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  • DOI: 10.5897/JCEMS
  • Start Year: 2010

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Article in Press

Effect of plasma magnet power supplies operating temperatures on space-vehicles thermal life

The galactic and solar radiation effects on astronauts in space during manned-space missions is one of the issues that scientists are dealing with to come up with a reasonable solution to overcome this disaster. Furthermore, in space missions to Mars, Titan, and beyond them, a powerful propulsion system is required. Recently, with the enhancement of technology in plasma generation, scientists are trying to design and build...

Author(s):Anvari Ali

Article in Press

Akbari-Ganji’s Method “AGM” to Chemical Reactor Design for non-Isothermal and Non-Adiabatic of Mixed Flow Reactors

In this paper, the chemical reactor with the energy changing (non-isotherm) and non-monotonic Reactions in mixed flow is studied and also the sets of complex nonlinear differential equations obtained from the reaction behavior in these systems are solved by a new method. The differential equation set which governs the reactors can be obtained simultaneous solution of mass equilibrium and energy and temperature changing at...


Article in Press

Morphological and Mechanical Characterizations of Neuropeltis acuminatas (NA) Fibers

His present work aims to determine the morphological and mechanical characteristics of fibers from a Cameroon liana locally called "Ndik Kussa" scientific name Neuropeltis acuminatas (NA). The vines are cut in a forest of southern CAMEROON in NGALANE by EBOLOWA. The fibers are extracted by us using the traditional method used to make the kussa. SEM micrographs of the cross section of the fiber are made and tensile tests on...


Article in Press

Natural non poisonous green inhibitors of Withania Somnifera, Glycyrrhiza Glabra and Tinospora Cardifolia for mild steel in 3.5% NaCl.

By means of polarization measurements, UV and IR study it has been detected that the extract of Withania Somnifera, Glycyrrhiza Glabra and Tinospora Cardifolia leaves can act as corrosion inhibitor for the sake of mild steel in 3.5% NaCl. These plants show good inhibition efficiency at particular concentrations of the NaCl. It is observed that plant extracts act as better inhibitor on increasing their concentration. Here...


Article in Press

Mass Transfer Modeling In Pulsed Sieve Plate Extraction Column By Using Effective Diffusion Coefficient with New Approach AGM

Liquid-liquid extraction columns scale up and design requires accurately prediction of overall mass transfer coefficient Koc. Already many methods have been suggested by investigators to predict this coefficient. One of these methods is substitution of effective diffusion coefficient (Deff = RD) instead of diffusion coefficient (D) in Newman equation. We surveyed some correlations suggested for R, and compared their...

Author(s):GANJI HAMED, Davood domiri-Ganji

Article in Press


Polyurethane foams (PUF) are synthesized by polyaddition polymerization of difunctional isocyanates and multifunctional alcohols (polyols). The PUF properties are primarily depended on raw materials. In this study, the properties of PUF synthesized from aromatic diisocyanate were compared with PUF synthesized from aliphatic diisocyanate. The effects of molar ratios between hydrophilic (PPG) and hydrophobic (PCL) polyols...

Author(s):Mutitaporn Pimdeed, Noppawan Mothong, Piyasan Praserthdam

Article in Press

Thermodynamic Equilibrium Analysis of Carbon IV oxide -Hydrogen Multi-Reaction System Using Gibbs Energy Minimization Method

Carbon IV oxide (CO2) reduction with hydrogen is one of the latest approaches to utilize CO2 for the production of useful products. The adoption of this technology becomes relevant due to the shortcomings of the existing measures on CO2 reduction. In this study, hydrogen was used as co-feedstock of CO2, and the effects of feed ratio (0.5-3) and reaction temperature (573-1473K) on the equilibrium conversion of CO2 and...

Author(s):Abdullahi Nwaha Isah, Nasiru Audu, Sadiku Itopa Bello

Article in Press

Effect of γ'' and γ' Precipitates on the Properties of Cu-Be Alloy

The effects of γ'' and γ' precipitates on the properties of the Cu-Be alloy have been investigated by many researchers. The hardness changes measurements and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) dilatation analysis were used in this study to investigate the effect of the precipitated phases for the cold rolled and non-deformed specimens during isothermal and low heating rate aging of 2℃/min. Through an isothermal aging,...

Author(s):Masoud Ibrahim Masoud

Article in Press

Development of Nano-composite Adsorbents for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Effluents via Batch Study (Part 1)

Pollution of the aquatic environment by heavy metals has detrimental effects on living species. In this work, Nano-composite Adsorbents were developed using agricultural waste (i.e. Palm Kernel shell, Coconut shell and Bamboo stem). These agro-wastes were collected, dried separately and repeatedly crushed to a Nano-size. The characterization of these adsorbents were done separately using SEM and Zetasizer machines. The...


Article in Press


The co – digestion of cow dung, with maize husk for biogas production at laboratory scale was investigated. The study was carried out at a temperature range of 24 oC – 30 °C and pH range of 5.5 – 6.5 for a period of 60 days with a total solid concentration of 7.4% in the digester sample (fermentation slurry). Water displacement method was used to collect the biogas produced which was subsequently measured. 444.8 mL was the...

Author(s):Okewale, A. O.

Article in Press


Physico-Mechanical properties of natural rubber filled with chemically modified Groundnut shells were studied. Natural rubber composites were prepared using modified fillers at varying concentrations of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) Solution and acetylating solutions respectively. The proceability conditions, mechanical properties and sorption characteristics of these composites were analyzed. The cure characteristics of the...

Author(s):MARK DADA AYO, I.C. Madufor, O. Ogbobe

Article in Press

Study of the diffusion behavior of water vapor sorption in natural fiber: Rhecktophyllum camerunense

The present work focuses on the study of the water absorption phenomenon in Rhecktophyllum camerunense (RC). Indeed the diffusive behavior of RC natural fiber was investigated. The fibers samples of 0.1g were submitted to hygro-thermal ageing in an environmental enclosure of 23%, 54% and 75% relative humidities at 23°C. Periodic gravimetric measurements were achieved on the specimens in order to follow their kinetics...


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