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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJSTER
  • Start Year: 2010

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Pistachio hull contains Anacardic acids. It is a salicylic acid with a side chain either saturated or unsaturated. This work focused on the efficient extraction solvent for Anacardic acid. Six aliquots were weighed and extracted with hexane, ethyl acetate, and mixture of H2O/MeOH/HCl. Hexane was the most efficient solvent due to its ability to dissolve the Anacardic acids. Only one Anacardic acid standard was used to...



Article in Press

This work aimed to study the accessibility and use of educational technology for teaching mathematics in senior secondary schools in Delta State. Descriptive survey design was used in the work. 36 mathematics teachers in 30 secondary schools were the sample of the work; simple random technique was used to select them from the overall population of 75 secondary schools in Delta State. Two teachers’ questionnaire titled...

Author(s):Oliweh I. Solomon, Dr. (Mrs) Caroline O. Alordiah.

Dimensional analysis and its role in the learning of physical sciences in secondary qualifying school

Article in Press

In this manuscript, we have highlighted the importance of dimensional analysis in learning the physical sciences. Our study presents the results of exploratory research that we conducted with baccalaureate students from secondary qualifying schools located in the province of Essaouira in Morocco. We used a questionnaire to collect the data from 123 students. Analysis of this collected data revealed that many students have...

Author(s):M. Lassri, H. Lassri

Difficulties encountered by physics teachers in teaching physics concepts in middle schools.

Article in Press

This paper aims to shed light on the difficulties that science teachers face in teaching physics concepts in middle schools. For this study, we have used a questionnaire consisting of a series of questions for the purpose of gathering information about difficulties encountered by physics teachers in teaching physics concepts. 35 teachers working in Moroccan middle schools located in Essaouira city participated in this...

Author(s):Lassri Mustapha

Practices, Challenges and Prospects of Competency Based Instruction in Some Selected Primary Schools in Case of Sidama Zone

Article in Press

In this study phenomenological design, which is a qualitative research design, was used. Because, the purpose of this study was to investigate practices, challenges and prospects of competency based instruction in primary schools. The theoretical aspect of this study was based on constructivism view. Because, this study focused on the lived experiences of teachers about the instruction in primary schools. To achieve the...

Author(s):Dancho Desalegn

Evaluating the Social Media Usage Pattern among the Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired Students at Tabuk

Article in Press

Social media is a modern innovation for effective communication. Researchers are investigating a useful framework to integrate social media in an educational setting of deaf and blind students. Deaf or hearing impaired and visually impaired people have poor communication skills that cause lowered social interactions and make them feel isolated. The current study aimed at evaluating the social media usage pattern among the...

Author(s):Z SAHAR

Trend analysis on the relationship between physics practical and theoretical physics…

Article in Press

The performance and interest in physics and physics education over the years have not been encouraging. It is for this reason that the study was conducted to find students interest in physics theory as a result of physics practical. The aim of the study was to identify the relationship between physics practical achievementand physics theory achievement at the tertiary level. The study employed secondary data spanning five...


Relevance of teaching introductory mathematics to pre-service teachers in universities. A case of mountains of the moon university, Uganda

Article in Press

Mathematics is key during teaching and school management; the relevance of teaching introductory mathematics to the pre-service teachers at universities was investigated. A random sample of 80 pre-service teachers and a quantitative experimental design were adopted. The results indicated that there was a significant difference at 0.05 level between the mathematical concepts pre-service-teachers had at entry and at the end...

Author(s):Issa Ndungo

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