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Table of Content: September 2009; 4(9)

September 2009

Roughing filter for water pre-treatment technology in developing countries: A review

Roughing filtration can be considered as a major pre-treatment process for wastewater, since they efficiently separate fine solids particles over prolonged periods without addition of chemicals. This review article summarizes and evaluates modifications to roughing filtration technology, which may address these limitations without compromising the simplicity of the treatment process. Successful modifications includes...

Author(s): Onyeka Nkwonta and George Ochieng

  • Article Number: D7592EE19322

September 2009

Physical characterisation of some honey samples from North-Central Nigeria

Some physicochemical properties (water content, sugar content, viscosity, pH and conductivity) were determined for honey samples from North-Central Nigeria to evaluate their global behaviour and comparison with other honey samples. The water content and sugar content varied within the range of (18.22 - 36.82%) and (63.82 - 80.25%) respectively. The pH increased with increase in water content and the...

Author(s): O. O. James, M. A. Mesubi, L. A. Usman, S. O. Yeye, K. O. Ajanaku, K. O. Ogunniran, O. O. Ajani and T. O. Siyanbola

  • Article Number: 283B64519333

September 2009

Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of sugar and sugar alcohols by KMnO4

The kinetics of carbonate sugars and sugar alcohols by potassium permanganate in oxidation hydrogen / NaOH buffer have been investigated spectrophotometrically under pseudo-first order conditions and over a wide range of experimental conditions. Each reaction is first order with respect to the substrate and oxidant. The kinetic data for the oxidation by alkaline KMnO4 solution reveal that pseudo-first order rate...

Author(s): Okoro, H. K. and Odebunmi, E. O.

  • Article Number: 673ED0819348

September 2009

Hydrogeological deductions from geoelectric survey in Uvwiamuge and Ekakpamre communities, Delta State, Nigeria

The vertical electrical resistivity survey (VES) utilising the surface Schlumberger electrode array with a maximum current electrode spacing varying from 50 - 500 m has been used to provide valuable information on the hydrogeologic system of the aquifers and the subsurface lithology in Ekakpamre and Uvwiamuge communities. A total of twenty three (23) VES stations were sounded. Four to five...

Author(s): Atakpo Edmund

  • Article Number: 2248DB119363

September 2009

Investigation of the effect of outlet pollutants of cement production industries around Tehran and approaches to control and eliminate pollutants

Air pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems in Tehran. Each day, a tremendous amount of toxic and fatal gases, different kinds of pollutants, perilous floating particles produced by cars, factories, industrial workshops, power plants and residential buildings are added to the air. Largely due to the increasing demand for cement, cement production industries around Tehran have increased their daily...

Author(s): Siamak Boudaghpour and Alireza Jadidi

  • Article Number: 159AE9719377

September 2009

A remark on the classifications of rhotrices as abstract structures

This paper presents additional classifications of rhotrices as abstract structures of Ring, Field, Integral Domain, Principal Ideal Domain and Unique Factorization Domain, as a sort of an additional work to our earlier classifications of rhotrices as algebraic structures of Groups, Semi groups, Monoids and Boolean Algebra. Rhotrix is a new paradigm of matrix theory, concerned with representing arrays of real numbers in...

Author(s): A. Mohammed

  • Article Number: 40AF58F19385

September 2009

Application of molecular modeling with mass-spring systems for computer simulation and animation

This paper demonstrates the use of potential functions of molecular modeling in mass-spring systems. In mass-spring systems, force acting on each mass point is determined by the spring length between linked mass-points. In molecular modeling, forces are calculated using bond length (spring length), bond angle and stretch-bond interactions. Molecular modeling therefore provides more accurate force function. Molecular...

Author(s): A. Sait Sekercioglu and  A. Duysak

  • Article Number: 6AF47B619403

September 2009

Numerical simulation of nonlinear pulses propagation in a nonlinear optical directional coupler

The concept of non-linear pulse is a symptom of such physical phenomenon inherently non linear, and its history is intimately linked to the development of theories of equations of nonlinear waves. As such, we now know that the non-linear pulses occur naturally in most nonlinear systems. This paper is devoted to modeling the evolution of nonlinear pulse during its propagation in a nonlinear directional coupler (NLDC) in...

Author(s): N. Boumaza, T. Benouaz, A. Chikhaoui and A. Cheknane

  • Article Number: 180C19819422

September 2009

Effect of cooling rate on hardness and microstructure of AISI 1020, AISI 1040 and AISI 1060 Steels

The object of the present work is to investigate the effect of cooling rate on microstructure and mechanical properties of AISI 1020, AISI 1040 and AISI 1060 steels. The samples were heated and treated at 1250°K for 4 h and subsequently were cooled by three different methods. For this purpose, the microhardness and microstructure of these steels after heat treatment were examined by optical microscopy and hardness...

Author(s): Adnan Çalik

  • Article Number: 5EDA08619434

September 2009

Time-lagged recurrent network for forecasting episodic event suspended sediment load in typhoon prone area

Forecasting suspended sediment load is crucial for river water quality continuous management. This paper investigates the accuracy of a time-lagged recurrent network (TLRN) for forecasting suspended sediment load (SSL) occurring episodically during the storm events in Kaoping River basin located in Southern Taiwan. For this study, two major stations of Kaoping River basin; Liukwei and Lao-Nung are taken into account...

Author(s): Yu-Min Wang and Seydou Traore

  • Article Number: 608C80F19450

September 2009

Antimalarial mixed ligand metal complexes: Synthesis, physicochemical and biological activities

Complexation behaviour of mixed complexes of mefloquine hydrochloride and chloroquine phosphate (first-line antimalarial drugs) with Cobalt(II), Nickel(II) and Iron(III) were studied; the complexes were prepared using template methods, and chelates of 1:1:1 stoichiometries were formed. The nature of the bonding of the mixed ligands (mefloquine and chloroquine) and structure of the isolated metal complexes were proposed...

Author(s): J. F. Adediji, E. T. Olayinka, M. A. Adebayo and O. Babatunde

  • Article Number: 08D5CBC19459

September 2009

Comparative study of the effect of different pretreatment methods on biogas yield from water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes)

A comparative study of the effect of different pre-treatment methods on the biogas yield from Water Hyacinth (WH) was carried out. The WH  charged into metallic prototype digesters of 121 L capacity were pre-treated as: dried and chopped alone (WH-A), dried and treated with KOH (WH-T), dried and combined with cow dung (WH-C), while the fresh water Hyacinth (WH-F) served as control. They were all subjected to...

Author(s): A. U. Ofoefule, E. O. Uzodinma and O. D. Onukwuli

  • Article Number: 5B13D5E19469