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the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy

  • Abbreviation: J. Nig. Soc. Physiother.
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  • ISSN: 0331-3735
  • DOI: 10.5897/JNSP
  • Start Year: 2002
  • Published Articles: 54

Table of Content: June 2002; 14(1)

June 2002

Effect of two selected postural drainage positions and percussion on the blood pressure of healthy subjects

This study examines the blood pressure responses of apparently healthy subjects to two postural drainage positions and percussion. Forty-one subjects (29 males and 12females ) participated in the study and were randomly assigned into four groups,  with  three  groups having JO subjects (7 males and 3 females ) each and the fourth group having 11 subjects (8 males and 3females). All of the subjects were...

Author(s): Arigbabowo A and Adedoyin RA

  • Article Number: 5B069E065323

June 2002

Transmissivity of some local couplants and phonophoretic drugs

This study was designed to compare the transmissivity of ultrasonic energy through Feldene gel, Bengay ointment, shea butter, and honey with that of Aquasonic gel . The subjectsfor the Study were eight normal undergraduate students aged 21-24 years. The pre-insonation skin temperature in the mid-anterior aspect of the subjects' thighs was recorded. The selected area was then insonated for two minutes using the...

Author(s): Adegoke BOA and Edeni KO

  • Article Number: CDCF86165325

June 2002

Patterns of musculoskeletal pain in selected occupations

The objective of this study was to identify the patterns of chronic or recurrent musculoskeletal pain in selected occupations (auto-mechanics, typists and secretaries, fashion designers and market traders) and to discuss the prospect of introducing an educational package for the prevention/rehabilitation of such chronic pains. A survey was conducted using a questionnaire that Was circulated to randomly selected...

Author(s): Olaogun MOB, Oladimeji BY, Adedoyin RA, Olaogun AAE, Akinloye AA,  Egwu MO, Oyelese BO and Folorunso TJ  

  • Article Number: 55047DB65327

June 2002

Aerobic exercise training and quality of life in stroke patients

There is an increasea appreciation of the need to include endurance exercise training in the overall management of stroke victims by the physio­ therapist. Raising the patient's level of physical fitness through aerobic exercise would help to reduce the incidence of secondary health condi­ tions, such as obesity, hypertension; and depre­ ssion, which may result from the patients reduced mobility. This...

Author(s): Hamzat TK

  • Article Number: C19D2BD65329