakly bonded structure. The collapse behaviour of undisturbed and remoulded weathered Johannesburg quartzite was investigated; and the reliability of the collapse settlement data was also evaluated. The results showed that a...

Author(s): F. N. Okonta

August 2012

Incremental Fourier transform of triangular closed 2-manifolds

  In this paper we present a technique for the calculation of the Fourier transform for functions defined on oriented closed 2-manifolds. The objects are given as oriented triangular meshes. Our focus in this paper is on the characteristic function of the model, that is, the function that is equal to one inside the model and zero outside. The advantage of our approach is that it provides an automatic, simple,...

Author(s): Mohamed H. MOUSA and Mohamed K. HUSSEIN