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Table of Content: 2 March, 2016; 15(9)

March 2016

Nutritional status, lifestyle and knowledge of predisposing factors on hyperlipedemia among out-patients in Enugu State University Teaching Hospital (ESUTH), Nigeria

The growing trend of hyperlipidemia in most developing countries has resulted largely from changes in lifestyle, diet and lack of adequate exercise which have led to decreased life expectancy and burden of cardiovascular diseases. A purposive sample size of 206 out-patients was selected for this study after obtaining their due consents. Out of these, 108 (52.84%) were female and 98 (47.6%) males. Validated structured...

Author(s): Nwamarah, Joy Ugo, Otitoju, Olawale and Otitoju, Grace Taiwo O.

March 2016

Protective effect of Haloxylon salicornicum on hepatic and renal functions of Wistar rats exposed to aluminium

Aluminium is present in some manufactured medicines and foods. It is known that aluminium causes oxidative stress. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of Haloxylon salicornicum extract in modulating aluminium chloride (AlCl3) induced oxidative stress in rats. Male rats (40 to 50 g) were divided into four groups of six animals each. The experimental protocol was based on the...

Author(s): Fatima Zohra TAHARI, Monya LABLACK, Nadia AЇT HAMADOUCHE, Zineb TAHARI and Abdelkader AOUES

March 2016

Histopathological effects of Cyperdicot and vitamin E supplementation on selected organs of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) reared in a tropical fish farm in Nigeria

This study conducted in 2014 investigated the histopathological effects of Cyperdicot and vitamin E supplementation on some selected organs in juveniles of Clarias gariepinus. Fish were exposed to 0. 0.08 and 0.16 mg/L Cyperdicot and vitamin E. Fish were divided into six groups: control, 0.80 mg/L; Cyperdicot, 0.16 mg/L; Cyperdicot, vitamin E, vitamin E + 0.08 mg/L Cyperdicot, and vitamin E + 0.16 m/L Cyperdicot...

Author(s): Odo, G. E., Agwu, J. E., Madu, J., Ezea, C. O., Nnamonu, E. I. and Eneje, V. O.

March 2016

Cellulose degradation capabilities of dung beetle, Euoniticellus intermedius, larva gut consortia

This study assessed the capabilities of the dung beetle, Euoniticellus intermedius (Coleoptera: Scarabaeida), larva gut consortia in degrading cellulose that can serve as glucose source for biofuels production. A total of 144 live dung beetles were randomly collected from a dairy farm and bred in a temperature controlled insect rearing room. On reaching the late second to third instar stage, dung beetle larvae were...

Author(s): Munamato Mabhegedhe, Karl Rumbold and Monde Ntwasa

March 2016

HPLC quantification of phenolic content and assessment of methanolic extract of Antiaris africana for toxicological study

The study was aimed at evaluating the toxicological and antioxidant activities of Antiaris africana Engl. (family Moraceae), that is used in Nigeria and other West Africa countries as a panacea for the treatment of several ailments. The methanolic extract of A. africana (MEA) obtained was analysed for antioxidant activities in vitro and screened for various phytochemicals present. Phenolic and flavonoid contents were...

Author(s): Omotayo B. Ilesanmi, Tolulope M. Olaleye, Afolabi C. Akinmoladun and Taiwo T. Alawode

March 2016

Physical and chemical properties of the acid protease from Onopordum acanthium: Comparison between electrophoresis and HPLC of degradation casein profiles

A protease was extracted by grinding, precipitation and gel filtration from Onopordum acanthium flowers. The physicochemical study of the enzyme showed an optimum pH of 4, a temperature of 40°C and kinetic parameters of 12.25 mM-1 for KM and 1329.6 UmL-1 for Vmax. The inhibition by pepstatin indicated that it is an aspartyl-protease (APs). Zymogram showed that the protease has a monomeric structure and a molecular...

Author(s): Malika Benkahoul, Meriem Benchiheub, Ines Bellil, Douadi Khelifi and Aicha Mechakra Maza