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  • Start Year: 2002

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Lactic acid bacteria fermentation of coconut milk and its effect on the nutritional, phytochemical, antibacterial and sensory properties of virgin coconut oil produced

Coconut oil has profound health benefits but the high content of fatty acids is a concern to many consumers, several processing methods have failed to produce oil with considerable change in fatty acid content. In this study, selected lactic acid bacteria including Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus pentosus, Leuconostoc mesenteroides and Enterococcus faecium were used to ferment coconut milk for production of virgin...

Author(s):Olateru Comfort T., Popoola Bukola M., Alagbe Gbolahan O. Ajao Omobayonle

Article in Press

Yield coefficient for the growth of Pseudomonas sp. AQ5-04 at various concentrations of phenol

Phenol is widely used by many industries in Malaysia, and it is one of the highly toxic environmental pollutants with levels exceeding the regulatory standard have been reported in Malaysia. A phenol-degrading bacterium; Pseudomonas sp. AQ5-04, a metabolically versatile xenobiotic-degrading bacterium, has been isolated from a local contaminated site. The bacterium was able to withstand a high concentration of phenol. This...

Author(s):Abubakar Aisami, Nur Adeela Yasid, Wan Lutfi Wan Johari, and Mohd Yunus Shukor

Article in Press

Lipase and esterase activities of lactic acid bacteria isolated from different biotopes.

The lipolytic and esterase activities of fifteen strains of lactic acid bacteria isolated from different biotopes of Algeria and Mauritania were tested on MRS medium supplemented with lipidic substrates. Five of them showed maximum activity in the presence of tributyrin, the activity is therefore a tributyrin esterase. These strains were identified by MALDI-TOF at Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus durans. The study of...

Author(s):Amina DELLALI, Halima ZADI KARAM and Nour-Eddine KARAM

Article in Press

Comparative Performance of Different Yeast Strains in the Production of Bioethanol Using Simultaneous Liquefaction Saccharification and Fermentation (SLSF).

The performance of a hybrid of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces paradoxus (Yeast B) compared with an industrial strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Yeast A) was studied. The two strains of yeasts: Yeast A obtained from the Bioresources Development Centre, National Biotechnology Development Agency Ogbomosho and Yeast B obtained from Scotch Whisky Research Laboratory in Edinburgh, Scotland (Strain 63M) were...

Author(s):Edith Lemechi Leonald-Emeka, Elizabeth Funmilayo Aransiola, Taiwo Hassan Ibrahim, Julius Olusegun Oyedele, Rose Maxwell Gidado , Andrew Chibuzor Iloh and Bamidele Ogbe Solomon,

Article in Press

Algae: Potential biotechnological source in the Arabian Gulf : A review

Arabian Gulf is characterized by being nutrient-rich, which contributes to the biodiversity of marine macro- and microalgae. Marine algae are a potentially prolific source of many valuable products that may represent useful leads in developing the quality of human life. The studies on the bioactivity of marine algae in the Arabian Gulf region are very recent; thus, there are not many studies on this field. This review...

Author(s):Sakinah Hussain Al-Haddad

Article in Press

A novel method for DNA extraction from animal blood by adding bacterial lysozyme

The DNA quality is one of the main conditioning factors for the individual identification. Therefore, appropriate methodologies are required for their extraction. A new DNA extraction method from sheep blood was implemented based on the hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide method (CTAB 2%), 1) temperature changes, cell lysis and variation of washes (CTABM), and 2) addition of an incubation process with bacterial lysozyme...

Author(s):Fidel M. Torres-Lemus, Hilda V. Silva-Rojas, Omar Hernández-Mendo, Maria M. Crosby-Galvan.

Article in Press

Effects of inoculation with some native arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) growth

In Burkina Faso, tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) sector plays a very important socio-economic role. However, its production is confronted to many constraints, among which the soil poverty in mineral elements such as nitrogen and available phosphorus resulting in an increase in the area of land that is sown for this crop and an increase in the use of chemical inputs. In addition, chemical inputs have shown their limits...

Author(s): Hadou Haro, Kadidiata Bahadio, Kadidia B. Sanon

Article in Press

In vitro propagation of Polygonatum verticillatum All. -an important medicinal plant

To overcome the limitations of traditional propagation, this research was initiated to develop an in vitro propagation protocol for Polygonatum verticillatum (L.) All. by using seeds as explants. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the most suitable concentration of growth regulators for callus induction and subsequent rhizome and shoot regeneration. Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium fortified with Kn (8mg/l) in...

Author(s):Jasfeeda Qadir, Seema Singh, Mahroofa Jan, Sumeet Kour, Zahoor A. Kaloo, Bashir A. Ganai

Article in Press


Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) of the family Pedaliaceae is an important and old oil crop that is cultivated mainly in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Africa for several economic values. Several molecular markers have been employed to study the genetic diversity of this important crop. The study focused on the genetic diversity through polymorphism information content (PIC) by the use of Simple Sequence...

Author(s):Olusola Thomas ODUOYE Opeyemi Ayokunnu OLUWASANYA Oluwabukola Omowumi ARIKAWE David Olusegun COKER Abiodun SUNDAY Omowumi Abidemi AYEKUN Oyejide Suara OYENPEMI.

Article in Press

Sub-acute and chronic toxicity of silver nanoparticles synthesized by Azadirachta indica extract

In this study, biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) and its toxicity were investigated. Different functional groups responsible for adsorption, morphology and absorption of the nanoparticle were characterized using UV-Vis, Fourier transmission infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and scanning electron microscope (SEM) analyses, respectively. The toxicity of orally administered A. indica AgNPs was assessed in Swiss albino...

Author(s):Emma Nghilokwa, Judith Sokei, Peter Mwitari and Naomi Maina,

Article in Press

Genetic Diversity for Immature Pod Traits in Ethiopian Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] Landrace Collections

This study was undertaken to evaluate the extent and pattern of genetic diversity for immature pod traits in Ethiopia cowpea landrace collections. Eighty one landraces and improved cultivars were tested in a 9 x 9 simple lattice design. Analysis of variance revealed highly significant (P

Author(s):Selamawit Ketema Ashinie, Bizuayehu Tesfaye, Gemechu Keneni Wakeyo, Berhanu Amsalu Fenta

Article in Press

Yield and Stability Analysis of Promising Mung Bean (Vigna radiata L.) Genotypes in Ethiopia

Nine mung bean genotypes were evaluated for grain yield performance at four locations in 2016 main cropping season. The experiment was arranged in 3x3 lattice design with three replicates. Additive main effect and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) combined analysis of variance revealed that genotype, location and genotype x location interaction (GLI) significantly affected (p

Author(s):Hashim Samir Amsalu Berhanu Tumsa Kidane

Article in Press

Strain improvement of B. Parabrevis SR2729 for enhanced biodegradation of chlorpyrifos

Chlorpyrifos (CP) is of major concern for researchers and its biological degradation has been routinely practiced. Organophosphate hydrolase (OPH) responsible for the degradation of the agent was hyper-produced by the exposure of parental strain (PS) to EthBr for 70 minutes. Out of hundreds, the mutant strain SR2729-B (MS) showed 2.6 times greater zone of hydrolysis of CP, with OPH activity of 2.4 folds greater as compared...

Author(s):Samreen Rasool and Muhammad Anjum Zia

Article in Press

Stabilisation Potentials of the Essential oils of Thymus vulgaris L., Cinnamomum zeylanicum B. and Mentha piperita L. on Palm Olein at Accelerated Storage

This study aims at bringing to light the preservative potential of essential oils of Thymus vulgaris, Cinnamomum zeylanicum and Mentha piperita in the stabilisation of lipids against oxidation. The essential oils were extracted by hydrodistillation and chemical composition analysed by Gas Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry. In vitro antioxidant potentials of the essential oils were tested by the 2,...

Author(s):Wilson Agwanande Ambindei, Pierre Michel Dongmo Jazet, Leopold Ngoune Tatsadjieu Priya P, and Nisha P

Article in Press

Tri-Phala Residue: A Low-Cost Substrate for Gallic Acid and Isoquercitrin Production by Aspergillus niger ATCC 16888 Under Solid-State Fermentation in Packed-bed Bioreactor

Tri-Phala residue (TR) was studied as a substrate for isoquercitrin and gallic acid productions by solid-state fermentation of A. niger in the packed bed bioreactor aerated at of 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 vvm. The contents of biomass, isoquercitrin and gallic acid in the fermented TR along the height of the bioreactor were analyzed. The highest fungal growth rate was found on middle position in the SSF with 0.5 vvm aeration as...

Author(s):Teerin CHYSIRICHOTE and Pattarabhorn PAKAWEERACHAT

Article in Press

A survey of the aflatoxin level and molecular identification of fungal contaminants in poultry feed mills from different geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Aflatoxin contamination of poultry feeds in Nigeria is a common problem in most feed mills. A survey on the distribution of aflatoxin in feed mills from different parts of Nigeria was carried out. The aflatoxin concentration in most feed mills from the North-western part of Nigeria was low compared to the concentration in the feed mills from the South-eastern part. The total aflatoxin level in three Feed mills (B, C and D)...

Author(s):Anthony C Mgbeahuruike٭, Emmanuela Ifeoma Nwoko, Onwumere O. S. Idolor

Article in Press

“PCR-based identification of Prevotella copri sp. Associated with New Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis (NORA)”

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a prevalent systemic autoimmune disease, caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Here we performed 16S sequencing on 30 samples from rheumatoid arthritis patients and controls. We identified the presence of Prevotella copri as strongly correlated with disease in new-onset untreated rheumatoid arthritis (NORA) patients. Increases in Prevotella abundance correlated with a...

Author(s):Veena K D , Prabhurajeshwar and Rashmi S B

Article in Press

Multi-Environment Yield Trials Analysis of Stability through AMMI and GGE Biplot Model of Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L.) Genotypes in Ethiopia

Developing high yielding cultivars with wider adaptability is the ultimate goal of any plant breeders. However, attaining this goal is complicated by genotype environment interaction. Sixteen cowpea lines including two standard checks were arranged in 4x4 triple lattice design and evaluated at seven locations for grain yield performance in 2016 main cropping season. Combined analysis of AMMI revealed that genotype,...

Author(s):Multi-environment trial, Cowpea, GEI, Broad adaptation

Article in Press

Qualitative Screening of Lipolytic Bacteria from Lipid–Rich Environmental Samples of Wolkite Town

Abstract The majority of lipolytic enzymes in industrial use are currently attracting an enormous attention because of their bio-technological applications. Lipase producing bacteria were isolated from five fat containing soils of oil mills, abattoir, garage, Sewage and cafeteria and were grown on nutrient agar. In order to identify the best lipid producing bacteria, the bacterial strain were screened in tributyrin...

Author(s):Mulugeta Belay, Getu Hailu , Ewenetu Azene, Eyuel Abasa, Meseret Neguse, Hayat Abdo, Getachew Tayachew

Article in Press

In-silico and in-vitro Toxicological Activities of the Biflavonoid Agathisflavone

Agathisflavone presented antioxidant, antiviral, antimicrobial and neuroprotective properties in in-vitro and in-vivo assays. However, few investigations that describes the possible toxicological effects of agathisflavone. This investigation aimed to evaluate in-silico and in-vitro toxicity of this biflavonoid. In-silico biological activity spectrum, and toxic risks prediction were performed by means of computational...

Author(s):Anderson Wilbur Lopes Andrade and Jéssica Pereira Costa

Article in Press

Molecular characterization of some bacteria with bioleaching potentials from Agbaja mines of Kogi State, Nigeria

Molecular studies were carried out on two bacterial species isolated from iron ore mines of Agbaja in Kogi State, Nigeria. This is with a view to exploring their bioleaching potentials. Preliminary morphological and biochemical tests shows that the two bacteria strains belong to Acidithiobacillus and Leptospirillum species respectively. X-ray diffraction analysis conducted on the raw iron ore gave concentrations of iron to...

Author(s): Ekpa, E,Onwurah I.N.E and Ezeanyika, L.U.S.

Article in Press

Improving peanut protein quality: Expression of a synthetic storage protein

Peanut is an affordable legume used in most households. It represents one of the most important protein supplies worldwide. However, peanut proteins are deficient in several essential amino acids (EAA), as most plant proteins; whereas plants are the main source of dietary proteins consumed by humans and livestock. This could lead to protein malnutrition in areas where people diet relies on one or two staple foods. Based on...

Author(s):N’Nan Affoué Sylvie DIBY, Koffi N’Da KONAN, Anthony Okello ANANGA, Hortense DODO

Article in Press

Disruption of C-terminal Domain Impairs in planta GCN2-dependent Phosphorylation of Arabidopsis eIF2α-subunit

Elucidation of mechanisms by which plants respond to stress is crucial for developing stress tolerant crops. Unlike plants, stress response mediated by eIF2α-kinases is well described in yeast and mammalian systems. We isolated a NaCl-tolerant mutant (JP2) with 35S enhancers upstream of AtGCN2. Under NaCl-stress, JP2 had 1.4 fold AtGCN2 transcripts than control. JP2 phenotype was however inconsistent, but prompted enquiry...

Author(s):Indieka S. A and Dominy P. J#

Article in Press

Evaluation of Tephrosia vogelii and Annona squamosa Extracts for their Efficacy against Insect Pests of Watermelon and their Effects on its Fatty Acid Profile

This experiment was carried out at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Teaching and Research farm during the late and early planting seasons of 2016 and 2017 to determine the efficacy of Tephrosia vogelii F. and Annona squamosal L. extracts on major insect pests of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus Thumb.) and their effects on nutritional content and fatty acid compounds of watermelon. This experiment was arranged in a...

Author(s): Fatai O. ALAO, Timothy A. ADEBAYO, Oladele A. OLANIRAN

Article in Press


Purpose: This study was carried out to determine the invitro antibacterial activity of honey and lime extract on pathogens isolated from stool samples, using ciprofloxacin as positive control. Methods: Identification of the isolates was carried out using molecular characterisation, the sequence analysis of the 16S rRNA region of the isolates using GenBank Basic Local Alignment Search Tool showed that the isolates are...


Article in Press

Estimation of Genetic Variability, Heritability and Genetic Advance for Grain Yield and Yield Components in Soybean(Glycinemax L.)

The success of any crop improvement programme largely depends on the amount of variability present in the plant materials. The objective of this study was to estimate the genetic variability and heritability for grain yield and quality traits in soybean as selection criteria in breeding for higher grain yield. The analysis of variance revealed significant variations among the genotypes. Estimates of phenotypic (PCV) and...

Author(s):Jangong, E.A., Uguru, M.I and Okechukwu, E.C

Article in Press

Molecular diversity assessment using sequence related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) markers in maize

Sequence related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) markers were used to assess the genetic diversity and relationship among 11 inbred lines of maize (Zea mayL.) genotypes. Thirteen SRAP marker combinations were used out of which 11were found to be polymorphic with a PIC value of 0.632 discriminated all of the 11 Z. mays L. genotypes. The Jaccard’s similarity coefficients between pairs of genotypes were found to vary from 0.69...

Author(s):H. Dabral, D.C. Baskheti and R. K. Singh and V. P. Kumar

Article in Press

Genetic diversity of Kebericho(Echinopskebericho), an endangered, endemic Ethiopian medicinal plant as reveled byISSR molecular markers

Echinopske bericho is an important endangered medicinal plant that is endemic to Ethiopia. The levels of genetic diversity and patterns of population structure in E. kebericho were studied using inter-simple sequence repeat markers (ISSR). Six selected primers were used to amplify DNA samples from 70 individuals, and a total of 79 loci were detected. Our results showed that genetic diversity was high at the species level...

Author(s):Muluken Enyew, Teklehaimanot Haileselassie, Tileye Feyissa , Kassahun Tesfaye,

Article in Press

Application of some selected yeasts isolates in bioelectricity generation using microbial fuel cell (MFC)

This study was designed to evaluate the potentials of selected yeast species for bioelectricity generation. Different yeast species were isolated from cassava wastewater, whey wastewater, human urine, and rabbit dung using the spread plate method. These isolates were identified using analytical profile index (API). Results obtained revealed the identity of the isolated yeast species as Candida famata, Candida hellenical....

Author(s):Adekanle Margaret Alaba, Julius K. Oloke, Adekunle O.Catherine, Adesiji Y.Oluwakemi, D.Adebode Adekanle

Article in Press

Cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and toxicity of plant biostimulants

The great expansion that in recent years has been in the use of plant biostimulants has underestimated the possibility of producing environmental risks. The objective of this study was to evaluate the cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and toxicity of three different biostimulants (widely marketed in Brazil and exported to other countries) – A, B and C - on both plant and animal indicator organisms. In A. cepa, the concentrations...

Author(s):Ana Paula Soares e Silva, Tamires de Sousa Silva, Amanda de Almeida dos Santos; Karoline Griebler Ribeiro; Márcia Maria Mendes Marques, Pedro Marcos de Almeida, Ana Paula Peron,

Article in Press


Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), is among the most important legume crop for protein source in peoples’ diet globally and including Kenya. Anthracnose (Colletotrichum lindemuthianum) is a common disease of legumes that causes yield loss of up to 90-100%. The aim of the study was to investigate the use of SSR molecular markers to identify anthracnose resistant common bean genotypes. Forty four selected common bean...

Author(s):Gaudencia J. Kiptoo , Miriam G. Kinyua , Lexa G. Matasyoh, Oliver K. Kiplagat

Article in Press


This study aims at characterizing new chicken feather-degrading bacteria isolated from soils of keratinic waste collected from four dumping sites of Ngaoundere. Fifteen proteolytic bacteria were isolated with three (D1, D2 and F1) showing the capacity to degrade feather in Basal Salt Media. Highest degradation rate (71.11 ± 3.05 %) of feather was obtained from isolate D2 from Municipal slaughterhouse. The partial...

Author(s):SILEU DOMBOU Armelle Leslie, ADJIA ZANGUE Henriette, NSO Emmanuel JONG, NJINTANG YANOU Nicolas, TATSADJIEU NGOUNE Leopold

Article in Press

Biotreatment of water samples from Itakpe iron mining site, Kogi state, Nigeria using Bacillus species

Four soil samples and water effluents each within the mining environment were tested in this study. Twenty six bacteria were isolated using nutrient agar and acidified nutrient agar. Gram staining and endospore staining were carried out to determine the Bacillus sp. used for bioremediation. Speciation of the microorganisms using 16S rRNA sequencing showed the organisms to be; Bacillus cereus NK1, Lysinibacillus sp....

Author(s):Ogunnusi T.A., Adu, A.O.and Oyinloye, J.M.A

Article in Press

Exploitation of Transferable Sorghum EST-SSRs to study Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in Groundnut minicore

Reliable identification and classification of germplasm is necessary for peanut crop breeding and conservation. Breeding efforts in groundnut are lagging behind due to limited genomic sequences and molecular markers resources. Sequence resources from crops rich in genomic resources can be exploited for marker development in crops with scarce genomic resource such as groundnut. A set of five gene based markers (SbEST-SSRs)...

Author(s):SAVADI siddanna

Article in Press


Mung bean (Vigna radiata) – an underutilized bean was subjected to different processing methods such as; boiling, boiling with potash, roasting, and fermentation. Chemical properties such as: Proximate, mineral, anti-nutrient, amino acid analyses were done. A total of 17 amino acids were analyzed for in mung bean subjected to different processing methods. Ordinary boiling method had the most significant (P>0.05) retention...


Article in Press

RAPD marker based Genetic diversity of Amaranthus population from different phytogeographic regions

Amaranths are most economically important group of plants, including leafy vegetables and ornamentals. Six different accessions of the same species of Amaranth were distributed from various places all over the India like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Correct genotype identification is important to evaluate the genetic diversity of local Amaranthus, and for efficient weed control and containing high nutritional...


Article in Press

Environmental interaction and Combining Ability Analysis in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) under Temperate Agroecology

A diallel study was carried out over two diverse environments in rice during 2011-12 by generating 36 F1s using 9 parents. Analysis of variance revealed significant differences among the genotypes together with significant G x E interaction for most of the characters studied. Estimates of and revealed that, the latter component of variance was greater in magnitude for most of traits for pooled data over environments and...

Author(s):SAJAD HUSSAIN DAR, Abdul Gani Rather, Najeeb-ur-Rhaman Sofi, Subash C. Kashyp, Mohmad Ashraf Ahanger

Article in Press

Beneficial Effects of Exogenous Silicon and Iodine in Lemon Balm Plants Subjected to Water Stress

Since exploring stress alleviant is one of the tasks of plant biologists, the aim of this study was to determine whether the application of exogenous iodine (80 µM KIO3) and silicon (Si, 0.35 g Na2SiO3 Kg-1 soil), can improve the response to severe water stress in lemon balm (Melissa Officinalis L.) plants. Water-deficit stress imposed negative effects on seedling growth by reducing shoot and root biomass, chlorophyll...


Article in Press

Characterization of purified protease produced by Aspergillus terreus NCFT 4269.10 using chickling vetch peels

Aspergillus terreus NCFT 4269.10 was used for extracellular protease production under liquid static surface (LSSF) and solid-state fermentation (SSF) using powder of chickling vetch peels as the substrate. Maximum production of protease was noticed at 30°C incubated for 96h. The crude protease obtained was purified by ammonium sulphate precipitation, dialysis followed by size-exclusion chromatography using Sephadex G-100...


Article in Press

Essential oils from Eupatorium sp as source of deterrent compounds against drywood termite: A review

Plant products with deterrent activities can become good, environmentally safe, alternative preservatives to protect, preserve, and treat damaged pinewood. The repellent and anti-feedant effects they have shown are specifically against pinewood borer insects. Therefore, it is advisable to use the natural resources available to adequate them into the control pest management. There is an abundant number of plant species of...

Author(s):Martinez Pacheco Mauro Manuel

Article in Press

Antifungal effect of cow urine extracts against Colletotrichum capsici causing leaf spot disease of turmeric

Turmeric is an herbaceous perennial crop which is native of the genus Curcuma longa L., belonging to family Zingiberaceae. It has versatile uses in flavouring, dye making, drug preparation, cosmetics and medicine. The turmeric plant highly prone to several fungal diseases, among them leaf spot disease of turmeric resulting to huge losses of 25.83 to 62.12% fresh weight and 42.10 to 62.10% dry weight of rhizome.The five...

Author(s):R.S. MISHRA

Article in Press

In vitro studies on tolerance of selected biocontrol agents to certain agrochemicals used in tea (Camellia sinensis)

In vitro studies on tolerance of selected biocontrol agents to certain agrochemicals used in tea (Camellia sinensis)

Author(s):Nepolean P.

Article in Press

Alcohol production from locally available Avocado and Banana wastes (peels) using Saccharomyces Cerevicea in Adama, Ethiopia

Different fruit wastes are major environmental polluters however; they can also be exploited to produce energy. The presented study was to evaluate the alcoholic yield from locally available Avocado and banana peels. Different substrates combinations were made for Avocado and Banana peels. The fermentation was allowed for 4 consecutive days using Saccharomyces Cerevicea. The alcoholic yield was extracted by simple...

Author(s):Seid Ebu, Abrham Mulu

Article in Press

Phenotyping identification of Candida albicans from oral cavity of immunosupperesed patients

The present study was Candida albicans identification from oral swabs of immunocompramised patients for further reference. A total of 38 oral swabs from the oral thrush patients were collected and inoculated on Sabourauds dextrose agar for primary isolation. After appearance of the colonies on SDA, individual colony is tested for identification of different species of candida albicans on the basis of biochemical and...


Article in Press

Lactic acid bacteria as biological preservative for food

Fermentation of various food stuffs by lactic acid bacteria (LAB) is one of the oldest forms of biopreservation practiced by mankind. This review focused on Lactic acid bacteria isolated by screening method from traditional food products of African countries and their antimicrobial metabolites as natural preservatives to control the growth of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria in foods. Particularly in the use of various...

Author(s):PRIVAT KOUAKOU, Beda Marcel yapo and Ghyslain kahenouin Ouya

Article in Press

Validation of the putative candidate gene specific marker Os04g53050-1 specific for broad spectrum bacterial blight resistance gene, Xa38, in rice

Bacterial blight is one of the most destructive rice diseases that cause significant yield losses. The bacterial blight resistance gene Xa38 provides broad spectrum resistance against Xoo isolates in India. We validated the marker Os04g53050-1specific to Xa38 in the population derived from the cross of ‘‘CO43’’/ ‘‘PR114 (Xa38)’’. We also observed the expected marker allele pattern according to the phenotypic classification...

Author(s):Gizachew Haile Gidamo and kumaravadivel Nachimuthu

Article in Press

Biochemical and Bacteriological Characterization of Portable Water Supply in Eket Community of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

The effective protection of public health against water related diseases requires prevention, integration and management approaches. The selection of parameters and the determination of maximum allowable limits was undertaken in consideration to the WHO guideline for drinking water quality. This research was aimed at investigating the microbial quality of drinking water, biochemical characterization and identification of...

Author(s):VICTOR E OKPASHI, Igori Wallace, Ezike Tobechukwu Christian, Uroko Robert Ikechukwu

Article in Press

Genetic variation in different accessions of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris (L.); Poaceae) assessed RAPD analysis

Genetic variation in different accessions of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris (L.); Poaceae) assessed RAPD analysis

Author(s):Kailash Paliwal

Article in Press

Isolation and Evaluation for its Antibacterial Activity of Seedextracts from Linum Usitatissimum

Plants are the main and important source of medicinal agents where traditional treatment plays a major role in health care, and is also a common practice serving as the first aid. Flaxseed or linseed (Linum usitatissimum) is one of the important medicinal plants which are cultivated and growing worldwide that has attracted people’s interest for its many benefits it offers in human health. The general objective of this...

Author(s):Amare Genetu, Nigus Muche, Flia Fedlu, Endreas Tadele , Yonatan Selamu

Article in Press

Diallel analysis for the inheritance study of phytic acid along with morpho-yield traits in bread wheat

Phytic acid acts as an anti-nutritional macro-molecule (anti-nutrient) in the wheat kernel. High concentration of phytic acid is undesirable due to its inhibitory effect for other molecules. According to Hotelling’s t2 test and regression analysis, the model of additive-dominance was adequate for phytic acid, grains spike-1, biological yield, partially adequate for 1000-grain weight and grain yield. Values of D less than...

Author(s):Ijaz Ahmad, Fida Mohammad, Aurang Zeb and Sultan Akber Jadoon

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