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Table of Content: 26 March 2015; 10(13)

March 2015

Comparative fungal profile of tea leaves from highland and lowland in Nigeria

A study to determine the fungal profile in leaves of both highland and lowland tea in Nigeria was performed. Healthy leaves were harvested from nineteen tea clones: T-14, T-19, T-33, T-35, T-61, T-68, T-74, T-108, T-143, T-228, T-229, T-236, T-238, T-318, T-354, T-355, T-367, T-368 and T-369 on the highland and lowland areas. Potato dextrose agar (PDA) was used as the growth medium to culture associated mycoflora from...

Author(s): Adedeji A. R. and Adeniyi D. O.

March 2015

The pattern of pathogen diversity and abundance in Lentil (Lens culinaris) fields in Constantine region, Algeria

Lenses are a group of pulses having a socio-economic and nutritional significance. The study was conducted on two fields of Lens culinaris in Constantine region contaminated with molds, had the objective to put a relationship between pathogenic molds associated with these plants and their environment. This study revealed the presence of 20 genera in soils (Absidia, Acremonium, Alternaria, Aspergillus, Bysochlamyces,...

Author(s): Hiba Almi, Laid Dehimat and Noreddine Kacem Chaouche

March 2015

Persistence and retention towards degree completion of BS agriculture students in selected State Universities in Region IV-A, Philippines

Using descriptive-correlational research design, total enumeration of 56 junior BS Agriculture students uncovered factors that support and challenge students in agriculture degree programs.  The study selected the targeted State Universities based on the level of degree accreditation in agriculture. The researcher also incorporated qualitative data by conducting semi-structured interviews. Factors related to...

Author(s): Ruth A. Ortega-Dela Cruz

March 2015

Cellulases produced by the endophytic fungus Pycnoporus sanguineus (L.) Murrill

Cellulases are enzymes that act on the hydrolysis of cellulosic substrates and comprise a complex capable of hydrolyzing cellulose and producing glucose. This conversion can be performed by an enzymatic complex found in secretions of such microorganisms as fungi and bacteria. The challenge is to transform this conversion into a quicker and more cost-effective process. The objective of this study was to evaluate the...

Author(s): Sideney B. Onofre, Zípora M. Q. Santos, Francini Y. Kagimura and Shaiana P. Mattiello

March 2015

Respiratory activity, intensity of processes of ammonification and nitrification in soil subjected to the effect of chemical preparates Reglone 200 SL and Elastiq 550 EC

Plant protection agents applied in agriculture deserve special attention, given their toxicity, accumulability, and persistence in the soil environment, where they frequently induce disturbances in biochemical processes. Assessment of the risk associated with introduction of chemical preparations to agricultural cultivation is an essential element of protection of the natural environment against the harmful effects of...

Author(s): Stefania Jezierska-Tys and Agata Rutkowska

March 2015

Glycerin effluent from the biodiesel industry as potassium source to fertilize soybean crop

This research is aimed at evaluating the effects of the glycerin effluent from the biodiesel industry resulting from chemical processes involving the transesterification of triacylglicerides in bio-oils, a reaction catalyzed with potassium hydroxide. This glycerin material (hereinafter referred to as "K-glycerin") may be assumed to be a potential source of potassium to increase the yields of soybean crops and...

Author(s): Enilson de Barros Silva, Elton Nobuyuki Hizuka, Paulo Henrique Grazziotti, José Domingos Fabris and Alessandro Torres Campos

March 2015

Water relations and gas exchange in castor bean irrigated with saline water of distinct cationic nature

Aiming to evaluate the water relations and gas exchange in castor bean cv. BRS Energia under salinity and cationic nature of irrigation water, an experiment was conducted under controlled conditions in an Ultisol Eutrophic of sandy loam texture. Treatments consisted of six combinations of water salinity (S1– Control (supply water ECw=0.6 dS m-1); S2 - Na+, S3 - Ca2+, S4 - Na++ Ca2+, S5 - K+ and S6 - Na++ Ca2+ +...

Author(s): Geovani Soares de Lima, Hans Raj Gheyi, Reginaldo Gomes Nobre, Lauriane Almeida dos Anjos Soares, Diego Azevedo Xavier and José Amilton dos Santos Júnior

March 2015

Land suitability evaluation in Wadla Delanta Massif of north central highlands of Ethiopia for rainfed crop production

Land evaluation, using a scientific procedure, is essential to identify the potential and constraints of a given land for defined use in terms of its fitness and ensure its sustainable use. In view of this, a study was conducted to evaluate physical land suitability for major agricultural crops under rainfed conditions at the Wadla Delanta Massif in the north central highlands of Ethiopia. Four common field crops...

Author(s): Nahusenay A. and Kibebew K.

March 2015

Development of cotton leaf curls virus tolerance varieties through interspecific hybridization

Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCuV) is a major threat in enhancing cotton production in Pakistan. Economic loss due to this disease during last decade is estimated about 75 million rupees. This disease spread in epidemic from 1992 to 1995. The first CLCuV resistant variety was evolved in 1996. Resurgence of this disease occurred in 2001 (Burewala) breaking resistance of all exiting available germplasm of cotton....

Author(s): Z. I. Anjum, K. Hayat, S. Celik, M. T. Azhar, U. Shehzad, F. Ashraf, M. Tariq, H. T. Mehmood and M. Azam

March 2015

Socio-economic determinants of tomato retail marketing in Ibadan Southwest Local Government area of Oyo State, Nigeria

This study examined the socioeconomic determinants of tomato retail marketing in Ibadan southwest Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria. The study was based on the primary data obtained in a cross section survey of 80 randomly selected tomato retail marketers drawn by multi-stage sampling across four (4) markets in the study area. The data were collected by personal administration of questionnaire designed to elicit...

Author(s): S. A.  Adewuyi and C. P. Adekunle

March 2015

Influence of temperature on the reproductive success of a fig wasp and its host plant

Ambient temperatures influence many aspects of insect behavior and reproduction, and limit their distribution and abundance. Small, delicate insects such as the fig wasps (Agaonidae) that pollinate fig trees rapidly succumb to heat stress when outside figs. We compared survivorship and reproductive success of the fig wasp Kradibia tentacularis pollinator of the Asian fig tree Ficus montana in three glasshouses...

Author(s): A. Al Khalaf, R. J. Quinnell and S. G. Compton,

March 2015

Studies on garlic production in Egypt using conventional and organic agricultural conditions

Balady and Chinese-Sids40 are the main garlic cultivars grown in Egypt. Effect of conventional vs. organic agricultural practices on premature and mature garlic bulb yield was studied for these cultivars. Organic agriculture increased yield of garlic bulbs and was more effective in Balady than in Chinese-Sids40 cultivar. Effect of cultivar type, maturity stage and agricultural methods on allicin content in garlic bulbs...

Author(s): Mai Raslan, Sameh AbouZid, Mamdouh Abdallah and Mohamed Hifnawy

March 2015

Foliar tissue, grain yield and economic return by surface application of gypsum and different number of soybean plants in precision seed drill

The gypsum has elevated calcium and sulfur in the soil, and there are reports of increased grain yield of soybean with reduced number of plants, being necessary in conjunction with economic return on investment. This study investigated the effect of application superficial of gypsum and different numbers of plants in precision seed drill in the nutritional aspect of the leaf tissue, grain yield of soybean cultivated in...

Author(s): Leandro Rampim, Augustinho Borsoi, Paulo Vitor Dal Molin, Marcos Vinícius Mansano Sarto, Jean Sérgio Rosset, Maria do Carmo Lana, Paulo Ricardo Lima, Vandeir Francisco Guimarães, Tatiane Ohland and Jeferson Klein

March 2015

Spacial and temporal characterization of water quality in the Cuiabá River Basin of Central Brazil

Multivariate statistical techniques were applied to evaluate the temporal and spatial variation of water quality in the Cuiabá River basin that could be affected by urban effluent discharge and diffuse pollution. After data treatment, 75.74% of the total variance was explained in the 28 parameters determined in water samples, collected at 13 stations from July 2010 to May 2011. The first component (29.08%) was...

Author(s): Sérgio Batista de Figueiredo, Ricardo Santos Silva Amorim, and Carolina Lourencetti