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Information & Communication Technologies and Patient Empowerment: A Complex skein

This article aims to explore the relationship between patient empowerment and information and communication technologies (ICTs). Indeed, ICTs are considered important for increasing access to medical information and for patients’ other experiences, thereby nourishing the empowering rhetoric. The paper presents a research study conducted in Italy that focuses on the self-assessments made by online health communities (OHCs)...

Author(s):Alberto Ardissone

Article in Press

Outcome of management of nasal trauma in Portharcourt

Background: Nasal trauma is a common presentation in our environment. Nasal bone is the most frequently fractured facial bone because of its prominence and delicate structure. Nasal fractures rank third in the incidence of all human fractures behind clavicle and the wrist. The etiology of nasal trauma varies from place to place and depends on the prevailing socioeconomic, cultural and environmental factors. Port-Harcourt...

Author(s):Augustine Nwogbo, Sunny, Ndubuisi Uyanwanne Chibuzo, Okechi Mbalaso

Article in Press

Comparison of Preoperative and Postoperative Anxiety Levels Effecting Preoperative and Postoperative Processes of Orthopedics Department’s Patients

Abstract The aim of this study is to compare the anxiety levels of the patients before and after the ortopedic operations according to the patients’ sex, age and education levels of the patients looked after at Ataturk University Orthopedy and Trvamatology Mainbranch of Research Hospital. Generally different levels of anxiety comes up and many of the patients become worried before the operations.If there was anxiety, the...


Article in Press

Treatment of venous ulcers in the Gaiter area

Venous ulcerations are extremely common, accounting for a large proportion of all lower extremity ulceration and affect each socioeconomic class. Approximately 1% of the population is affected for development of venous ulceration at some point in their lifes. These ulcerations reduce the quality of life and limit individual social function. Twelve consecutive patients with unilateral leg skin ulceration due to venous...

Author(s): Meral

Article in Press


Post dural puncture headache is a major complication of lumber puncture or accidental dural puncture especially in patients with raised intrabdominal pressure like pregnancy and young adults. None of interventions tried to prevent and treat PDPH is 100% effective. We presented a case of one attempted successful use of epidural blood patch (20 ml of autologous blood) to treat severe PDPH caused by 22-gauge needle Lumbar...

Author(s):Ashebir Nigussie Yirgu, Dr Daniel Gidabo and Aman Safawo Dalechac

Article in Press

Huge abdominal incisional herina: A case report

Abdominal incisional hernia, an iatrogenic abdominal hernia, is one of the long-term complications of abdominal surgery. Acute incarcerated hernia is a common surgical emergency. In the article, we reported a rare case of huge abdominal incarcerated hernia. Specifically, an elderly female patient complained of reducible mass after abdominal surgery for 30 years, which suddenly became irreducible four days ago, was treated...


Article in Press

Assessment of Traditional Practices of Healers in Treating Human Illness in Shashamene town in Ethiopia

The study was conducted to investigate the traditional practices in the usage of medicinal plants to protect commonly occurring human diseases in shashamene town in Ethiopia. 41 respondents were randomly selected for questionnaire evaluation and healers were used for secondary data source as they had indigenous knowledge. Around the study area, about 75 plant species were found. A number of botanicals have been used by...

Author(s):Tegegne Bayih⁎ and Abduselam Usman

Article in Press

Pharmacokinetics of Propofol in Female in Indian Patients

To analyze population pharmacokinetics of Propofol in Females in Indian patients after single bolus dose of Propofol using WINNONLIN program.Population pharmacokinetics of Propofol in females was investigated in Indian subjects in 12 elective surgical patients following single bolus dose of 2mg/kg propofol. Total of 168 samples were estimated by High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and pharmacokinetic parameters...

Author(s):Avinash Puri and Sanju Dhawan Received August, : Accepted March,

Article in Press

Some effects of aqueous leaves extract of Moringa oleifera on the histology of the kidney of Streptozotocin induced diabetic Wistar rats

The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of moringa extract on the histology of the kidney and its effects on the renal MDA level. Forty (40) Wistar rats were used for the experimental design with weight between 150 and 200 g which were divided into four groups. Group 1 served as the control group and was given citrate buffer at 0.1 ml intraperitoneally. Group 2 were induced with 65 mg/kg of STZ. Group 2 were...

Author(s):Adeeyo, O. A., Yusuf, U. A., Adenowo, T. K., Ojo, O. C., Adegoke, A. A. and Badmus, O. O. and Ogunola, T. A.

Article in Press

A survey of orthopaedic trauma patients in Botswana and their treatment

This article reports on a survey conducted in Princess Marina Hospital in Botswana regarding injuries resulting in people being admitted to the orthopaedic department. Currently there is no data available on the disease profile of orthopaedic trauma patients in Botswana. The Orthopaedic Department at Princess Marina Hospital is the biggest trauma and orthopaedic department in Botswana. The study aimed to describe the...

Author(s):Lebapotswe B. Tlale, Onalenna Kgosiesele, Kesiilwe Gaebolae and Andrew P. Steenhoff

Article in Press

Outcome of rural health intervention programs at Ukpo, South East Nigeria

Rural health facilities are common sites in most Nigerian villages and towns; however, most of them are grossly under-utilized by the rural end-users. Reasons for under-utilization stem from outright ignorance, poor education, lack of knowledge of existence of health facility, non-availability of qualified health personnel, lack of drugs, poor advocacy, poor political will, poor power and water supply. The present study...

Author(s):Modebe I. A., Azikiwe C. C. A., Ifezulike C. C., Adimma E. D., Adogu P. U. O. and Uzuegbunam C.

Article in Press

Selenium levels in essential hypertension among adults at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

In Zambia, essential hypertension is one of the commonest and prevalent non-communicable diseases. Current literatures lack clear estimate of serum selenium levels among essential hypertensive patients in Zambia despite evidence of its role in development of hypertension. Hence the study investigated the selenium levels in essential hypertensive adults at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia. The study...

Author(s):Chisulo A. C., Lambwe N., Sijumbila G., Heimburger D., Musonda P. and Mukosha M.

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