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Soil Science and Environmental Management

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  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 2141-2391
  • DOI: 10.5897/JSSEM
  • Start Year: 2010

JSSEM Articles in press

Socio-Economic and Biophysical Characterization, Identification and Prioritization of Major Constraints and Potentials of Garamulata Community Watershed, Shashamane, Ethiopia.

Article in Press

Conducting baseline study before implementing any project in the watershed is crucial to evaluate the impacts of a project intervention on socio-economic status. This study was designed to characterize the socio-economic status of Garamulata community watershed in Shashamane district and provide baseline data and information for further project monitoring and evaluation of the intervention. We used a systematic and simple...

Author(s):Abay Challa Bonsa Fentale, Ayub Jelde, Desta Negayo, Kasahun Kitila, Mekonnen Workineh and Asfaw Negassa

Review On Modeling Soil Nutrient Depletion And Its Spatial Variability On Agricultural Land Uses In Ethiopia Using Decision Support Model And Partial Versus Full Nutrient Balances

Article in Press

The soil nutrient balances of agricultural systems differ from those of natural ecosystems primarily due to the removal of nutrients in commercial products. In cropping systems, this removal can be a major factor in soil nutrient depletion. Other factors include nutrient removal in vegetative parts of crops and their residues, as well as losses through soil erosion, runoff, leaching, burning of crop residues, and gaseous...

Author(s):Mengistu Liramo, Habtamu Alemayehu

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of Urea Intercalated Biochar

Article in Press

Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of biochar in enhancing soil physical and chemical properties. The nitrogen content in biochar varies significantly based on the pyrolytic temperature, growth stage of the plant used and plant type (nitrogen fixer and non-nitrogen fixer). Nevertheless, biochar generally possesses an inherently low nitrogen content. This research sought to investigate the potential for...

Author(s):Olubisi Oluwasegun John, Adesanwo Olusola Olajumoke, Fagbenro Adeniyi John, Azeez Musibau Oyeleke, Olufemi Temitope Akinwale

Land suitability evaluation for rainfed maize production using geospatial technologies in Nzara and Yambio counties, South Sudan

Article in Press

Classifying Land based on its suitability for agriculture is crucial for agriculture development and future planning for food production. Based on that a land suitability assessment for rainfed maize variety was conducted in Sakure and Nginda Payams of Nzara and Yambio Counties, on 47 500 ha. The purpose was to produce a semi-detailed land suitability map (1:100 000) from georeferenced soil survey data and spatial...

Author(s):Isaac Aziz Justin Bazugba, Boniface Hussein Massawe, Mawazo Jamson Shitindi, Pio Kur Deng

Response of Sorghum to Three Nutrients Sources and Effects on Soil of Makurdi, Nigeria

Article in Press

There is a decline in crop yield per unit area of land in the sub-Saharan countries leading to threat to food security. This is mainly because of land degradation, climate variability and socioeconomic condition of smallholder farmers. To curb the decline in soil productivity and enhance crop yield, combination of both old and new technologies is been advocated. In this regard a field trial was conducted in 2016 and 2017...

Author(s):Ter, S.T., Anjembe B.C, Maga, J.T

Soil Characteristics Based Fertilizer Selection and Management for Selected areas of ‘Raya Azebo’ and ‘Enderta’, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.

Article in Press

Choice of fertilizer mainly depends on minerals used in the fertilizer production, geological rock formation and soil type of the farmland. In present time, Ethiopian farmers uses different type of fertilizer for many soil types and geological rocks that have different chemical characteristics. This way of using fertilizer is manually controlled and can cause mismatching of soil character with suitable fertilizer type....

Author(s):Mulata Haftu and Filimon Gidey

Integrated use of manure and mineral P to improve agronomic parameters of maize and P uptake in acid soils of Bityili (Southern – Cameroon)

Article in Press

Efficiency of available phosphorus in Cameroonian soils in the southern part of the country is low because of the low pH (‹ 5.5) which provokes high phosphorus fixation due to insoluble phosphate compounds formed with Fe, Mn and Al oxides and hydrous oxides. The present work was carried out to assess the effect of organic manure (Tithonia diversifolia (TD), Glyricidia sepium (GS), poultry manure (PM) and rabbit manure (RM)...

Author(s):Organic manure, phosphorus, Di – Ammonium Phosphate, P efficiencies, acid soils, Cameroon, Integrated Soil Fertility Management.

Effect of heavy metals on agricultural soils from Maiganga, Gombe State, Nigeria

Article in Press

Soil provides the necessary nutrients for plant life in our climate, but it also serves plants as a source of many toxins by absorbing toxic substances from their root in the soil. The research was carried out to determine the effects of heavy metal pollution in agricultural soils in the Maiganga area of Gombe State, Nigeria. The community is famous for its deposit of coal which has attracted miners to the area. A total of...

Author(s):Hammani Babangida, Sulaiman Mohammad Bashir, Mohamed Salih Osman, Khalid A. Mohamed, Musa Yakubu, Audu Danladi, and Adanu Emmanuel O

Verification of Nutrients Standards for Diagnosis of Yuhebao lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Article in Press

The steady production of Yuhebao lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) are involved in accurate fertilization management. The critical period of nutrient requirement for Yuhebao lychee is during January to June every year in Taiwan because the period is from flowering to fruiting stage. It would be serve the references of fertilization if there is a accurate standard for nutrient management of Yuhebao lychee. This study was...

Author(s): Yong Hong Lin Wei Jia Wang, Ho Ma

Amelioration Of Soil Acidity And Ph Buffering Capacity Of An Ultisol In Umudike, Southeastern Nigeria As Influenced By Biochar Application

Article in Press

Field experiment and laboratory analyses were carried out to investigate the effects of biochar on soil acidity and pH-buffering capacity of an Ultisol in Umudike, southeastern Nigeria. The treatments were 0 ton per hectare (t/ha) biochar, 1 t/ha biochar, 3 t/ha biochar, 5 t/ha biochar, 1 t biochar + 400kg NPK (15:15:15) /ha, 3 t biochar + 400kg NPK (15:15:15) /ha, 5 t biochar + 400kg NPK (15:15:15) /ha, and 400 kg NPK...

Author(s):Akinmutimi, A.L. and Udoeno, E.R.

Sewage Sludge and NPK Application to Enhance Growth, Yield and Quality of Kale and Spinach Crops

Article in Press

Sewage sludge is considered as a valuable supplement because of its high organic matter, macro and micro nutrients. Its application has been studied in combination with recommended fertilizer dose (NPK is combination of N, P and K) for crops, viz. Kale and Spinach. The experiment comprised nine treatments (T1=0%SS+0%NPK as Control, T2=25%SS+0%NPK, T3=50%SS+0%NPK, T4=75%SS+0%NPK, T5=100%SS+0%NPK, T6=25%SS+75%NPK,...

Author(s):Jaweed Tasadoq Hussain

Soil survey and characterization of soil of Argo- Gedilala Sub Watershed in Dugda District, Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Article in Press

Soil resource inventory through characterization provides an insight into the potentials and limitations of soils for agricultural production. However, a detailed study on soil resources characterization based on the understanding of the soil system are not available at Dugda district. With the cognizance of this fact, the present study was conducted to characterize the morphological and physicochemical properties of...

Author(s):Bekele Abebe , Lemma Wogi ,Samuel Feyissa

Effect of Agricultural Machinery on Physical and Hydraulic Properties of Agricultural Soils

Article in Press

The study assessed effect of farm machinery on both physical and hydraulic properties of agricultural soils used for rice cultivation in northern Ghana. Two (2) tractor models were used for the field experiment with field tests and soil sampling points classified as Tractor Tyre Passage Area (TTPA), Ploughed Area (PA) and Unploughed Area (UPA). The study used Randomised Complete Block Design (RCBD) with 3 blocks, 3...

Author(s):Felix K. Abagale

Fertilizer recommendations for optimal soybean production in North and Center Benin

Article in Press

In the traditional cropping systems of Benin Republic, soybean is mostly cultivated with no mineral fertilizer supply, despite the decrease of soil fertility. Furthermore, there is no specific fertilizer available for the crop, in spite of its cash crop character. This leads to weak crop yield in the farmers’ fields. The present study aims to determine the optimal doses of each N, P, K, Mg and Zn nutrient to improve...

Author(s):Faki O. Chabi, Gustave D. Dagbenonbakin, Emile C. Agbangba, Brice T. Oussou, Bérékia K. Agban, Mireille Dakpo, Léonard E. Ahoton, Guillaume L. Amadji, Saïdou Aliou.

Estimation of maize yield gap through soil analysis in small land holding fields at Livingstonia plateau, Rumphi, Malawi.

Article in Press

A study was conducted at the Livingstonia plateau in Rumphi district in northern Malawi to estimate maize yield gaps through the analysis of soil nutrients during the 2018/2019 growing season. Soil analysis was done for one hundred and fifty soil samples collected from the depth of 0 – 100 at an interval of 20 cm at the top, middle and bottom landscapes of the plateau. Soil nutrients analysis was done at the Ministry of...

Author(s):Bernard C.G. Kamanga, BERNARD CHIZENGO GOMEZGANI KAMANGA, Deborah Mhone, Shekinah Lungu, Matthews Chimbaza, Shallonie Soko, MacPherson Makumba, Elizabeth Kasebele, Joseph Kalasa

Soil properties, Growth and Nitrogen Uptake of Maize (Zea mays L.) as Influenced by Compost and Nitrogen Rates on Andisols

Article in Press

A greenhouse experiment was conducted on Andisols at Awada Agricultural Research Sub-center. To evaluate the effects of compost and nitrogen fertilizers on soil properties, plant growth, and nitrogen uptake of maize. The treatments comprised factorial combinations of four rates of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer (0, 46, 92 and 138 kg N ha -1) and five rates of compost (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 t ha -1), laid down in a completely...

Author(s):Ashenafi Nigussie, Wassie Haile, Getachew Agegnehu and Alemayehu Kiflu

Study of heavy metals Variability in Kanzenze River of Upper Akagera Catchment, Rwanda

Article in Press

The study aims to conduct a study of variability of heavy metals in Kanzenze River of Upper Akagera Catchment, Rwanda for sustainable irrigation in Rwanda. Findings showed that two categories of heavy metals were identified: Category I (heavy with permissible limits) and Category II (heavy metals out of permissible limits) as prescribed by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) guidelines for irrigation. Based on FAO...

Author(s):Nsengiyumva Jean Nepo, Ruzigamanzi Eric, Habineza Eliezel, Rukangantambara Hamoud

Verification of Phosphorus Calibration Study on Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) in Kofole District of West Arsi Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Verification of phosphorus calibration study on bread wheat was conducted in kofole district in 2019 which was based on calibration study output with objectives to verify the feasibility of the Pc and Pf determined during site specific soil test crop response based phosphorus fertilizer calibration and to create awareness on site specific fertilizer recommendation. Moreover, a composite soil samples at the depth of 0-20 cm...

Author(s):Abdurahman Husien, Tilahun Firomsa and Tilahun Abera

Impact of poultry manure and mineral fertilizer on maize grain yield in impoverished soils at the Osogbo Farm Settlement, South-western Nigeria

Article in Press

The declining yields associated with low soil fertility in the West African sub-region can be halted by using organic resources and mineral fertilizers to improve adverse soil conditions. Field experiments were conducted in seven locations in Osogbo, Nigeria to assess the impact of poultry manure (PM) and mineral fertilizer (MF) applied separately and in combination (PM+MF) on the grain yield of maize (Zea mays, var. TZEE...

Author(s):Onyegbula Chike Nwoke, Abiola Elizabeth Ojeleye, Oyeyinka Akande Ogunwale and Taiwo Adetola Ojurongbe

Evaluation of legume shrubs improved fallow for abandoned agricultural land rehabilitation

Article in Press

The experiment was conducted on abandoned agricultural land at Bena-Tsemay District, Southern Ethiopia. It was designed to evaluate legume shrubs growth performance, and its potential for soil fertility enhancement through improved fallow practice. The results of current study showed that growth performance of legume species reveals variation in different growth parameters. Mean height of Sesbania sesban was significantly...

Author(s):Belayneh Lemageand Mintesnot Tsegaye

Soil Erosion Risk Mapping Using Rusle, Gis And Remote Sensing: A Case Study Of The Watershed Of Zou, Centre Of Benin

Article in Press

Aware that erosion is one of the major environmental problems of this century, this study aims to apply the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation in combination with GIS and remote sensing to spatialize the risk of water erosion on the watershed of Zou in the central region of Benin. The five factors of RUSLE model (erosivity of rainfall, soil erodibility, slope length and inclination, cover and cropping practices) for the...

Author(s):Akplo Tobi Moriaque, Kouelo Alladassi Félix, Houngnandan Pascal, Azontondé Hessou Anastase, Benmansour Moncef, Rabesiranana Naivo, Fulajtar Emil, Mabit Lionel

Soil Fertility and Micronutrient Status in Tissues of Maize in Daro Labu District, West Hararghe Zone, Eastern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Depletion of soil fertility due to soil erosion and nutrient mining farming system leads to decline soil productivity and subsequently crop yields. This study was initiated to assess soil fertility status and to determine micronutrient concentration in the tissues of maize grown at Daro Labu district, Eastern Ethiopia. Twelve maize growing fields from four kebeles were selected purposively. Field survey was conducted to...

Author(s):Tadele Geremu, Lemma Wogi, Samuel Feyissa

Fertilizer microdosing: Evaluating yield response of sorghum to different organic and inorganic fertilizer levels applied at plant hills on semi-arid areas

Article in Press

Next to drought, poor soil fertility is the major cause of crops nutrient starvation in Tigray specifically at Mereb lekhe district. Farmers of the study area use different organic and inorganic fertilizers separately and in combination to improve fertility their soils for sorghum production. However, the pace of sorghum production stays constant and/or decreasing with time. Fertilizer efficiency; the type, rate and method...

Author(s):Tsadik Tadele, Geberesemaeti Kaha, Weldegebrel Gebrehiwet, Tewolde Berhe, Kinfe Tekulu, Tarekegn Yibabie, Aklil Gebremedhi, Gidena Tasew¬

Investigating growth and performance of Bolusanthes speciosus in a chrome rich soil in

Article in Press

In order to examine the survival and performance of Bolusanthes speciosus on metalliferous soil found along the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe, we conducted an ex situ experiment by transplanting four months old seedlings of the species into a chrome rich soil packed in black polythene bags in a green house at Midlands State University agriculture farm. The experiment consisted of a total of sixteen plants layered into four rows...

Author(s):N. M. Zhou, P. M. Ndlovu,

Evaluation of Conservation Farming Practices for Improving Sorghum Yield at Tanqua Abergelle Wereda, Northern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Traditional farming, particularly tillage has long been used by farmers to loosen the soil, make a seed bed and control weed. However, it has been discovered that tillage operations, overtime, cause a decline in soil fertility and overall productivity resulting from deterioration of soil physical, chemical and biological properties. The purpose of the study was to find the effect of minimizing soil disturbance on sorghum...

Author(s):Meresa Weleslassie, Guesh Assefa

Oil Degrader Fungi Of Spent Engine Oil Contaminated Soil From Selected Mechanic Workshops In Minna, Nigeria

Article in Press

The aim of this study is to investigate the oil degrader fungi associated with degradation of spent engine oil contaminated soil in five selected mechanic workshops in Minna. Samples of the spent engine oil contaminated soils were collected from Shanchaga, Maikunkele, Shiroro, Tunga and Bosso mechanic workshops located in Minna Local Government Area. The fungi were isolated from the soils using dilution plate method in...

Author(s):Eghosa OSAZEE; Matthew Omoniyi ADEBOLA

Response of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) to Potassium and Sulfur Application at Kafta Humera District, Western Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Potassium and sulfur are among the most important nutrients limiting sesame production. EthioSIS soil testing map indicate that nutrients such as K and S are deficient in the study site. Study was carried out to investigate response of sesame to K and S application at Humera Agricultural Research Center, Kafta Humera district, Tigray, Ethiopia in 2016 main cropping season. Treatments consisted four levels of potassium (0,...

Author(s):Teame Shimgabr, Lemma Wogi, Anteneh Argaw

Morphological characteristics and chlorophyll content on two selected crops: Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp and Zea mays L. around the polluted site of cement factory of Figuil North-Cameroon.

Article in Press

The production of cement is associated with serious deterioration of air quality and considerable damages on vegetation and other organisms. We investigated the effect of cement dust pollution on morphological characteristics, biomass and on chlorophyll content of two important crop plants in Cameroon (Vigna unguiculata, Zea mays) grown 30 and 500 meters in North and East directions from the cement factory of Figuil,...

Author(s):Housseini Djida Jacques, Nicolas Yanou Njintang, Hartmut Koehler

Assessment of heavy metal pollution in soil and barley crop grown around Mugher cement factory, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Different researches showed that cement manufacturing is one of the significant sources of heavy metal pollution in soil through precipitation and fallout. In this study, heavy metals pollution in soil and barley crop grown around Mugher cement factory were investigated. A total of 36 soil samples at different distance from the factory (0- 500m, 500- 1500m and 4000m) and 22 barley sample were collected and analyzed at...

Author(s):Yohannse Habteyesus Yitagesua, Eshetu Bekele

Classification of Ethiopian soils with pH

Article in Press

Knowledge of the spatial distribution of soil pH (potential hydrogen) is important for soil and crop management practices aimed at improving agricultural productivity. The present study was conducted to investigate the spatial coverage of the various pH classes of Ethiopian soils. Analysis of the harmonized world soil data base (version 1.2) using GIS and remote sensing tools and classification of the top soil pH data...

Author(s):Edossa Fikiru Wayima

Role of soil microbial community in greenhouse gases emission and mitigation stretagies for reducing methane emission from rice paddy soil to address global warming and global climate change issues

Article in Press

Rice paddy soils are complex ecosystems characterized by metabolic processes responsible for the production and emissions of different greenhouse gasses. The oxic and anoxic conditions of the rice paddy soil have been changed continuously through alternative cycles of flooding and drainage which might be responsible for different microbial community structure and their impact on greenhouse gasses. The changes in the...

Author(s):Muhammad Israr khan, Muhammad Qasim, Gil Won Kim, Hyun Young Hwang, Seung Tak Jeong, Jeong Gu Lee, Hyo Suk Gwon, Abdul Aziz, Jin Hoo Lee, Muhammad Ashraful Alam, Song Rae Cho, Pil Joo Kim

Pre harvest spray of biostimulants and growth regulators on shelf life of leafy coriander (coriandrum sativum l.) Var. Co (cr) 4

Article in Press

The experiment was conducted two seasons to study “Pre harvest spray of certain biostimulants and growth regulators on shelf life of leafy coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) var. CO (CR) 4” was conducted at the Department of Spices and Plantation Crops, Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, during the year of 2015-2016. The objective of this study is to find out...

Author(s):B. Lokesh, A. Ramar, V. Jegadeeswari, P. Paramaguru

Studies on fertility potentials of some soils in Jada local government area of Adamawa State, North East Nigeria

Article in Press

Field works were conducted to the study fertility potentials of some soils in Jada Local Government Area of Adamawa State. Soil samples were collected from four selected wards; Jada, Wuro-Abbo, Mbulo and Kojoli, using cropping systems as criteria for collection. Four profile pits were sunk in each of the wards and twelve (12) augering points, three in each ward at a distance of 2.5 km away from the pit. Soils were analyzed...

Author(s):Salihu, Ardo Musa


Article in Press

Texture is the finest or coarseness of the soil material that are equivalent to less than 2.00mm in diameter and structural stability describes the ability of the soil to retain its arrangement of aggregates and pore space when exposed to external stress such as wetting and cultivation. Thus this study evaluates the effect of soil texture and period of soaking in aggregate stability of four major soils textural classes in...

Author(s):Ijeh A. C, Nweke I. A, Asadu C. L. A.


Article in Press

A field study, conducted at the National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike, research farm, evaluated changes in some properties of a degraded Ultisol and nutrient uptake in a maize cropping system amended with four rates each of poultry manure (0, 10, 20 and 30 t ha-1) and NPK 20:10:10 fertilizer (0, 125, 250 and 500 kg ha-1). The experiment was a 4 x 4 factorial in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three...

Author(s):Chukwu L. I., Ano A. O., Asawalam D. O


Article in Press

Field experiments were conducted in 2000 through 2001 to assess yield trends of maize and cassava in a rotational cropping sequence under integrated use of manure (poultry manure, M) and fertilizer (NPK 20:10:10, F) on a degraded Ultisol of southeastern Nigeria. The experiment was a 4 x 4 factorial in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. The results showed no direct significant M x F...

Author(s):Chukwu L. I., Ano A. O., Asawalam D. O

Comparative Analyses of the Physico-Chemical Properties of Soils obtained from Ogbole Ogume and Abbi, Delta State, Nigeria.

Article in Press

Efforts were made in this present study to establish a relationship between physico-chemical characteristics in grassland soils that were differentially located and whose soils were put to different usages. Thus, physic-chemical analyses were carried out on grassland soils of Ogbole Ogume and Abbi in Ndokwa West Local Government Areas of Delta State, Nigeria. The soils were collected at the margin, centre and 10m away from...

Author(s):Amukali Ogochukwu

Evaluation of land suitability for cash and perennial cops using geographical information system in east Amhara region, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Land suitability mapping and analysis is a prerequisite to achieving optimum utilization of the available land resources. The objective of this study was to spatially evaluate land suitability for sesame (S. indicum L.), cotton (G. hirsutum L.), Ethiopian banana (E. ventricosum L.) and Mango (M. indica L.) crops in the east Amhara region, Ethiopia based on FAO guidelines. Geographical Information System (GIS) was used to...


soil conservation paper

Article in Press

A study was conducted at Donbi watershed, Wolaita zone, southern Ethiopia to identify, describe and evaluate different introduced soil and water conservation practices and to assess farmers’ perceptions about soil erosion and conservation measures. The necessary data were generated through field measurements and structured questionnaire survey, group discussion and transect walk. The structures were evaluated by...


Soil chemical properties under two managements systems and residual effects of the application of lime and gypsum

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to evaluate the residual effect of the application of lime and gypsum in soil chemical properties under two managements systems. The experimental design was randomized blocks with a split-plot design. The plots received levels of conventional and no-tillage management system factors. Subplots received applications of lime and gypsum (Control, Limestone at 3.563 Mg ha-1), Gypsum (2 Mg ha-1),...

Author(s):Kenio Batista Nogueira, Cassiano Garcia Roque, Mônica Cristina Rezende

Water and soil loss from purple soil surface under simulated rainfall in Sichuan basin, Southwest China

Article in Press

The relationship between rainfall, runoff and soil loss from different slope angles of purple soil still remain unclear despite numerous studies. This study was carried out in the laboratory to estimate runoff and sediment yield from different slope angles (5°, 10°, 15°, 20° and 25°) using Norton rainfall simulator and soil boxes. The soil was subjected to different rainfall intensities 0.6, 1.1, 1.5 and 1.8 mm/min....

Author(s):Abdel-Kabirou Bouraima, Binghui He

Soil survey for Agricultural land use planning in Tofa local government, Kano state

Article in Press

Soil survey and mapping is an important aspect of soil science, since it plays a key role in the knowledge about soil properties and how it can be used for Agriculture, Irrigation, Urbanization and other land uses. This study focus on soil survey of Tofa Local Government, Kano for the purpose of Agricultural land use planning. Free traverse method was employed where the study area was divided base on physiography into four...

Author(s):Soil survey and mapping is an important aspect of soil science, since it plays a key role in the knowledge about soil properties and how it can be used for Agriculture, Irrigation, Urbanization and other land uses. This study focus on soil survey of Tofa Local Government, Kano for the purpose of Agricultural land use planning. Free traverse method was employed where the study area was divided base on physiography into four land units; land unit A (Highland), Land unit B (Upland), land unit C (Re

Characterization, Classification and Agricultural Potential of Soils of the Lower Niger Floodplain at Ogbaru, South Eastern Nigeria

Article in Press

The soils of the lower Niger floodplain at Ogbaru are intensively cultivated, as it is a major food basket of the State and surrounding regions. The soils were studied using profiles along the slope. Profiles were dug along the upper-slope, middle-slope and toe-slope at Atani. Soil samples collected from the pedogenetic horizons of the three profiles were characterized and classified. The soils developed on the alluvial...

Author(s):F. C Okenmuo, P. K. Kefas, H. J. Philip

Local soil knowledge and crop allocation in the Savanna peri forest zone of Cameroun

Article in Press

In the tropics, tapping into farmer’s soil knowledge and incorporating them in experiential‐based insight can help alleviate the limitations of working in data‐poor regions. The objective of this study was to understand how farmers of the savannah peri forest of center Cameroon use soil knowledge for crops allocation. To this end, semi‐structured interviews, farm mapping exercises and farm‐transect walks were...

Author(s):Abossolo Angue M., Ndaka Bonguen S. M., Ndaka Bonguen S. M., Ndaka Bonguen S. M

Effect of tillage and soil amendment on carbon storage in the semi deciduous forest zone of Ghana.

Article in Press

There are controversies about findings on the effects of tillage practices and soil amendments soil organic carbon storage. Hence, a 3-year study was conducted at an Agricultural Research Station of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Anwomaso, to investigate how tillage and soil amendment influence carbon sequestration on a benchmark soil in Ghana. Split-plot design with three replications was...

Author(s):MURPHY OPOKU ACHEAMPONG, Rev. Fr. Mensah Bonsu

Yield response trends in a sweetpotato- cassava rotation system under integrated composite manure and fertilizer management strategy

Article in Press

Field experiments were conducted in 2014 through 2015 to investigate yield response trends of Sweetpotato and Cassava in a rotational cropping sequence under one-time application of five rates of composite manure (M) (0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 t ha-1) and four rates of NPK 15:15:15 fertilizer (F) (0, 200, 400 and 600 kg ha-1) on a degraded Ultisol at Umudike, Southeastern Nigeria (SEN). The experiment was a 5x4 factorial in a...

Author(s):Chukwu, L.I., Anedo, E.O, Agugo, B.A.C.

Organophosphorus and Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Soil and Water from Vegetable Growing Floodplains in Minna, North Central, Nigeria

Article in Press

The application of pesticide in agriculture has improved food production, however, the resultant pesticide residues released to the environment are potentially harmful to human health and the ecosystem even at low concentrations. Organophosphorus and Organochlorine multi- pesticide residue analysis were determined in soil and water samples from the vegetable growing floodplains in Minna, North Central, Nigeria, where urban...


Soil quality assessment under different cropping systems in Sub-humid (dry) ecosystem of Central India

Article in Press

Effect of different cropping systems (CS) on the soil quality (SQ) was assessed for soils of Sub-humid (dry) ecosystem of Central India in Rahat watershed of Nagpur District, India. Forty two surface and subsurface samples were analyzed for two physical indicators viz. bulk density (BD) and particle size distribution; four chemical indicators viz. electrical conductivity (EC), soil organic carbon (SOC), Free Calcium...

Author(s):Vrushali R. Bhende, V. D. Guldekar, D. S. Kankal


Article in Press

The use of Phytoremediation as a non-destructive and cost-effective in-situ technology for the clean-up of spent oil contaminated soils was investigated using two common plants, Chromolaena odorata (siam weed) and Helianthus annuus (sunflower).The experimental set-up was established in three locations and consisted of a system of treatment of polluted sites with Chromolaena odorata,Helianthus annuuswith a separate control....

Author(s):EMMANUEL I. UGBE, C. Iheukwumere, Samuel Ugim

Effects of Physicochemical Properties on Soil Quality around some Rivers that feed Selected Mangroves of Cameroon

Article in Press

Rivers Wouri and Meme feed the Wouri and Rio del Rey mangroves, respectively, of Cameroon. The dependence of both flora and fauna on these water resources that depend on the quality of the soil is a cause for concern. This study examined the physicochemical properties of soils that were collected around the vicinity of these rivers. This was to ascertain the former’s role in controlling the movement of chemical entities...

Author(s):Norbert Nkafu Fomenky, Aaron Suh Tening, George Bindeh Chuyong, Kenneth Mbene

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