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Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology

  • Abbreviation: J. Environ. Chem. Ecotoxicol.
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  • DOI: 10.5897/JECE
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: March 2011; 3(3)

March 2011

Monitoring of basic and acid radicals load in main canal, Giza governorate: A risk to health of consumers

  The main canal (Masraf El-Moheet) is one of the largest canals in Giza governorate (Egypt).Due to the extended domestic activities and urbanization as well as the continuous industrial and agricultural growth of the region, water quality is potentially changing and causes fish floating and death. This study was conducted to measure toxic metals concentrations in water samples along the main channel using ICP...

Author(s): Abd El-Moneim M. R. Afify, Sayed A. Fayed and Emad A. Shalaby

March 2011

The role of EDTA on cadmium phytoextraction in a cadmium-hyperaccumulator Rorippa globosa

  Enhanced phytoextraction technologies have been proposed as an effective approach to the decontamination of heavy metals in soils. In this study, the application of ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (0.5 and 1.0 g/kg EDTA) at preflowering stage depressed Rorippa globosa growth and Cd uptake, the dry biomass, Cd concentration and total metal accumulation (TMC) of shoots at the concentration of 1.0...

Author(s): Yuebing Sun, Qixing Zhou, Yingming Xu, Lin Wang and Xuefeng Liang

March 2011

Effect of cadmium on germination, growth, redox and oxidative properties in Pisum sativum seeds

  Pea seeds were treated with 5 mM CdCl2 for 5 days. Experiments carried out in cotyledons and embryonic axes were performed to evaluate the redox and oxidative properties. Germination rate and embryonic axis growth were determined. After five days, Cd treatment caused 60% decrease in germination success, and 50% inhibition in embryo length. The reduction level [NADPH/ (NADP+ + NADPH)] was...

Author(s): Moêz Smiri

March 2011

Grass contamination by trace metals from road traffic

  The increase in the deposition of trace metals as pollutants from vehicle exhausts on plants has raised concerns about the risks for the quality of food and in turn human health. Trace metals emitted by vehicles can enter food chain through deposition on grass growing by the road sides and grazed on by animals. Despite, many investigations knowledge on their spatial distribution near roads is scarce. The...

Author(s): J. T. Ayodele and C. D. Oluyomi

March 2011

Inhibition of β-galactosidase and α-glucosidase synthesis in petroleum refinery effluent bacteria by zinc and cadmium

  Inhibition of α-glucosidase (EC and β-galactosidase (EC biosynthesis by zinc and cadmium in Escherichia coli, Bacillus and Pseudomonas species isolated from petroleum refinery wastewater was assessed. At sufficient concentrations, exposure of the cells to zinc and cadmium resulted in repression of α-glucosidase and...

Author(s):   C. O. Nweke and G. C. Okpokwasili