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Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels

  • Abbreviation: J. Pet. Technol. Altern. Fuels
  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 2360-8560
  • DOI: 10.5897/JPTAF
  • Start Year: 2010
  • Published Articles: 69

Table of Content: September 2011; 2(9)

September 2011

Biodiesel production from Jatropha caucus oil in a batch reactor using zinc oxide as catalyst

  This paper presents the effect of different factors that affect the conversion of Jatropha caucus (JCO) oil to biodiesel and the optimum conditions in a batch reactor using Zinc oxide as catalyst. Four replicate transesterification experimental runs were carried out for each of the mixing duration 25, 50, 75, and 100 min under different typical...

Author(s): B. K. Highina, I. M. Bugaje and B. Umar

September 2011

A comparative study of predicted and actual pore pressures in Tripura, India

  Past well drilled data in Tripura Region confirmed the existence of super pressure regime below the Middle Bhuban formation. In most of the areas, Middle Bhuban is capped by the Tipam, Bokabil and Upper Bhuban formations. But on the top of the Atharamura anticline, it is exposed to the surface offering less sediment thickness and huge risk for drilling. Exposure of Middle Bhuban escalates the...

Author(s): Saran Babu and Anirbid Sircar

September 2011

Parametric design and application of fibreglass reinforced plastic tubing in beam pumping wells

  A pragmatic and efficient technique has been developed to perform parametric design for the downhole fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tubing with successful applications in beam pumping wells. More specifically, hydraulic tubing anchor has been adopted to minimize stretch and recoil of the FRP tubing, while steel tailpipe is used as a counterweight to reduce the axial compression. In lieu of the rough...

Author(s): Haiwen Wang, Feng Yang, Sixu Zheng and Daoyong Yang

September 2011

Systematic approach for improving performance of progressive cavity pumping systems in a deep heavy oil reservoir

A pragmatic and systematic technique has been developed to improve performance of the progressive cavity pumping system in a deep heavy oil reservoir where oil produces together with sand in an unconsolidated formation. More specifically, tapered thread has first been used to replace the conventional ones for strengthening the resistive torque of the entire string. The rotary anchor equipped with scalable slips is then...

Author(s): Haiwen Wang, and Daoyong Yang

September 2011

Characterization and evaluation of African bush mango Nut (Dika nut) (Irvingia gabonensis) oil biodiesel as alternative fuel for diesel engines

The African bush mangos (Irvingia gabonensis) were collected from the wild, dried and the kernels were split to release the nuts. The oil from the nuts was extracted in a soxhlet extractor that was operated at 60°C using normal hexane as solvent. It gave an oil content of 60% which was mainly triglyceride and was solid at room temperature. It was heated to 40°C to liquefy it and a methanol molar ratio of 6 to 1...

Author(s): E. I. Bello, A. O. Fade-Aluko, S. A. Anjorin and T. S. Mogaji