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  • DOI: 10.5897/JHMT
  • Start Year: 2010

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Article in Press

An Investigating the Religious Tourism Roles for Sustainable Tourism Development: the case of Adyame Yordanos Wonkshet Monastery, Ethiopi

Religion for Ethiopia is the bases of everything. It is known that in Ethiopia, as religious tourism is one of the most important types of the tourism, it can be said that nothing has been done. Though the country is endowed with the variety of religious tourism activities and treasures since many years back, still its roles haven’t been identified and properly utilized in a professional way for sustainable tourism...

Author(s):Dagnachew Nega (Lecturer)

Article in Press

How to provide an optimal environment for tourists to manage their sleep? The roles of sleep amenities, sleep environment cleanliness, and sleep atmosphere

For many tourists, a good night’s sleep is essential for business, creativity, travel and/or enjoyment of a holiday. To have better understanding on an optimal environment for the tourists to manage their sleep, this study aims to examine how the comfortability of sleep amenities and sleep environment cleanliness and sleep atmosphere influence tourists’ sleep quality by adopting the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)....

Author(s):Clare P Y Fung

Article in Press

Diaspora and Tourism Investment Challenges and Opportunities in Ethiopia: The case of Major Tourist Destinations in Amhara National Regional State.

Diasporas are groups of individuals or communities who carry an image of a homeland that separates them from the host land in which they reside. The role of Diaspora groups in destination image building has attracted considerable policy interest in Ethiopia. The purpose of this study is to analyze the Diasporas’ tourism investment challenges and opportunities in Amhara region major tourist destinations. To achieve these...

Author(s):Engdu Gebrewold

Article in Press

An Assessment of Ecotourism Potentiality for Community Based Ecotourism Development: The Case of Alemsaga Priority State Forest, South Gondar, Ethiopia.

The purpose of this study was to assess the potentials of the forest for ensuring the community based tourism development in Alemsaga Priority State Forest South Gondar zone. The study was descriptive design and employed both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Questionnaires, key Informants Interviews, focus group discussion, Observations and review of secondary sources were the main data gathering tools....

Author(s):Dagnachew Neg

Article in Press

The Hidden Treasure of Tedbabe Mariam and its Role for Tourism Development

South Wollo Zone is one of the Zones found in Amhara Region. It is endowed with different historical, cultural and natural attractions which make the tourists entertained, amazed and creates breathtaking feeling. Among the treasures found in the Zone is the Rise Adibarat Wogedamat (first among its peers and head of all churches and Monasteries) Tedbabe Mariam church. The principal objective of this study is to investigate...

Author(s):Zelalem Getnet

Article in Press

Community Based Ecotourism Development in Meqdela Amba, Ethiopia: Current development barriers.

Ethiopia has very distinct natural, cultural and historic products that could attract visitors from all over the world. Meqdela Amba, a community in Ethiopia, is endowed with a unique historical heritage and outstanding biophysical features. The aim of this study was to identify the major barrier of the Meqdela Amba community based ecotourism development in Tenta district. The study used descriptive research design and...

Author(s):Endalkachew Teshome (PhD)

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