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JIIS Articles

Model for security controls in web content management system

January 2022

Web content management systems (WCMS) are systems used in creating, publishing, customizing and designing website services by web administrators toward delivering user-centric web applications and services.  Such applications include Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress, which have found their usage in various institutions including universities and colleges, non-government and government institutions. While these WCMS...

Author(s): Alex Maraga, F. Mzee Awuor, and James Ogalo

Use of social media in migration decision making

May 2021

The use of social media in migration decision making has attracted the attention of researchers in recent works. The current study investigated the influence of social media on decisions by migrants to move from their hometowns to the city. Their use of social media for integration activities in the city and the methods they use to connect with their family and friends back home were also studied. A survey was used to...

Author(s): Martin Gameli Akakpo and Hayford Alufar Bokpin  

Social media and catharsis in Africa: Examining the role of WhatsApp in venting stress in women

August 2020

This paper investigates the role that social media, and particularly WhatsApp mobile applications plays in venting stress and other related aggressive behaviors among African couples. It seeks to examine the relationship that exists between WhatsApp usage and being happy, or rather catharsis. It leverages the existing datasets from the Afro-barometer (Africa Tracking Internet Progress-ATIP) website. Essentially the...

Author(s): Gregory Gondwe  and Evariste Some  

Performance comparison of in-memory and disk-based databases using transaction processing performance council (TPC) benchmarking

August 2018

Database performance throughput is one of the main measurements of the application effectiveness or a system, in terms of speed and delivery. Higher application efficiency is always a goal for any organization; therefore, finding the way to improve the database performance has priority. There are two main factors that can contribute to performance gain or slowness. Firstly, how well designed the database structure is in...

Author(s): Ayub M. B. and Ali N.  

Information Communication and Technology (ICT) diffusion and inequality in Africa

August 2017

This study aims to examine the link between inequality and diffusion of Information Communication and Technology (ICT). It focuses on a set of 32 African countries. ICT diffusion rate for all the countries was calculated. Two estimation techniques were used: Fractional Regression Model method and Ordinary Least Squares. The results indicate that inequality contributed to the development of ICT in all the countries...

Author(s): Monsoï Kenneth Colombiano KPONOU

Challenges to enforcement of cyber-crimes laws and policy

August 2016

Cybercrime, a concept which to date has defied a globally accepted definition, appears to be the latest scourge plaguing man and same has occupied the cynosure. The word “cybercrime” is on the lips of almost everyone involved in the use of the computer and Internet, be it individual, corporate, organization, national, multinational or international. The attention accorded cybercrimes is not far-fetched; on...

Author(s): Ajayi, E. F. G.

Cybercafés operations and its incessant closure in Delta State, Nigeria

January 2015

The general purpose of this study is to identify the reasons responsible for closure of cybercafés in Delta State, Nigeria. Questionnaire was designed in line with the objectives of the study and used to gather data for the research. The data gathered were analyzed and presented using charts. The study revealed that there was incessant closure of cybercafés in the two sites (Abraka and Asaba) used for the...

Author(s): O. Benson Adogbeji and M. N. Mabi

The magnitude of barriers facing e-commerce businesses in Kenya

February 2014

The aim of the paper was to examine comprehensively, the internal and external factors of organisations which affect the future of electronic commerce (e-commerce) and the magnitude of these constraints in Kenya, using the systems framework. The research methodology used a questionnaire survey (internet survey) to collect data from 137 e-commerce businesses out of which 74 or 54.01% usable questionnaires were received....

Author(s): James N. K. Kinuthia and David M. Akinnusi

The information management practices of Bahirdar University

February 2014

Recognizing the importance of information management systems, Bahirdar University introduced its student information management system in 2009. However, studies had not been conducted on the functioning of this system. This study, therefore, examined the information management practices of the University. The academic leaders, core process owners, and the system administrators were the research participants selected...

Author(s): GEDIFEW MatebTafere

Review on network performance: Meaning, quantification and measurement

September 2013

  This paper surveys various literatures on network performance with main focus on three main issues: its meaning, quantification and measurement. The essence of performance in communication systems is discussed and its meaning explored. Further, we look at relationship between network performance and its characteristics. The weaknesses in literature are disclosed with respect to how performance is...

Author(s): Omari J. Kigodi, Michael Kisangiri and Dina Machuve

Wired LAN Overall Performance Model (LOPM)

September 2013

  This paper presents development of the wired LAN overall performance model. We investigated the performance characteristics of major LAN components, that is, media, protocols, traffic and devices; determined the main characteristics amongst them and their interrelation; and applied mathematical principles to develop a model which captures the overall network performance in terms of...

Author(s): Omari J. Kigodi, Michael Kisangiri and Dina Machuve

A survey on faculty members’ perspective on digital library plus

August 2013

  The aim of this paper is to evaluate accessibility, usability, and usefulness of digital library plus (dl+) from the faculty members’ perspective. A questionnaire was prepared, and sent to the email address of all participants who had registered in digital library plus. Data analysis shows that only a few number of faculty members are interested to register in digital library and use it. Most of the...

Author(s): Mehri Ezadi Yeganeh and Mahdi Mohammadi

An e-farming framework for sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria

August 2013

  The concept of e-farming has been described as the integration and utilization of information technology (IT) in farming related operations. Farming is a traditional trade and operations involved in production have largely remained habitual in nature. Traditional methods of farming incorporated little to no use of IT, despite its potential for dramatically increasing operations efficiency. The incorporation...

Author(s): Adeyemo, Adesesan Barnabas

The state of e-government readiness in Africa: A comparative web assessment of selected African countries

October 2011

  This paper surveyed the level of preparedness of selected African governments in using information and communication technologies to enhance the range and quality of services provided to the citizen; and determined the extent of, and continuous improvement efforts of African leaders towards the attainment of connected government. Data for the study was a secondary data adapted from the Internet. The UN global...

Author(s): Brendan E. Asogwa

Lean and digitize sourcing

October 2011

  Recently, lean six sigma has been applied to the service context. In the literature, there is no strong empirical evidence to clarify how lean six sigma can be applied in sourcing, where there is an extensive use of information technology and communication (ICT) systems. This study presents a methodology to streamline and digitize processes in order to reduce waste. It does that by using an approach indicated...

Author(s): Bernardo Nicoletti

Censorship of information and the Nigerian society

July 2011

  Censorship is based on the fact that every society has customs, taboos or laws by which speech, dress, religious observance, and sexual expressions are regulated in order to protect the family, the church and the state. This work therefore discussed censorship; it brought to the fore, its historical development, various conceptions, purpose, various methods by which it may be carried out, challenges,...

Author(s): Dafiaghor, Kose Famous

Evaluation of e-performance analysis and assessment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Organizations

July 2011

  Increased competition, changing technology, and process re-engineering have changed the traditional employee practice and capability. To meet such demands, organizations and businesses are relying on communications technology to monitor and improve employee performance and productivity. Electronic performance management systems (e-PMS) are being used by many organisations to monitor the performance. The...

Author(s): Abdulaziz Al-Raisi, Saad Amin and Saad Tahir

E-government implementation in Nigeria: An assessment of Nigeria's global e-gov ranking

January 2011

  Nigeria is a country that has always posed a paradox to the international community in terms of its level of development vis-a-vis its economic potential. This is also reflected in the low ranking index it gets in international surveys despite the effort to develop its infrastructure and human capital. Nigeria has the fastest growing and most lucrative telecommunications, and Information and Communications...

Author(s): A. B. Adeyemo

A new assignment checking technique to enhance the distance learning systems

January 2011

  One of the main issues in designing a good course management system  for distance learning is the turnaround time, such as the time consumed in the correction process of the  assignments to a course been assigned with  relatively  large number of students. Here, the checking and correction of the homework submitted by the students often takes a lot of time and effort. This is...

Author(s): Mohammed Fadle Abdulla

Analysis of the information system of a grading system for cereals based on Fuzzy logic

June 2010

  The aim of this paper is to present, according to a systemic analysis approach, a cereal grading system based on the Fuzzy logic techniques. Our motivation consists in proposing a model describing the information system of a grading system for cereals. An information matrix associated to a systemic analysis method was defined and elaborated. This information matrix allows us on the one hand, to identify the...

Author(s): Mohamed Najeh Lakhoua

Automatic letter sorting for Indian Postal Address Recognition System based on PIN codes

June 2010

  The present work deals with the recognition of Indian postal letter sorting system based on PIN code. The optical camera catches the front and back view of each postal letter at a time. The vision system ensures from address and to address along with postal department stamp, seal etc., In this paper, an attempt has been made to recognize pin codes by using Connected Component (CC) approach, Artificial Neural...

Author(s): C. M. Velu and 

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