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Table of Content: May 2007; 2(5)

May 2007

Heavy metal pollution and human biotoxic effects

Some heavy metals have bio-importance as trace elements but, the biotoxic effects of many of them in human biochemistry are of great concern. Hence, there is the need for proper understanding of the conditions, such as the concentrations and oxidation states, which make them harmful, and how biotoxicity occurs. It is also important to know their sources, leaching processes, chemical conversions and their modes of...

Author(s): Duruibe, J. O., Ogwuegbu, M. O. C. and Egwurugwu, J. N. 

  • Article Number: 59CA35213127

May 2007

Adsorption kinetics and intraparticulate diffusivities for bioremediation of Co (II), Fe (II) and Cu (II) ions from waste water using modified and unmodified maize cob

Heavy metals constitute pollution problems to the environment and they are toxic to both man and aquatic organisms. The passive removal of toxic heavy metals such as cobalt (II) (Co(II)), iron (II) (Fe(II)) and copper (II) (Cu(II)) by inexpensive biomaterials, termed biosorption, requires that the substrate displays high metal uptake and selectivity, as well as suitable mechanical properties for applied remediation...

Author(s): Igwe, J. C. and Abia, A. A.

  • Article Number: A3A556013133

May 2007

Completed Beltrami-Michell formulation in polar coordinates

A set of conditions had not been formulated on the boundary of an elastic continuum since the time of Saint-Venant. This limitation prevented the formulation of a direct stress calculation method in elasticity for a continuum with a displacement boundary condition. The missed condition, referred to as the boundary compatibility condition, is now formulated in polar coordinates. The augmentation of the new condition...

Author(s): Surya N. Patnaik  and Dale A. Hopkins

  • Article Number: F7D333A13138