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Table of Content: 31 December 2015; 10(53)

December 2015

Physiological and biochemical analysis of Trichoderma species isolated from different location U. P.

Seven different species of Trichoderma isolated from the different locations of Uttar Pradesh were used in this study. A comparative analysis was done among all the seven species for the determination of glucanase enzyme production and nitrogen content determination the results showed that among all the seven tested species, Trichoderma harzianum shows the highest glucanase enzyme production as well as the highest...

Author(s): Anuradha Singh, Sonika Pandey, Mukesh Srivastava, Mohammad Shahid, Vipul Kumar, Shubha Trivadi and Ved Ratan

December 2015

Bacteriological quality of drinking water originated from groundwater in Béni-Abbés area (South West Algeria)

The purpose of the present study was to examine the bacteriological quality of the drinking water samples to evaluate the results with the Algeria and international standards for drinking water quality, as well as the identification of the dominant microflora. The water samples (groundwater) are collected monthly from six sites in Béni-Abbés district. Most of the samples have shown the occurrence of...

Author(s): BENGARNIA Benmerine, HADADJI Miloud, RAMDANI Mohammed and KIHAL Mebrouk

December 2015

Impact of long-term intensive cropping under continuous tillage and unbalanced use of fertilizers on soil nutrient contents in a small holding village

Long-term field studies are important to generate information on changes in soil, which help in understanding nutrients management strategies for sustainable crop production. The present study was carried out in Kafr El-Kadera village at El-Monofia governorate, Egypt located at Middle Delta. It started in 1981 and was repeated in 2008 to evaluate the effect of continuous cropping, tillage and unbalanced fertilizers use...

Author(s): Mohamed M. El-Fouly, A. F. A. Fawzi, E. A. A. Abou El-Nour, M. S. Zeidan and A. H. Firgany

December 2015

Influence of variable mixing rates and nitrogen fertilization levels on the fodder quality of Egyptian clover (Trifolium alexandrinum L.) and annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.)

Mixing grasses with legumes for forage production has been a common cropping system, especially in the Mediterranean countries. However, the nutritive value of the end product is greatly dependent on adopting the suitable cultural practices to achieve maximum benefit from the forage mixture, especially the nitrogen (N) fertilizer level and the mixing rate. Thus, the current study was carried out on the winter season of...

Author(s): Heba Sabry Attia Salama and Hala Hassan Badry

December 2015

Impact of international donor organizations’ intervention on agricultural banking in Africa: Micro analyses

The major part of African countries population lives in the rural areas and agriculture is the main source of such dwellers’ livelihood. Access to agricultural credit is a milestone in the context of rural development of these countries. International donor organizations give some banks impetus to direct their loans to agricultural sector. This study tries to make motion about analyzing micro consequences of...

Author(s): Giorgi Kharshiladze

December 2015

Genetic variability of Fusarium solani and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. passiflorae isolates from Pantanal, Amazon and Cerrado biomes of Mato Grosso, Brazil

Soil fungi, Fusarium solani and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. passiflorae are among the pathogens of greatest economic importance to the passion fruit culture. Little is known about the genetic variability of these pathogens from different regions. The genetic variability of F. solani and F. oxysporum f. sp. passiflorae isolates from Pantanal, Amazon and Cerrado of Mato Grosso State, Brazil, was studied with the help of...

Author(s): Arielen Barreto de Carvalho, Valdomiro José Coelho, Kelly Lana Araújo, Kátia Aparecida de Siqueira, Sandra Mara Alves da Silva Neves, Marcos Antônio Soares and Leonarda Grillo Neves

December 2015

Agronomic and technical fibers traits in elite genotypes of cotton herbaceous

The changes in weaving technology, competition with synthetic fibers, and the globalization of cotton and textile production have increased the demand for better quality fibers. One of the main traits to be improved is fiber length. Thus, under the hypothesis of distinction and characterization of cotton genotypes, the aim of this study was to evaluate, in three locations, the average behavior of elite breeding lines...

Author(s): Luiz Paulo de Carvalho, Francisco José Correia Farias, Camilo de Lellis Morello, Josiane Isabela da Silva Rodrigues and Paulo Eduardo Teodoro

December 2015

Effect of inactivated yeast on rumen dry matter degradation and fermentation of low concentrate feed

Life yeast is known to improve rumen fermentation characteristics and performance, especially with high concentrate diet, while reports on inactivated yeast are ambiguous. Therefore, the present study focused on short-term effects of inactivated yeast (Levabon®) with an inclusion rate of 0 or 50 g per head per day on in situ rumen dry matter degradability (ISDMD) of a total mixed ration (66.6% grass silage, 14.5%...

Author(s): A. Metwally, and W. Windisch

December 2015

Vertical distribution of lead (Pb) in farmlands around contaminated goldmine in Zamfara state, Northern Nigeria

Anthropogenic activities such as artisanal gold mining have been shown to contaminate soils. When these soils are cultivated, lead (Pb)-related human health risks are expected consequent to consumption of crops produced from such soil. This study was conducted with the aim of determining the vertical distribution of Pb in Pb-contaminated farmlands around contaminated goldmine. Eight soil profile pits were dug 1 m deep...

Author(s): Abdulkareem, J. H., Abdulkadir, A. and Abdu, N.

December 2015

Phosphorus supply for corn plants with fertilizer containing humic substances

The introduction of new technology components increases the stability of the existing production systems in addition to maximize their efficiency, reducing costs and improving productivity. Thus, the objective was to evaluate the influence of phosphorus fertilization on the agronomic and physiological characteristics of two corn hybrids using mineral fertilizer and humic substance-rich fertilizer the benefits of...

Author(s): Carlos Juliano Brant Albuquerque, Bruno Teixeira Ribeiro, César Henrique Souza Zandonadi, Rafael José de Oliveira, Tales Graciano Coelho, Weslei Geraldo Martins, Matheus Gonçalves Borges and Erika Alice Nascimento Resende

December 2015

Foliar diagnosis in Phalaenopsis orchid plants subjected to application of nitrogen

Production of orchids is important in floriculture, and nitrogen is one of the nutrients most required by plants. However, there is little information on nitrogen leaf analysis of these orchids. We evaluated the nitrogen fertilization on leaf nutritional status and on the production of dry mass and develop a diagnostic sheet for the orchid Phalaenopsis. Five concentrations of N (0.0, 0.068, 0.136, 0.204 and 0.272 g L-1)...

Author(s): Cibele Mantovani, Renato de Mello Prado and Kathia Fernandes Lopes Pivetta

December 2015

Socio-economic reasons for high weed infestations in Northwestern Benin maize (Zea maize L.) production systems

Right timing of weed control is one of the most important challenges farmers in North Benin are facing. Weed infestation rates in maize production in the dry savanna zone in Northwestern Benin are often very high causing significant yield losses. The aim of the study was to determine reasons for late weed control in maize, which is the dominating crop in this area. A survey was conducted among 100 representative farmers...

Author(s): Geoffroy Gantoli, Horst Oebel, Desire S. M. Agossou and Roland Gerhards

December 2015

Yam (Dioscorea spp.) responses to the environmental variability in the Guinea Sudan zone of Benin

This study analyzed the morphological characteristics and agronomic potentials of yam varieties (Dioscorea spp.) collected across the Guinea Sudan transition zone of Benin. Dioscorea cayenensis - D. rotundata varieties were characterized as wingless; some varieties were spineless, others had few or dense, robust or thin, and short or prickled spines. There was variation in leaf shape, stem and leaf colour, tuber shapes...

Author(s): Afio Zannou, Paul Struik, Paul Richards and Jeanne Zoundjihékpon

December 2015

Fertiliser subsidy effects on fertiliser use in the northern region of Ghana

This study examines the effect of fertiliser subsidy on application rates of fertiliser among maize farmers in Northern Region. The study uses cross-sectional data from 301 households in the northern region of Ghana. The Probit and Tobit models were respectively used to analyse the determinants of participation in the subsidy programme and the effect of participation on fertiliser application rates. The results of the...

Author(s): Jongare Adams Imoru and Michael Ayamga

December 2015

Influence of wheat populations arrangement on growth characteristics and grain yield

The arrangement of plants in paired spacing is one of the management practices being used in some crops resulting in increased yield. Aiming to evaluate the arrangements and plant density on agronomic characteristics, yield components and yield of two wheat cultivars, one experiment was carried out on a Haplic Cambisol Tb typical dystrophic soil, with two cultivars, in the city of Ponta Grossa, PR,. The design...

Author(s): Marina Senger, Jeferson Zagonel, Camila Ferreira, Allan C. de Souza and Renato Zardo Filho

December 2015

Analysis of vibration levels in agricultural tractor with and without cabin

The use of tractors is indispensable and essential to the agriculture. However, despite being efficient machines, tractors may fail in their projects, leading to the appearance of vibrations in different parts of their structure. Many studies show that the daily exposure to high levels of vibration, these are a risk factor for the health of the whole human body. In view of that, the purpose of this study was to evaluate...

Author(s): Samantha Vieira de Almeida, Felipe Carlos Spneski Sperotto, Lucas da Silva Doimo, Tiago Pereira da Silva Correia, João Eduardo Guarnetti dos Santos and Paulo Roberto Arbex Silva

December 2015

Hydraulic performance evaluation of mini sprinkler system

Irrigation system performance assessment is of high priority in irrigation research to solve the problem of irrigation development and management. It is obvious that many irrigation systems are performing below their capacity. This situation may lead to non-uniform and unreliable water distribution. The mini sprinkler systems recently introduced for irrigation needs to be evaluated for their performance. A mini...

Author(s): Dhaval Kirankumar Dwivedi, Narendra Kumar Gontia and Jaypalsinh Mahobatsinh Chavda