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Table of Content: 3 April 2006; 5(7)

April 2006

Culture of the freshwater rotifer, Brachionus calyciflorus, and its application in fish larviculture technology

The bottle neck of most inland freshwater aquaculturists is in obtaining adequate number of fingerlings, due to their high mortality at early life stages. Their successful production is hindered by many factors including adequate supply of food at early larval stages which require live food in good quality and quantity. This paper attempts to review the principles and procedures involved in the culture of the freshwater...


April 2006

Occurrence and growth potentials of hydrocarbon degrading bacteria on the phylloplane of some tropical plants

The surface of leaf samples from ten tropical plants, Anthocleista, Sarcophrynium, Canna, Colocassia, Musa, Cola, Citrus, Mangifera, Terminalia and Annona were cultured for the estimation of total heterotrophic and hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria. The total heterotrophic bacteria ranged from 0.75 x 107 to 0.98 x 107 (cfu/cm2) while the hydrocarbon utilisers ranged from 0.86 x 106to 2.12 x...

Author(s): Ilori, Matthew Olusoji; Amund, Olukayode Oladipupo; Ezeani, Chika John; Omoijiahina, Sarah and Adebusoye, Sunday Adekunle

April 2006

Impact of indigenous storage systems and insect infestation on the contamination of maize with fumonisins

Four storage systems of maize commonly used by farmers in Benin, West Africa, were tested to determine their impact on infection of maize by Fusarium and subsequent contamination with fumonisins. The study showed that Fusariumincidence was significantly higher when maize was stored on a cemented floor in a house, a non ventilated facility (40.3 ± 17.4%), than in the other tested systems...

Author(s): P. Fandohan; B. Gnonlonfin; K. Hell; W.F.O. Marasas; M.J. Wingfield

April 2006

Prevalence of HIV positive blood donors among screened volunteers who satisfied the criteria for blood donation in a semi-urban Nigeria population

Two thousand five hundred and thirty two (2,532) males, aged 25 – 50 years potential blood donors were randomly selected from the total number of volunteer blood donors who satisfied the initial screening criteria for donating blood, and  were screened for HIV using Immunocomb II (HIV 1 and 2 Bispot) and Recombigen HIV-1/HIV-2RTD. Results from the study reveal that this procedure of screening volunteer donors...


April 2006

Insect pests’ incidence and variations due to forest landscape degradation in the humid forest zone of Southern Cameroon: farmers’ perception and need for adopting an integrated pest management strategy

Group surveys were conducted in five villages in each of the three resource-use zones of the humid forest zone of Southern Cameroon, to assess insect pests’ incidence and the variation due to forest landscape degradation in the agricultural production systems. 389 farmers were interviewed. The results show that: (1) In annual crop systems, insect pests in general rank together with vertebrate pests and diseases...

Author(s): KEKEUNOU Sévilor, MESSI Jean, WEISE Stephan , TINDO Maurice