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A Review on Normative and other factors contributing to Africa’s Adolescent Development Crisis

The objective of this review is to examine factors influencing African adolescents’ identity development. The review begins with defining identity and discuses major theories of identity development. Moreover, this review focuses on colonialism, globalization, media and other factors which are considered to influence youth identity development. The author has used the terms ‘adolescence’ and ‘youth’ interchangeably though...

Author(s):Wohabie Birhan

Article in Press

Big bang, the apologetic of Quran and the will of God

Muslims believe Quran as the word of God (Allah), sent as verbal revelation to Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. through the angel Gabriel. In the paper from segregate verses of Quran, the main events taking part in the time-line of one of the most widely accepted theories Lambda-Cold Dark Matter ‘ model’ which is the current "standard model" of Big Bang cosmology is derived. The six long periods that took part in the creation of...

Author(s):Jahangir A. Dar

Article in Press

Between theory and logic: Can linguistic competency be linked to Reincarnation?

The word "reincarnation" derives from Latin, literally meaning, "entering the flesh again". The Greek equivalent metempsychosis (μετεμψύχωσις) roughly corresponds to the common English phrase "transmigration of the soul" and also usually connotes reincarnation after death, as either human, animal, though emphasising the continuity of the soul, not the flesh. Alulo uwa according to the Igbo view is a widely acclaimed...


Article in Press

Decentralisation and constitutionalism in Africa: A theoretical exploration for sustainable distributive justice

Central to the problem of most of the states in Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular is the excessive centralization of the federal system. The centralized federalism denied the opportunity for self-expression, autonomy and by extension prevented avenues for negotiations towards attaining equity and justice. Similar to this is the defect on the constitution which is meant to define what is right by creating a system...

Author(s):Moses Aderibigbe

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